I recommend the pomegranate martini

By Mir
May 2, 2009
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Do y’all remember when we had a contest for a gift card to Bonefish Grill, before? Let’s do it again! In honor of some of their new menu items—wild Gulf shrimp pad Thai, tempura lobster, and diablo shrimp fettuccine (just to name a few)—Bonefish has generously passed along a $45 gift card so that one lucky Want Not reader can go have a nice dinner out with a special someone. (Just remember: I think you’re very special. No pressure to take me with you, but I’m just saying.) Find your local Bonefish by checking here.

Want to win the gift card? First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 to be entered. I’ll use my trusty random number generator to select a winner. And no, you don’t have to have the pomegranate martini. I’m just remembering the one I had there. Wistfully.

Ready? Go!


  1. me likey Bonefish

  2. I want to be special! And I’d like some tempura lobster.

  3. We have never tried Bonefish and would love to! Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. ooo, i’m in the top ten. maybe thats a lucky signal.

  5. I’ve always wanted to try this place.

  6. Yes please…

  7. I love love love Bonefish!

  8. Yummy!

  9. Hey now Mir – if I win I could treat when you’re here in July. 🙂 Because you are VERY special. tee he he

  10. I’d like to win (and you also look very pretty today, Mir!).

  11. Oh, yum! I’m definitely in.

  12. yum – count me in, pretty lady!

  13. I lurve me some Bonefish……

  14. Never been and would love to!

  15. Enter me please! 🙂

  16. I went to their site and looked at the menu…now I’m starving, all your fault, Mir! I’d love to win, please count me in!

  17. I would realllllllllly like a date night. Especially a free one! You look so nice today Mir. And smart too.

  18. LOVE Bonefish! Bang Bang shrimp…YUM!

  19. yes please!

  20. Bonefish! Hate the name. Love the food!

  21. Bonefish is yummy!

  22. Ugh, I had to read this at dinnertime, didn’t I? 🙂

  23. I would love to try that. There is one close and I’ve never been.

  24. I’ve been once and it was wonderful! I’d love to go again!

  25. Bonefish is a great place to go for nice dinner with the husband.

  26. Yes please! Yum!

  27. Never been but would love to go. thanks.

  28. love the restaurant!

  29. Have heard it is so good and would love to try it!

  30. yum!

  31. Ooh, I’m in! I’ve never been but heard it’s great.

  32. I’ve been wanting to try that place!

  33. yum yum yum

  34. That would be wonderful to win! Then hubby can’t complain about taking me to a sea food place! 🙂

  35. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  36. Yum! I’m with Tina – free excuse to make hubby take me to seafood!

  37. I’ll take it. I love Bonefish.

  38. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, but it is delicious!

  39. I’d love to gift this to my parents. Thank you!

  40. My mom just moved into a neighborhood with one of these, and she’s been raving about it! Cool!

  41. Have always heard about Bonefish and would LOVE to try it.

  42. I’ve never been to Bonefish but I would love to try it. Thanks Mir!

  43. My son loves Bonefish grill! We’d love to go again.

  44. pick me pick me!!! please!

  45. I am ready to go there!

  46. Yum! I wonder if they still have bang bang shrimp. If I win I will find out 🙂

  47. Please, please, please? You are the prettiest person I have ever seen.

  48. Bonefish grill sounds great!

  49. 1-2-3 Pick me!

  50. sounds good!

  51. Looks yummy, thanks!

  52. I love bonefish and would love to take you if you come to n.j.

  53. Awesome! This would hit the spot.

  54. Have I told you how much I LOVE pomegranate martinis? YUM!

  55. i am hoping for a bonefish date night to come. yummmm.

  56. Perfect for Father’s Day…

  57. My anniversary is coming up, this would be great!!

  58. That sounds super!

  59. Oh, pretty Mir, please pick me!

  60. i have no special occasion coming up. i think i need something to look forward. i promise i’ll get a pomegranate martini. and i’ll drink one for you, too!!

  61. Sounds yummy!

  62. yummy 🙂

  63. Love that Bonefish Grill. Awesome!!

  64. oh that would be a lovely date nite with my husband!

