Because everyone deserves the perfect swimsuit

By Mir
May 4, 2009
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Oh, I know what you’re thinking. “That Mir,” you’re thinking. “She keeps talking about her amazing new swimsuit from Lands’ End, but what does she know? She’s probably skinny. And not very picky.” Well, I want to tell you a few important pieces of background information to explain my love for my new Carmela Slendersuit:
1) I am incredibly picky about almost everything, but particularly so about clothing. If it doesn’t fit right, I’m not interested.
2) I used to be skinny. Then I had a couple of kids. And, um, some gravity. Ahem. Now I am average-sized but still missing my skinnier/more toned body of yore.

And then I got this swimsuit. And it’s comfortable. And it looks nice. And it holds in where I need holding in and… well… holds up where I need holding up. I can actually swim laps in it (comfortably) and sit around the pool without the urge to wrap myself head to toe in a towel. I do, indeed, love my swimsuit. And I want to share the love.

Lands’ End was kind enough to send me my swimsuit for testing (and it took me days to decide which one to choose, but I’m very happy with my choice!), and now that I’m giving it a big ol’ thumbs up, they want one lucky Want Not reader to have the same opportunity. They’re offering a $100 gift card to the winner of this contest! No, you don’t have to spend it on a swimsuit, but if you did, I swear you wouldn’t regret it.

Anyway. Want to win the gift card? First go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 Pacific) on Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 to be entered. I’ll use my handy dandy random number generator to select a winner, and then I can share the Slendersuit love more fully.

Ready? Go!


  1. Oooh! Comment comment comment! That swimsuit is beautiful looking – I still don’t think it could make my ass go back to where it’s supposed to be, or my stomach, but then again I do believe in unicorns, so maybe… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Please Please……..I would love this swimsuits….

  3. This may be my only hope for getting into a suit this year.

  4. AHHHH! Pick me! I’m tired of the river kayaking outfit I usually wear as a swimsuit!

    Need new suit! And I’m a dedicated, rabid fan of Land’s End!

    Pick me!

  5. I LOVE these swimsuits and need a new one! (Land’s End takes care of us long-torsoed women!)

  6. I need a nice to to suck all the leftover baby fat! Thanks for the nice contest!

  7. I so need a GOOD suit!

  8. I’m all for holding it in and holding it up! and I could really use a new swimsuit – it’s been awhile.

  9. I can’t pass this one up– sign me up!

  10. After baby #2, I need all the help I can get…pick me number generator!!!

  11. Just had baby #1 and could really use this!

  12. Fingers crossed again! They’re going to get stuck this way, I swear.

  13. There are so many reasons why I need a suit like this! Please pick me!

  14. Sounds great to me! Count me in for the contest. Thanks!

  15. omg, I could soooo use a new swimsuit! Thanks, Mir!!

  16. That’s awesome! I saved your last post about it, because I need a swimsuit…but haven’t made the time to shop for it. I haven’t gotten a new one in…wait……I’m old.

  17. would love to get a new swimsuit to hold me in after this baby is born!

  18. Count me in!

  19. Oh this will be lovely… please random number generator, pick me!

  20. hope you pick me!

  21. So, if I get this swimsuit am I absolved from losing the last 10 pounds of baby-now-toddler fat? Puhleeeze?

  22. I miss my old body…er young body. Count me in.

  23. Me me me! I would use it to buy stuff for me and NOT MY KID, which almost never happens. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. I need a suit that goes to me knees! I love Lands End!!

  25. I need a good swimsuit sooo bad! Hope I win!

  26. Great give-a-way!

  27. Ohh – I just wore a suit I that is 2 sizes too big on vacation because it’s what I had and I didn’t have the $$ for a new one. This would come in handy for the summer!

  28. Pick me pick me!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Its getting hot here and I neeeeeeed new suits!

  29. Please!

  30. oh man, I totally need a new swim suit. pick me please!

  31. I need a new swim suit!

  32. Wow – I’m a huge Land’s End fan, and that would be fantastic!

  33. Cool! Thanks, Mir!

  34. Thanks for such a great contest. I hope it’s me.


  36. Mama needs a new swimsuit!!!!

  37. Oh lovely Slendersuit, come to me!

  38. i definitely need one of those!

  39. Me!

  40. All in on this one!! Thanks Mir.

  41. Oh, how I need a new swimsuit. Also, hello from another GA girl!


  42. oh! so much love for the lands’ end suits!!!

