Holey Friday!

By Mir
April 24, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m taking my needlephobic-yet-dying-to-get-earrings tween to get her ears pierced, this afternoon. Please pray for me. By way of preparation, I’ve decided to spend the entire day in complete silence. You know, to calm my nerves before the screaming begins.

Fortunately, I can type very quietly, which means we can still explore the Amazon Friday Sale here in my cone of silence. Hooray!

Does Dad want a drill this Father’s Day? This Bosch 14.4V model looks like a great deal to me at under $100. (Where’s our resident tool expert to weigh in? BB, you out there?)

Need an airbed? Get this Eddie Bauer queen version for half its current price at Target. (It even has a built-in pump, which is key. G’head—ask me how I know that. I’m sure I couldn’t possibly be stupid enough to have bought a pumpless version and then taken it camping like a moron. Ahem.)

I’m sure you need to have the same brand of knives for this santoku box to actually fit them, but $4 for a Wolgang Puck cutting board/box seems like a crazy good deal, to me. At that price I might be tempted to just try it out.

Who needs silverware? (I love spoons that are all oval-y and swoopy like that. They’re the best kind for ice cream.) (Yes, oval-y and swoopy is the technical term. I’m an ice cream spoon scientist.)

There’s lots of cookware deals this week. If you want traditional (not non-stick) Calphalon, I recommend this set ($155; 68% off); if you want stainless, go for this non-stick Cuisinart set ($140; 75% off) or this traditional Cuisinart set ($110; 66% off); and if you want non-stick anodized, go for this Anolon set ($180; 78% off). And then invite me to dinner!

This hot chocolate frother seems like kind of a silly item, to me, but it’s eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion and could potentially help you knock out a bunch of those “what-do-I-get-them-for-the-holidays” kinds of gifts.

Hooray, the cheap towel sets are back! As low as $21 for a set of 6 in the white, with other colors costing a bit more. (I love white towels, anyway. No worries about the color fading!)

Don’t forget to check out the Friday Five, five MP3 albums for just $5 apiece, today only! On the righthand side of that page there’s also a link to a free gigantic music sampler, if free is more your speed.

Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. My eight year old daughter wanted her ears pierced in the worst way too. We went twice to have it done and she backed out at the last minute! The third time was the charm! She hopped up in the chair, had it done, and didn’t utter a wimper! She walked out proud as a peacock and never once complained about any discomfort!
    The thing that helped the most was the fact there were two girls working, who had two “guns”, and they did the piercing on both of her ears at the same time. That way she didn’t get one ear done, freak out, and not want to finish the other side!
    Good luck today! It is one of those mother/daughter moments you will never forget. And don’t be surprised if you get a little choked up as you watch and realize your little girl is not a baby anymore! (Sorry that last part was probably more about me! 🙂

  2. Hope the earring thing goes well! 🙂

  3. Good luck with the piercing!

  4. Hi Mir.. I checked out the queen airbed from eddie Baeur.
    I thought it was such great deal I ordered it and got the free shipping.. Thanks for posting that!! I was looking for one for unexpected guests… ya just never know

  5. That Bosch drill looks nice. 14.4V is a good all-around-the-house size. (Most 18V models are way too heavy, and too big to fit in many of the spaces you want a cordless drill.) This is a nice compact one, much smaller than my DeWalt 14.4V, and looks about the same size as my Craftsman 14.4V.

    You can get a similar Craftsman for less, but the Bosch isn’t made in China (see the review from 7/5/06) like the Craftsman one is.

    Probably a good buy, unless you want to get one of the featherweight drills that takes Li-Ion batteries. In fact, I’d buy one if I didn’t have two 14.4V drills already.

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