Please check your coffeemaker

By Mir
April 16, 2009

Good morning! Hey, remember that fabulous deal way back when, when a bunch of us picked up Senseo coffeemakers on the cheap? If you have one, please go to this page and follow the instructions to figure out if your machine is affected by a voluntary recall Philips is conducting.

My machine came up as being on the recall list. The good news is, they’re going to replace it for free, so thumbs up for customer service. The bad news is that I guess I’ll be drinking tea while they do….


  1. Yep, my Senseo from the “free” deal was on the recall model number list too.
    “Unaddressed calcification in the coffeemaker from use of hard or medium water, when combined with an external electrical fault, can lead to obstruction of the overpressure release system causing boilers to suddenly separate possibly leading to injury. Per year, the risk is less than three per million and there have been no reported cases in the United States.”
    Now to wait for my replacement…

  2. Thanks for this notice! Mine was on the list too.

  3. Ours is part of the recall but it broke awhile back and we got rid of it – woops…. other than my mom’s email from Amazon saying the gift she purchased was recalled, we have no evidence we had one… (well we still keep finding random pods in the pantry).

  4. This is why I stopped by just now! I was coming on to double-check to see if I had read right that you had the Senseo one-cup to see if I should send the recall info to you, but I see that you have it covered. 😀

  5. Thanks for the notice – I hadn’t heard of the recall anywhere else!

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