  43. I haven’t bought a new swim suit since I’ve had kids – maybe this will motivate me to try one on! Thanks for the chance!

  44. I totally need a new swimsuit top! Would love to win

  45. Trip to the beach + 16 days of swim lessons + 2 suits I bought last year at Walmart and have pretty much had it = I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS CONTEST!

  46. Haven’t been in a swimsuit for years and I’m only 34!!!!

  47. GREAT giveaway!!! I would love a new suit!

  48. This would be puuuuuuuuurfect for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. Free swimsuit? The chance to get one without the humbling/humiliating experience of trying it on at a store? Sign me up!

  50. Lands’ End suits are the only ones I buy. They are fantastic and I could really use a new one.

  51. yee-haw! thanks for a great contest!

  52. Oooohh. I need a nice new suit, and some shorts, and few shirts too. Perhaps I need a little more than $100 would buy, but it would be a nice start!

  53. I haven’t had a new swimsuit in years!! And I soooooo need something to hold in and lift. I would love to win this one.

  54. pick me! *Fingers crossed*

  55. Could always use another swim suit and Lands’ End are my faves!!!!!!!!…just like you, Mir!

  56. I love your rave review! Sign me up, pretty please!

  57. I pink puffy heart lands end…and you Mir!

  58. I NEEEEEED new summer swim wear!

  59. Pretty PRETTY please!? ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Pick me please!!!

  61. oh I do love my Lands End suits! time for a new one this year . . .!!!

  62. You are so pretty! And I love Land’s End! ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Thanks again!

  64. whoo-hoo! thanks!

  65. A great contest to go with the great weather!! Pick me…would love a new suit (and desperately need a new one!)

  66. I’ve always wanted an excuse to shop at Land’s End and maybe an opportunity to wear a swimsuit that doesn’t have a skirt on it, lol

  67. I am so in, thank you

  68. omg, omg, omg…pick me!

  69. Yay! I love Lands End!

  70. oh, oh!!! Pick me, pick me!

  71. It would be great to have a new suit that would help hide what three c-sections have done. I might actually be able to get rid of the baggy t-shirt used as a cover-up. Thanks!

  72. Oh, Slenderize me, Mir!

  73. I REALLY need a suit that fits! Pretty Please!!!!

  74. I’m having my third baby Thursday and would love a new suit for summer!!!

  75. I really hope I will this one.

  76. Ooh, I have one slendersuit, but another wouldn’t be resented…

  77. This would be perfect for summer vacation to the beach!

  78. oh man, do I ever need a suit that holds in and up!

  79. I could really use this. Pick me!

  80. They are just about to open our pool for the season so this really would come in handy now for a new swimsuit!

  81. After baby number 2, I could definitely use this!

  82. Wow could I use a swimsuit to keep everything in place!

  83. I keep browsing at Land’s End for a new suit. With a gift card, I’d quit browsing and actually PURCHASE!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  84. This would great to win. I need a new bathing suit for my trip to San Diego.

  85. Oh, I’ve never had a swimsuit that I’ve loved. Maybe this will be my lucky day!

  86. I desperately need a new suit! Please…..

  87. We are heading to Florida next week, and although this wouldn’t be in time for that, it would be great once pool season starts here at home!

  88. Sign me up! Thanks Mir!

  89. Oh this would be nice! Please sign me up!

  90. I heart land’s end! Pick me, oh random number generator!

  91. I currently have two (2 piece) swim suits for swimming laps. On one the top is so big it gaps open. On the other, the bottom is so big it almost shows my hysterectomy scar. I would love a new one that fits right!

  92. Oh sign me up! Just had a baby six months ago and though I’ve lost all of the weight, it’s not in the same place…

  93. PLEASE!!!!!

  94. Hoo boy, this is a good one!

  95. Since I have gained back most of the weight I lost, I could use a new one this summer while I try to whittle it back off.

  96. Please pick me! please. really. please.

  97. Can I pick a new body along with it? Or just the one I had ten years ago?

  98. Oh, wow. A comfortable, flattering swimsuit – I’m not sure I could possibly believe it’s true! But I’m more than willing to try ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. okay, i think jess, who bragged that she’s lost all her weight from her 6-month-old, should be automatically disqualified. anyway, throw MY name in the hat. i have 5 children and still 10 lbs extra from each ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. I could use a good swimsuit! I’m discovering the unfortunate reality that even though I’m back to my pre-baby weight, things just aren’t the same…

  101. would love something I would be comfortable swimming in, too much tugging in my pool days.