  65. Yum yum

  66. I would love to try the Bonefish Grill.

  67. Would love to try Bonefish Grill!! Sounds great.

  68. Give it to me!! Give it to me!! *blinks* 😐

  69. I’ve never been- please send me!

  70. Please, Mir! Pick me.

  71. Pretty, pretty please! 🙂


  73. I am so in!!!!!!!!!

  74. Me! Me!

  75. Wow! I’d LOVE this!

  76. Pomegranate martinis? I’d love that!

  77. Lucky #79 – pick me!

  78. Everything is oh soooooooooooooooooooo good.

  79. bonefish is my favorite! I love a little bang bang shrimp!

  80. Dinner out? What a novel (and extravagant) idea. Here’s hoping! 🙂

  81. One of these days, my number will be up!

  82. I still haven’t tried Bonefish Grill!! What a great way to try it for the first time.

  83. Would love that martini…oh and the fish too!

  84. Ohh I’d love to win this!! Hubby & I haven’t had a night out alone since last August, this g.c. would be a great incentive to finally go out!

  85. I’d love to try this place out!

  86. Sounds great!

  87. I’d love to go there for Mother’s Day!

  88. I’ve always wanted to go here!

  89. Always game for new restaurant.

  90. Sounds like a great date night!

  91. yummy!! Count me in!!

  92. Oh this would be so perfect!

  93. I would love to win!

  94. Not passing up the chance to win this one! Thanks, Mir!

  95. “Rumba in a Glass” – the Bonefish Grill Mojito …that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

  96. that would be awesome! thanks for the contest!


  98. yum, yum!

  99. You need to select me since I can walk to my Bonefish and have a Pomegranate Martini responsibly. 🙂

  100. Bang Bang Shrimp makes me so very happy!

  101. mmmmm, Bonefish!

  102. Yum! I have been wanting to try Bonefish.

  103. I’m in (even if I don’t win), sounds like a party! I’ll be looking for the e-vite! LOL

  104. Oh that pomegranate martini sounds delicious! And I could sure use one right about now.

  105. That is my favorite drink! Yea!

  106. never had it…love to try it!

  107. Yum!!

  108. this would make a nice date for my fiance and I – we are currently in two different cities, but have some time coming up in the same city very soon!

  109. NO WAY! That would be awesome.

  110. Dinner out…without the child? Impossible!

  111. oh, I would love just one dinner without kids before baby #3 is born next month!!

  112. I’ve been once and it was YUMMY. Would love to go again!!

  113. Nice!

  114. YUMMOLAA!!!

  115. Mmmmm, Pom martini? Count me in!

  116. LOOOVE IT!

  117. MEMEMEME!
    I just paid the tax man a big whopping amount, and now NEED a martini by gift cert to ease the pain.

  118. Yum! We’d love to try this restaurant… and the martini sounds fabulous. Thanks!

  119. Thank you!

  120. Please, please, please!!! Could use a night out with the hubby 🙂

  121. Give me a reason to try something new!

    I’m a shut-in!

  122. Please count me in! Thanks.

  123. This would be great for date night

  124. It is just over an hour to the closest Bonefish Grill from my house… and I would love to make that drive!!!

  125. What a nice mother’s day/birthday present this would be for me!

  126. Yay, we have one in WDM, would love to try it!

  127. YUM!!!!!!!!!

    i would LOVE to pass this onto my friends mom.

    what a lovely treat for a lovely woman!

  128. This would be awesome!

  129. This would make an awesome present for my mom. She LOVES seafood and her birthday is coming up in June!

  130. bonefish rocks!!

  131. Sounds like a great mother’s day dinner.

  132. Please pick me! Thanks Mir!

  133. Yay Bonefish!

  134. I would love to try this restaurant!

  135. Who doesn’t LOVE Bonefish!?!

  136. There isn’t one in the area, but I have a friend graduating from college in 2 weeks and is travelling to an area with one – what a great gift!


  137. Never been to bonefish grill!

  138. Yum! Me me me! 🙂 I would love to try Bonefish Grill!

  139. Sign me up!

  140. I remember the last contest, and I still have never tried Bonefish Grill. Maybe this is my chance…

  141. Mmmm…the Chilean sea bass and jasmine rice is my FAV.

  142. I’m in!

  143. YUM!

  144. I love Bonefish Grill. Wouldn’t that make a great dinner out for my hubby and myself? I am thinking date night. Pretty Mir.

