Don’t say Uncle Sam never gave you anything

By Mir
April 15, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, it’s tax day! I’ll bet you’d totally forgotten, right? (Unless, like me, you’re self-employed and kind of awful at estimating your payments, in which case it is appropriate to mark today with weeping and the rending of garments.)

If you have any money left (hahaha! see how I use humor to defuse the despair?), today’s your lucky day—because for one day only, The Company Store is offering 20% off with coupon code T9DTAX. (It doesn’t work on clearance, sadly, or Charisma items or gift cards. But it should work on everything else, and at Company Kids, too.) But it’s only valid today (April 15th, 2009), so get shopping if you want in.

I’ll just be over here in the corner, administering CPR to my checkbook. Don’t mind me.


  1. Hey Mir, i just thought about this…today at Chick-fil-a, when you order something, keep your green tax day receipt and use it later to get a FREE yummy milkshake! Man, those milkshakes are gonna be the death of me!

  2. I wrote our check to Uncle Sam last night, too. So sad!

  3. Just think, if Congress passed the fairtax companies wouldn’t have an excuse to give us snazzy discount codes on April 15th. Of course we’d have more time to spend looking for the best deals since we wouldn’t be hunched over tax forms for days every year! Hmm, discount codes, no tax paperwork. Tough choice, ;).

  4. hmmm…I love Chick Fli A shakes too. But that wasn’t the promotion at my local Chick Fil A…I didn’t even get a recipt for a free meal later on as stated on Colleen’s link…All I got a free chicken sandwich. I can’t complain really, first they told me they weren’t participating!

  5. Our financial guy said that now they don’t have to finish providing us our 1099s until February 17th (instead of 1/31). So shouldn’t peopple get an extra 17 days to file, then? Mine are done anyway, but still.

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