A little cardio this Monday morning?

By Mir
April 20, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

The weekend comes and goes, and Monday morning, often our thoughts turn to how we need to get back to the gym and get serious about working out.

Me, my thoughts turn to my beloved balance board, because no one needs to be able to see my floundering attempts to get fit. Ahem.

Did you know that Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout for the Wii is under $20 at Amazon right now? It is! Way cheaper than a gym membership, which means less guilt when it sits there on top of your television, glaring at you while you eat cookies.

Not that that would happen to you. I just mean, theoretically.

Okay, I’m going to stop talking now.


  1. Would trying to read blogs really fast before my daughter wakes up count as a cardio workout? No? Bummer.

  2. I ordered this and then got an additional $13.47 for some reason. I did order a knitting book as well and couldn’t tell what the extra promotion was for so maybe it’s even cheaper then the $19.99 as advertised. It also came with a 50% off of a gaming magazine promotion. Not a bad deal at all.

  3. I got this the beginning of April when it first came out. It is sooo great for the arms! As I get better w/ the legwork I think I will benefit more.
    This is a great deal and a great workout video!

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