For next winter (or the rest of this one)

By Mir
March 17, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

We all know that buying end-of-season is a great way to save big bucks, but then again, sometimes after a long, cold winter you just want to buy a pretty tank top, darn it. I understand.

But if you want to stock up for next year on the cheap, head on over to Target and peruse the women’s clearance sweaters. Tons of choices, including all of those hip short-sleeve-cardigan things that were so big this year. I never bought one because I feel like I prefer for my sweater to have actual sleeves, but for $5 or whatever maybe I’ll try a trend.

(Note: That link doesn’t go directly to the clearance sweaters. That link will give you $5 off your $50 purchase, and there isn’t a way for me to combine the coupon with a targeted link without causing a rift in the space-time continuum. I figured you’d rather have the coupon and can search for the sweaters, yourself. You’re welcome.)


  1. 9 items for $50 shipped including a dress. Thanks for the heads up on the deal!

  2. space-time continuum—it that code for you are a Heroes fan??

  3. You live in the south now, woman! These sweaters are perfect for chilly mornings followed by scorching afternoons.

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