Handy guide for your Trekkie stud

By Mir
April 5, 2009

I have to say, I think that this guide to romance is kind of horrifying.

But in a really hilarious way.

And for $5 shipped, really, it’s just the sort of thing to have it in your gift closet for that time when nothing other than Captain Kirk’s Guide to Women will do. Oh, come on. You know there are times like that.

(It would be wrong to have my kids give this to my ex for Father’s Day, right?)


  1. So funny!! Does it describe the proper attire for a good Betazoid wedding? Oh, wait, that’s from Star Trek TNG. (I’m not a trekkie, except by marriage. Really.)

  2. Ahhhh, wasn’t Shatner just SO hunky when he played Kirk?? Am I the only one who thinks that!!?

  3. I’ve met Shatner several times over the years and he is still extremely mesmerizing in person. My husband and I romanced over Star Trek and for our 10th wedding anniversary, did a Star Trek wedding vow renewal in Las Vegas, with an Elvis impersonator. (The Star Trek Experience had not yet opened.) News got out about the event over usenet (this was in 1997) and the Star Trek club of Las Vegas spontaneously showed up at the wedding chapel, in full costume. My mom almost fainted, LOL. My kids were in costume too as were hubby and I, the minister (who is still practicing and is a fabulous Elvis-post-carbos) did a wonderful job and threw in Star Trek witticisms. Though I invited my entire family (4 brothers and 2 sisters and all the in-laws and nephews/nieces) only my sisters (and one of their nannies) came, but they sang backup and were fabulous. The minister (Reverend Norm Jones) proclaimed we were one of his more unusual weddings (at the time, he had the Elvis weddings booked every half hour, Bon Jovi and some actor I can’t remember were married there too…) The couple doing their ceremony right before us were dressed as Elvis and Priscilla, the early years, but as Jews. You haven’t lived till you see an Elvis outfit embroidered with Stars of David, groom in yarmulke!

    Bottom line: Trekker men (and women) can be romantic and have long-lasting marriages (we’re about to celebrate 22 years). And we can raise normal kids even if we name them after Trek characters, LOL.

  4. Your link won’t work for me:(

  5. EMM
    your post cracked me up. I would of loved to be at your wedding.

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