Woohoo, shoes!

By Mir
April 28, 2009

More shoes? Why yes. There’s always room for shoes. They’re like dessert!

There’s tons of great deals today at 6pm.com, too many to list, really. The Simple shoes for $14.95 caught my eye, though, because I loooooove me some Simples. As does my daughter, the humane vegetarian who will no longer wear shoes that she thinks had anything to do with animals, ever. Simple makes several “vegan” options that incorporate hemp and recycled tires and probably the hair of peaceful hippies, and they’re just as comfortable as the rest of their shoes, to boot. Definitely check those out if you haven’t seen them before.

And, um, there’s fancy shoes on sale, too. That’s like getting mousse instead of pudding.

Okay, now I’m hungry for some reason….


  1. Ohh thanks! I was in the mood for new shoes (or rather needed retail therapy) & I love the deals!

  2. I didn’t really NEED 3 pairs… hope they fit!

  3. I decided I could take a gamble on fit with these prices, since I found two really cute pairs of Simple summer shoes! Thanks for the tip, Mir.

  4. Mother’s day is coming up, and I’m SURE my family would want to give me what I really want….shoes.

  5. Cute shoes but they didn’t have much left in my size. 🙁

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