Twitter pays off

By Mir
March 24, 2009

I guess Toys ‘R’ Us decided to do a promotion via Twitter as a little social experiment. Good for them! Unfortunately, they gave out a code to their followers and it appears to me that anyone can use it. Good for us! Heh.

Coupon code Twitterdeal24 will take $10 off your $30 purchase today (March 24th, 2009) only—it’s valid only until 10:00 p.m. Eastern. It should work at Babies ‘R’ Us as well.

(I’m having trouble getting it to work with free shipping items, but if you’re buying something without free shipping, the code would at least take care of that for you.)


  1. If you spend $30 on Legos, you get a free 221 pc set. So, with this coupon, I got 2 large Lego sets, 1 Bionicle and a green lego playsurface thingy for $30.35 shipped. Not bad!

    As always, thanks, Mir!!!

  2. sweet, we got a really big lego set, the free one, and used up the old xmas gift cards (total of $6 in my money)

  3. Right this second, the 221 piece set is sold out, but that could be updated. . . ? Regardless, $10 off of legos is something I’m ALWAYS happy about!

  4. This was perfect timing, Mir. I’d promised my son we could order Mario Kart using his birthday TRU gift card if he got smiley faces on his behavior chart from school for five days in a row… today was day five. Mama loves a good boy, and Mama loves a bargain.

  5. Heh. Pokemon Platinum, two copies, shipped free, for $54, with tax. Sounds like a lot, but not bad. Since the kids are paying, I’m have to have saved them $10 each. Thanks!

  6. Did anyone who ordered the $30+ LEGO deal actually get their free bucket? We did not and when I called they said I had to have put it in the cart originally. It did not say that anywhere on the site, so customer service fixed it that they will send me one when they come back in stock for free.

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