  102. woo hoo!

  103. ooh me

  104. I just bought a slendersuit from Land’s End, with the last discounts you posted. I LOVE IT. (Sorry about the shouting.) Swimming lessons with the kids are going to be so much less painful than last year, with my 12-year-old swimsuit (also from Land’s End, though!) and all.

    But I wouldn’t say no to a $100 gift card, you know…

  105. Thank you! I really need a new bathing suit!

  106. Yes, please!

  107. I was just looking at the catalog today, thinking how nice it would be to have a new suit for our upcoming beach vacation (first one post twins). But then I balked at the price tag. This would be amazing!

  108. I would love to win a new lying-around suit! (I don’t swim therefore cannot technically say I need a new swimsuit, but a lying-around suit???) Yes, please!

  109. Yeah, baby. $100 from Landsend is always wonderful.

  110. Yeah!! I could USE this!

  111. Pick me, please!

  112. Me me!! Please!

  113. Totally crossing my fingers.

  114. This is a great giveaway! I already know what I will buy ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. I never win, please pick me!

  116. Ooh, love Lands End! Pick me!

  117. Please please ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. what a great contest! I’m excited and soooo ready to win this one!!

  119. I would loooovvvvveeee this!!! Thanks!!

  120. holding in and lifting aren’t all I need – do they have a knee-length suit? I’d still love to win.

  121. Please random number generator pick me

  122. I love Land’s End. Please count me in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  123. Haven’t been in a swimsuit in years…. This could be the ticket!

  124. Hey, look! My comment number is my goal weight! Must be a good omen…

  125. Ok, there’s not much a magical swimsuit can do for my thighs, but my saggy butt and tummy would be much improved by such a thing. Pick me!

  126. I soooo need a swim suite! Pick me!

  127. This is the best prize ever… now if you just pick me to WIN!!

  128. We love Lands End! And would love this gift card!!

  129. Hooray for Land’s End!!!!

  130. I would love to win the gift card!

  131. this would be my only hope at a new swimsuit this year!

  132. Love Lands End and I really need a new suit but it’s not in the budget.

  133. I hope, with every bone in my body, that I’m a winner this time ๐Ÿ™‚

  134. Oh, I would LOVE To win this gift card. I didn’t even USED to be skinny, and I don’t like myself in any swimsuit, but it might be less painful in a Land’s End suit.

  135. I’ll give it a shot, but am not too hopeful!

  136. I’ll try!

  137. I’d love a new suit!

  138. I went crazy on swimsuits when Figleaves had their 90% off sale, and I swear, I feel sexier just knowing I’m wearing a $100 bikini that cost me $10. But I’d love to get some cash for Land’s End to blow on swim shirts and new shoes for the boy.

  139. Would love to have a new Lands End suit after having 3 children!!

  140. don’t know that i’d get a swimsuit, but ya never know! Be kind random number generator.

  141. These look awesome! I would love one.

  142. I could REALLY use a new swimsuit. Please oh please pretty random number generator – pick me!!

  143. My wardrobe could use all the help it can get.

  144. Just bought my daughter a couple suits from Land’s End. Would be nice to have one of my own.

  145. ooh, please.

  146. After 3 kids I REALLY need a new swimsuit!

  147. Ooh! Sign me up–I love Land’s End, and already own three of their swimsuits, but none of the slenderizing ones. That might be a nice addition….!

  148. pick me please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  149. This is definitely something I can use.

  150. Please pick me- I have a vacation coming up in 20 days and I need new swim clothes Now

  151. Ooooo a new bathing suit would be just fine!

  152. I am so glad you try it before we buy it…..

  153. I really need something to hold it all together – please pick me!

  154. Awesome! I would so get another Lands End suit I love the one I have.

  155. hope I get lucky!

  156. This would make a happpy me!!

  157. I haven’t had a new swimsuit in years…I would love one!

  158. oooooooooh, yes please! Pick me, pick me!

  159. I would LOVE a new swimsuit. my pool is green with frogs swimming in it, and a new suit would give me the motivation to clean the pool!!! Ok, not really, but i would motivate my husband to clean the pool.

