Winners of the Dove DVDs contest

By Mir
April 30, 2009
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Have you ever headed out of the house to take your kid to the orthodontist, and before you know it half the day is gone and you haven’t gotten a single thing done? No? Oh.

Well, then, me neither. Ahem.

Anyway! I have your Dove Foundation DVD contest winners right here. Once I found my way back home the random number generator was very happy to see me, and it’s spit out two lucky numbers.

Our first winner is commenter 207, Amber, who requested the animated movie pack. And our second winner is commenter 22, Heather D., who will receive the live-action movie pack. Congratulations, ladies! Please check your email!

Thanks to everyone who played, and special big thanks to the Dove Foundation and their helpers at Bender/Helper Impact for their generous prize donation. Remember—without the nice marketing folks, there would be no contests here at Want Not, because I’m far too cheap. Ha!

Didn’t win this time? That’s okay! There’s always another contest coming up. My shelves runneth over, and the next contest could be your lucky one.

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  1. Oh, I’m sure that you’d come up with contests anyway. It would be a unique way to ditch the old stuff from your closets! 😉

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