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By Mir
May 1, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Is it just my kids, or do your kids remember everything they need money for on Fridays? This morning was “Mom I need my yearbook money” and “Mom I need money for field day” and “Mom gimme all your money.” (Okay, that last one was a kid trying to be humorous.) Still. Who knew these kids were going to be so expensive? You did? Oh.

Thank goodness for the Amazon Friday Sale—I still have a few pennies leftover for something for me.

Like, I could get these New Balance running shoes for as low as $27, depending on the color/size. Then I could run away before the children ransack my wallet!

Holy crow, it’s a cookware extravaganza, this week! Choose from Cuisinart non-stick stainless ($140), Calphalon commercial ($155), Cuisinart non-stick anodized ($131), Cuisinart classic stainless ($110), Anolon 10-piece (126), or Anolon commercial 12-piece ($180). There’s truly something for everyone.

Oh, look! My mixer (the one I’m lusting after, anyway) is on sale! There’s a free ice cream attachment rebate valid right now, too, through the end of May.

If you’re a real maple syrup fan, you know that due to the weird winter we had, sugaring was waaaaaay off this year, and syrup prices have skyrocketed. That said, these deals on Grade A and Grade B pure organic maple syrups are really good—you get 64 ounces for $35. Alternatively, get 32 ounces of Grade A dark amber from the same farm, although not certified organic, for $16.15 after Subscribe & Save. (We gave up the fake syrup products years ago, but it means that we are very sparing with the real stuff! Still, I’d rather have this than a puddle of the imitation kind, personally.)

Avert your eyes from this next one if you’re easily offended: Um, a friend of mine told me that this product is quite amazing. (It really was a friend, but I know no one is going to believe me….) And, um, it’s about $5 off the normal price and can be mailed to your house without you having to look anyone in the eye, soooo….

Love the Friday Five? For the entire month of May it’s supersized—choose from 50 MP3 album downloads for just $5 each! Way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Amazon!

And if you’re a crafter, hobby sewer, or just someone looking to get started, be sure to check the Amazon Gold Box deals today—there’s a really nice high-end computerized Brother sewing machine for under $150. (They claim the regular price is $450, which is obviously inflated, but even considering the real regular price of around $200, it’s a great deal.)

Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. A friend we met at a certain party, hmmmm?

  2. Y’know, I hate to grumble — 50 albums at $5 is great, but I would have thought if they were doing it in honor of Cinco de Mayo they’d have more Mexican artists. sigh.

    But you’re pretty and smart, and we’re all pretty and we all have made it to Friday! Whoooo!

  3. Oooh, look at all the shiny pots and pans!!!

    I just sent an email to my husband as a Mother’s Day hint. I purchased my current cookware set at Walmart while still in college. I won’t say how long ago that was but it’s a miracle they haven’t disintegrated or caused a fire.

  4. Be sure to visit and check reviews there of the sewing machine (the Brother CS-6000I). Those folks are more experienced users than the reviewers at Amazon, in this case.

  5. The item I couldn’t help but click on, but won’t mention by name, I saw in Walmart over the weekend and was intrigued. Would love to how it supposedly works. I don’t need anymore “heat and serve” products.

  6. hmmmm, no customer reviews yet. Who wants to be the first?

  7. Good make sure you get the 575 hp with all your bread making. I get that people want a kitchenaid but its so easy to just get the one that goes on sale the best but seriously 275 hp won’t keep your bread kneading long.

  8. My love for you runs deep Pretty Mir! I was just drooling over the Cuisinart set last night and was delighted to see that you listed the exact set today (at a lower price!)along with a few other options to compare. You sure can’t beat the savings!

    My order should arrive in 3-5 days! Thanks Mir!

  9. 275 hp? 575 hp? Gotta get a HEMI!

    Perhaps 275/575 Watts is what was meant. (According to the
    1 horsepower = 745.699872 watt, which means 275 hp is 205 067.465 watts and 575 hp is 428 777.426 watts… You’d need to talk to the power company if you need that much. )


  10. What exactly is a “privacy pouch” and who needs a privacy pouch? Perhaps my life is lacking something.

  11. We used to get maple syrup in Michigan when I was a child, and my dad used to cut it half and half with sugar water. We still got the same flavor, but a little less intense, and we could use more.

    The first time I tried ‘pancake syrup’ that I thought was supposed to be maple, I kept asking if it was spoiled. 🙂

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