  160. Oh, I would love a new suit, especially a nice one from Land’s End!

  161. Why, oh why, are swimsuits so expensive? I’d love a chance for a new one!

  162. Really need a good swimsuit. Not that anyone will see me in it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. I would love to get a new swimsuit since I just had baby #2 3 weeks ago and I think my body needs some support this summer.

  164. Count me in!

  165. I need a new swimsuit this year. I was dreading it, but I’m going to have to check out this slendersuit…

    Oh, pick me!

  166. I need a new suit!

  167. Please please please! That is all I have to say wonderful Mir!

  168. I just ordered one of their tankinis, using that clever little “traits you hate” (my words, not theirs) calculator and it is awesome. No seriously awesome. Would love to win and get another suit b/c I actually feel good in my suit now! woo-hoo.

  169. OOooohhh!!! Pick me!

  170. Random number generator: pick me please!

  171. please pick me!

  172. I sooooo need a new swimsuit!

  173. isn’t having a baby fun? me too

  174. Oh. My. Goodness. An answer to the annual swimsuit agonizer. I need holding in, holding up, you name it.

  175. I need a nice looking suit…I too miss my much skinnier & more-toned days!

  176. Me pretty please!

  177. Damn kids, always screwing up my figure.

    Does this gift card come with a cabana boy?

  178. Me please! I NEED that suit

  179. I love Land End’s swimsuits – one of the only companies that makes suits in my cup size that aren’t – ugly or an XXXXL!

  180. This is so weird because i have been looking at swimsuits at Lands End soooo pick me!!!!

  181. I need that suit!!

  182. Yes please! Lands End swimsuits are the best!

  183. I desperately need a good bathing suit!

  184. pick me! please!

  185. I’m working toward a bikini body, but this would do wonders for my confidence in the meantime.

  186. I just got invited to a pool party. I need a suit that I will feel great in. Thanks!

  187. With summer right around the corner, who doesnt need a new bathing suit??? count me in

  188. Pick me! Pick me! If I can’t get my fat sucked out, do you think Lands End could help me suck it in???

  189. I am always up for a new swimsuit!!!!!

  190. Thanks!

  191. I really really need a new suit, pick me random number generator!

  192. Always up for a shopping spree! thanks!

  193. Please, please, please pick me, O Great Randomizer!

  194. I could DEFINITELY use a swimsuit that would suck some things in…. ok alot of things in….

  195. I could SO use this!

  196. Love Lands End bathing suits!

  197. yay! Me!!

  198. My best friend told me she won’t go to the beach with me anymore because I embarrass her by sitting there in my street clothes. Sheesh.

    This suit would have to do more than work miracles, but I’m willing to give it a try!

  199. oh please, please let me win. Never have I needed this more than I do right now.

    my husband thanks you!

  200. I have a Lands’End swimsuit that I bought last year. And I lurrve it. The problem? I’ve lost two sizes since then and alas,it is no longer the wonderful-fitting suit that it used to be. Our pool opens in just a few weeks (scary!) and it would be great to have a new suit to wear. I mean, I’ll wear *something* obviously, but it would be oh so fab if that number generator hit on my number!

  201. This morning I was looking at Lands End fleece jackets and now this afternoon I’m looking at their bathing suits. A lot can change in a few hours!

  202. I dont think I have bought a new swimsuit in 20+ years. This just may motivate me (just maybe)….

  203. I seriously just lost 25 lbs, I need a new one!!

  204. Ooooh! This would be perfect timing for our beach trip! Fingers crossed……

  205. pick me, pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the contest!

  206. I believe in miracles …

  207. Wow what a great prize! Nice suit too….

  208. I need a new suit. Thanks

  209. I could use some lifting and sucking!

  210. Commenting!!!

  211. I’m a commentin’! I need all the swimsuit help I can get!

  212. Well, since I’m still wearing the swimsuit I bought in a panic for a last-minute beach trip when my daughter was a baby (she’s 5 now!)…I’d love to try a new one from Land’s End. Do they come with a bust measurement of “36 long,” I wonder???

  213. Mir, if you didn’t try it, I am VERY FOND of the “Women’s Regular All-over Control Solid Grecian V-neck Slender Swimsuit” as I, too, have had a couple kids, hate gravity and I’m also quite busty. If you have a chance to try this suit, I highly recommend it! And if I see it on sale, I’ll be getting ANOTHER one to go with my first two. Yeah to Land’s End for offering up the gift card!!

