Mmmmm. . . probiotics!

By Mir
March 25, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Frankly, this one scares me just a little, but if you want to get a free Attune Bar (for your digestive health!) you can sign up for a coupon.

This would be a good alternative for folks who can’t stand eating yogurt. Or who just enjoy their granola with extra bacteria.


  1. The dark chocolate one is dairy free, according to their website. So that one is good for people who can’t eat yogurt or other dairy.

  2. Hey I love the Kashi Vive cereal with probiotics a lot so maybe this will be good too.

  3. The dark chocolate one is delicious!

  4. Son takes probiotics to help with his IBS. This would be a nice variation on the chewable tablets.

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