  145. mmmmm… bonefish!

  146. I’ll drive to NJ for a free dinner!

    Thanks for the chance! Ladamomartinez@msn.com

  147. Very cool!

  148. I love Bonefish Grill, too!

  149. Thanks, Mir

  150. It would be wonderful to win this contest!!

  151. Bonefish is my favorite!

  152. Wishing me luck…

  153. what a great opportunity…thanks

  154. We have a Bonefish near us 🙂

    If I’ve got the lucky number, I can take my daughter there for Mother’s Day to thank her for making me the happiest mother ever!

  155. Yum!!! Pick me!

  156. Tomorrow is my birthday! I promise!

  157. I’ve been once and would love to go again!

  158. Well thanks for sharing another sweet deal, Mir! Count me in.

  159. Is today my lucky day?

  160. oooh…pick me! i have a birthday coming up and dh will be out of town. the gift card would be a great present!

  161. Fingers crossed here.

  162. I’m having $45 worth of pomegranate martinis and a taxi ride home!

  163. Nowhere near us, but it would be a nice present for the relatives in Virginia, I suppose.

  164. I like the bang bang shrimp! Thanks!

  165. I’m in.

  166. Yum!

  167. Ooooooooooooooh! LOVE pomegranate martinis!

  168. I would love some Bonefish goodness. 🙂

  169. I’d love to take my husband – thanks to the ECONOMIC TURNDOWN, we’ve not been out in a while.

  170. Haven’t had a pomegranate martini in a long time…

  171. i’d love to go out on a date!!

  172. Yummy

  173. Pick me!

  174. I would love to try the pomegranate martini. Sounds good!

  175. Ooh, never tried it but there’s one not far away. Pick me!

  176. WOW! What a bone of a deal… Pick me!!

  177. I just found out there’s a Bonefish near my new house! Thanks for the giveaway!

  178. Sounds good! Please enter me!

  179. It is early Sunday morning and I am nursing a cup of tea after being up all night with food poisoning (movie theater nachos, never again.) Reading about the wild gulf shrimp pad thai actually made me feel like a human and like food could be my friend again. Me likey. Thanks!

  180. OOOOOOO I love Bonefish!!!

  181. I wanna try that place. Pretty please.

  182. It’s my birthday! This would be a great present. Thanks.

  183. They don’t have one in the state of Texas, but I have friends in other states who would think I totally rock if I send this to them in the mail.

  184. Ooooh, I’ve never tried this place before. Pick me! Pick me!

  185. Yummy. I love Bonefish Grill!!!!

  186. I have never been there–but I’d like to try it! 🙂

    Mir: thanks for giving away all the great prizes. What other blog does that????

  187. They just opened up a Bonefish Grill in our town….hubby and I would love to try it out!!

    Thanks for the chance!!

  188. Fingers crossed and all that jazz!

  189. I like pomegranate martinis.

  190. I like pad thai….

  191. Oh My, I dined there for the first time last weekend . . . fabulous!

  192. what a great excuse to get a babysitter. thanks for the chance!

  193. I’d love to try it!

  194. Mmmm! Pomegranite martini

  195. sign me up!

  196. My search has revealed no Bonefish restaurants near my current address in Texas nor my upcoming city in Colorado nor near my mother or sisters….. but I did find one near my mother-in-law! So if I win, this will be my mother’s day gift for my mother-in-law! Thanks!

  197. mmmmmmmm, tasty!

  198. I would love to win this. we’ve got one close by and never go out to eat!

  199. Me please! 🙂

  200. There’s one around here, and I’ve never been. I’d love to try it!

  201. I would love a night out with out the toddler at this place:)

  202. I would love to try it!

  203. count me in please!

  204. Would LOVE to win!!

  205. This would be a great anniversary dinner

  206. the bang bang shrimp is the best!

  207. My husband and I are in terrible need of a date night- we would absolutely love this, come on random.org.

  208. YUM!!!

  209. Mmmmm. Free food!!!

  210. Thanks!

  211. Dear Mir,
    It would be a wonderful things to win dinner at the Bonefish
    Grill. I have heard it is an excellent restaurant!