  214. I’m going to the beach and all I need is a swim suit! I love Lands End!

  215. A new bathing suit would be awesome! I never find a way to justify spending the money on one.

  216. lands end is my favORite.

  217. well I’d sure could put that to good use ๐Ÿ™‚

  218. I am not comfortable in my bathing suit at all and really need a new one as my kids love the pool at the Y. Just once I’d like to get in the pool without making that mad dash down the steps with my stomach held in!

  219. Ooh, that would be really cool! Me, please ๐Ÿ™‚

  220. Holy Cow! What a great contest! I would love one of their swimsuits!!

  221. Love me some Lands End!

  222. Count me in – I would love a new swimsuit (that’s what I would use it for, promise!)

  223. Love a new swimsuit! One that makes me look good please!

  224. Who couldn’t use a new suit! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  225. Ooo thanks! I love Lands End.

  226. I pink puffy heart Land’s End – especially their swimsuits!!

  227. Please please please! I’ve lost 60 pounds in the last two years, and desperately need something that fits!!!

  228. Oh yes! I want this suit!

  229. Gravity is not my friend. Lands End is.

  230. I still have some after-baby fat left on my butt. I need something to disguise it with.

  231. Woo-hoo! Pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  232. Pick me! Even though the push up swimsuit doesn’t do a thing for me.

  233. oooohhhh I do love me some Land’s End

  234. I have to gasp wear a swimming suit to work, help please!

  235. ooh, ooh, Mrs. Otto, pick me, pick me.

  236. After 5 babies, I need LOTS of holding up and tucking in. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I may have to buy one even if I don’t win.

  237. Pretty, pretty please!!!

  238. Dude. I’m sick of looking like that girl who used to be hot. I need a new suit!

  239. Great! I have one Land’s End swim suit that I got off their overstocks that I love, but have not wanted to pay for another… Would be nice to win!

  240. Count me in!

  241. The cure for aging and childbirth! Sign me up!

  242. Oh please oh please! I have a $14 Target suit that is too loose/too tight in all the wrong places. Not a nice sight.

  243. I want it!

  244. Count me in, please please please!

  245. I could definitely use a new swimsuit! This is my first summer in 3 years that I’m not pregnant or had just had a baby, so I definitely need a little help covering up what children and gravity have left me with ๐Ÿ™‚

  246. New swimsuit? Sign me up!

  247. What can I say? I’ve been jealous ever since you wrote about it. Count me in.

  248. Let’s just say I need a bit more…holding in than I did the last time I purchased a swimsuit. I’ve had my eye on those more forgiving suits at Land’s end….

  249. Oh, please pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  250. my postnatal twin belly could really use this!!!!

  251. thanks for the chance to win a new swimsuit!

  252. I haven’t had the courage to step out in public in a swimsuit in over 5 years…this might make me do it! Pick me!!!

  253. Pick ME!!

  254. Oooh, random number generator, pick me! I just signed my 1yr old up for Mommy and Me swim class…ugh.

  255. me! me!

  256. Wow! I would love to win this!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  257. I really would love to try this suit, but just am afraid to commit to one at this price point…this would be a great way to try one.

  258. Oh, I would love this! Great contest, Mir!

  259. I could really use this right now!

  260. I didn’t know Land’s End had such a great selection of suits! If I have a smokin’ suit, maybe we just will make it on a vacation this year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  261. I HATE shopping for swimming suits. Mostly b/c all the suits in stores are for itty bitty models who want to show the world their every nook and cranny! *stepping off the soapbox*
    These suits look awesome. And my daughter has been begging to go swimming for MONTHS already. I don’t think she’ll understand if I tell her she can’t b/c Mommy hates wearing swimming suits and showing the world her white, cellulite-y legs! ๐Ÿ™‚ Pick me, number thing-a-ma-jig!

  262. *ever hopeful* Since I didn’t win Bonefish to pig out, might as well try for a swimsuit!

  263. I need to replace my ancient suit!!!

  264. 3 kids later… I could use a cute suit!

  265. Would love a new swimsuit!!

  266. Thank you, Mir!!!

  267. Something free would be great!

  268. I would really like to win!

  269. Please, please!!!! I live in Florida and have two young kids…need all the help I can get in the swimsuit department.

  270. I would love a new swimsuit to hold my “bore 3 children in 3 years body” in.

  271. I am ridiculously hard to fit for a suit (large chested but average size waist) and Lands End is the only place that I have found that has swimsuits that fit me! Sign me up!

