Shhhh, it’s a secret

By Mir
April 22, 2009

I’m not telling anyone except the Internet, so I’m sure it’ll be okay….

Today only—Earth Day does it again!—you can take 25% off your order and get free shipping at The Scholastic Store with coupon code EARTHDAY (of course). This is a great time to stock up; it works on clearance items, too.

But Earth Day only comes once a year, you know. Get moving. (You can hug a tree on your way to order.)


  1. I kept getting errors while trying to check out. I took that as a sign that my kids don’t really need that star wars pop up guide to the galaxy.

  2. I kept getting errors too, and eventually had to close out and go to the site directly instead of linking through want not. Sorry about that Mir! I like to give credit where credit is due. Thanks to you, I got an astronaut suit for my son on clearance + 25% off + free shipping!!! Much, much, much appreciated.

  3. I just got a message that the store is doing maintenance, but I’ll try going through the main link on Google and see if that works. I’d really like to get the Captain Underpants Super Crunchy Book O’ Fun to have on hand as an emergency reward/bribe for my son….

  4. Thanks Mir! It took me a while to wade through the errors, but I was G-chatting with a friend anyway, so I didn’t mind too much. And it was so worth it in the end – between the free shipping and the 25% off, my order is about 40% cheaper than it would have been!

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