  213. Oooh, thank you, Mir! (and Bonefish!)

  214. Great contest!

  215. Yes please!

  216. Oooh! I could use a good date night with my hubby….

  217. I’d like to get lucky! (and win a free dinner, I mean.)

  218. I love bonefish!!

  219. Never tried it, but there’s one within the area – this would be great!! Thanks, pretty Mir!

  220. YUM! my favorite and its my birthday month!

  221. I love Bonefish! Thanks Mir!

  222. Yes, please! I would love some seafood.

  223. I promise to have a martini, or two if it’s important to you. ( :


  224. Sign me up!

  225. It all sounds good!

  226. This would be a fabulous mother’s day gift for my momma! 🙂

  227. The Bonefish Grill is so YUMMY!

  228. Yummmy – wouldn’t it be cool if I won my OWN Mother’s Day gift? Hmmm?

  229. Tempura lobster! What a wonderful idea…

  230. pick me

  231. Ooh, I’d love to win this just to to take my MIL! Maybe It’d be something she’d approve by me for a change. *G*

  232. I’ve not eaten there but who says no to free food?

  233. Would love to win this!!! 🙂

  234. What a wonderful contest! Pick me!

  235. Would love this!! Thanks for the chance!

  236. Pick me! Pick me!!!

  237. I LOVE bonefish grill it is one of my favorite restaurants!

  238. I’d love this!!!!

  239. Mmmmm Bonefish. Went there last Mother’s Day for dinner. Would love to go again~

  240. I’ve never been to the Bonefish Grille. I should go. Yes?

  241. GIRRRL, I cannot even begin to tell you how badly I need a date-night!

  242. Thanks!

  243. Thanks for another great contest!

  244. Sounds fabulous! Thanks!

  245. pick me o random number generator….please pick me!

  246. it would be great!

  247. I would love to win!

  248. This would be wonderful!

  249. My mom loves Bonefish…but so do I. Decisions…hopefully.

  250. Pick me please!!!

  251. I so need a date out with my husband . . . without children.

  252. Last time I went to Bonefish was the day after a girl in my class I’d known since 2nd grade or so died in a car wreck. It would be nice to try this place again at some point, without sobbing uncontrollably into the calamari. I think it was delicious, but the experience is a little fuzzy.

  253. I think I could use a pomegrante martini…and I just saw a Bonefish about four miles from my house the other day. I’d love a good excuse to give it a try!

  254. This would be perfect for my birthday and Mother’s Day!!!

  255. I love Bonefish!

  256. I love Bonefish!! We haven’t been there in so long!

  257. I would love a pom martini!

  258. bang bang shrimp!

  259. fish shrimp martinis drool drool drool

  260. Date Night! Yeah!!! Please RNG pick me.

  261. Sounds awesome–throw my name in the hat!

  262. YUMMY!!

  263. Didn’t think we had one in CO but looks like we do, so please and thank you….sounds deeeelicious. please please

  264. That Martini sounds good and an excellent excuse to go to Memphis & go shopping….

  265. Count me in. We have one nearby!

  266. My husband and I have been meaning to go to bone fish – maybe this will give us that extra “push” that we apparently need 🙂

  267. We would love to go to Bonefish! I’ll even promise to have a pomegranate martini!!

  268. That would be a perfect date with my husband…

  269. We need a date night! Thanks!

  270. I smell date night…something that hasn’t happened around here since daughter #2 was born LAST APRIL!

  271. This would make for a nice dinner out. Thanks for the chance to win.

  272. In, under the wire! If I win, I am going to give it to my mom for Mother’s Day. That’ll be a big help, as I got laid off this week. :-\

  273. Pretty please pick me! This would make a rather poopy weekend better…

  274. Does this come with a babysitter included? It doesn’t?
    That’s ok, would love to win anyway!

  275. Love Bonefish!

  276. Yummmmmy!

  277. Yum! I like fish and martinis!

  278. Yum! Count me in! =)

  279. Haven’t been here yet as there isn’t one near my home… but looks like there is one near the relatives…so this will allow us to treat them to a night out 🙂

  280. Yes!

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