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By Mir
April 16, 2009
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I get several magazines, and I like having them, because sometimes my attention span isn’t long enough for a book, and sometimes the kids want to make collages. On the other hand, I never pay more than a couple of bucks for a year’s worth of magazines, because, hello, I’m cheap. And when I pay next to nothing I don’t have to feel guilty if I never get around to reading them (which is what happens, more often than not).

Do you like cheap magazines? Of course you do! And now you can get cheap magazine subscriptions through Barnes & Noble, which is pretty nifty. Under a buck for Redbook, or around $3 for other favorites. Family Fun, which is hands down my favorite magazine ever, is under $5. Awesome.

Make it even better: Coupon code X8N4C7E will give you another 10% off, too.

Happy reading!


  1. I enjoy Family Fun also and wanted to suggest ‘All You’ to you. You’d LOVE the value of the coupons and the ideas inside…right up your ally!

  2. Yay! Three 12-month subscription for $6! Thank you, Mir.

  3. Wow, good deals!

  4. 4 subscriptions for $10?!?

    You are my hero Mir!

  5. cool -I was going to remind everyone about Amazon’s cheap one, but this is better!

  6. You are so dangerous – always convincing me to buy things I didn’t even know I wanted. 😉

  7. Children’s mags are often expensive. I got a grant last year to buy magazine subscriptions for my class; used a B&N discount to get more for my grant money. My students love them!

  8. Yay! Thanks! Note: 10% off applies to highest priced item.

  9. I have a link on my site for free 2 year sub to Parents magazine. I love free and cheap magazines.

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