Start your week squeak-free

By Mir
April 27, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

All I know about windshield wipers would fit tidily inside a thimble; as in, I know of two kinds—the kind that squeak, and the kind that don’t. Nonetheless, my husband (the car guy) assures me that today’s Amazon Gold Box deal of buy 1, get 1 free on all Valleo 900-series wiper blades is an awesome deal.

All I can tell you is that 1) they’re cheap and 2) they probably don’t squeak. You’re welcome!


  1. Awesome! Now I don’t need to put off a trip to the auto parts store for weeks (months?) then stand in the aisle, try to remember what year my car is, look through the book, and spend 20 minutes talking myself into 40.00 worth of wiper blades (as opposed to 20.00 worth which would surely be followed by another trip to the auto part store).

    One note – the S&H when I went to check out was 20.00 (!!!!). Then I saw they had automatically selected 2-day shipping for me. Isn’t that nice? I corrected it to Free Super Saver shipping and got two blades for under 20.00. Sweeet.

  2. Be sure you get the ones from Amazon, not an affiliated company.

    And note that, at least for MY car, shipping is still 3-4 weeks out.

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