  272. oooo pick me pick me!! I want to be pretty by the lake too!!

  273. I would really love a cute swimsuit that holds things in and up…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  274. Thanks for the heads up on the swim suit. Definitely worth checking out (it would be even better if I won a gift card to buy it!).

  275. Oh, mememe!!

  276. oh please oh please!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  277. I’d love a cutie cute suit!

  278. Oh Mir!
    I too, have that “after-kidlets” anti-gravity problem.
    Please…pick me!

  279. Lovely. Count me in!

  280. Many rounds of fertility treatments netted me two beautiful children and a terrible body. I could really use a swimsuit that I’m not embarrassed to be seen in!

  281. Oh, I love Land’s End! What a great giveaway!

  282. I now understand the phrase “junk in my trunk”

  283. This is such an awesome contest! And I could use a new one-piece for swimming this summer! *happy dance with crossed fingers*

  284. Land’s End swimsuits are the best!!

  285. I would LOVE this gift card!! Thanks!!

  286. sounds good to me!

  287. Oh, please pick me! I have been dying to try a Land’s End suit since you put up their sale, but I just can’t justify the cost.

  288. Please pick me!!! Great contest.

  289. I would love to win a Land’s End giftcard. Hope I get picked…….

  290. My one & only swimsuit was ruined by too much chlorine in a hotel swimming pool. I don’t want to win this contest, I NEED to! Oh pretty Mir, pick me, please?!

  291. i would love to have a suit that could make me look as pretty as you!

  292. i would love to have a suit that could make me look as pretty as you!

  293. I haven’t owned a swimsuit for years, maybe it’s time to try again? With a little help from pretty Mir

  294. I would love a suit from Lands end. ๐Ÿ™‚

  295. not sure what happened please delete one of my comments. thank you.

  296. AWESOME PRIZE!!! Pick me!

  297. Me please….

  298. Ohhh!!! I need a new suit!!!

  299. How nice of you to run this contest! I’m feeling lucky!!! (Come on swimsuit…)

  300. Sweet Mir,
    My body sounds just like yours….except 50 pounds bigger and 20 years older. But in hopes that the suit will perform miracles for me, here’s my bid.

  301. I would love a new swimsuit!

  302. Do they come in ‘ginormous’? Then I’m in.

  303. Fantastic contest!! Would love to win this one! I can’t believe swimsuit season is upon us, and I gave up that diet. ๐Ÿ™

  304. Please enter me!

  305. I would love to try one of these suits!

  306. I love Lands’ End.

  307. I need a swimsuit that will hold me in ๐Ÿ™‚

  308. Pick me!

  309. Oh, random number generator, please pick me!

  310. no one wants to see me W/O a suit like this!!! (thanks mir!)

  311. I *swear* I will buy a new swimsuit, if I do not win this, that is!

  312. AZ+SUMMER= I need a swimsuit.

  313. Wow! Great contest.

  314. I pink puffy heart Lands End. I hope I win!

  315. i could use a new swimsuit!

  316. Baby # 3 has done my body no favors. I could really use a new, slenderizing suit

  317. I just bought my first suit since junior high school (seriously, and I’m almost 30) from Lands’ End, but I would love to have a second one (or even just another top or two) since I live near a beach on Lake Superior. I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed!

    Thanks, Mir!

  318. I NEED this!!

  319. Would LOVE to have a new suit…need it!

  320. Me! What a neat thing!

  321. Please pick me. I am 8 1/2 months prego and would LOVE to have something to work towards here soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ THANKS!!!

  322. I’m going on a cruise and would loooooove this!

  323. I would rave about the Land’s End swimsuits myself. I’ve never had one I loved before I bought my one from there. I’m never turning back.

  324. WantIS! I’m in and thank you for the opp.

  325. After 6 kids I need something to hold it in & up…actually to put it back where God intended it would be nice..

  326. Oooh! I’m sure I could find something!

  327. I really need a new bathing suit!!

  328. Oh there’s hope for me in a bathing suit! Please, I ask, that you pick this swimming-loving grandma.

  329. Wow is that nice of Lands End! I’m becoming a total Lands End convert. (The free shipping they had most of winter really helped!)

  330. I’m about to have another baby and need all the help I can get after she arrives!

  331. Please please please – after two babies (one less than a week ago) I could use a slendersuit!

  332. I’d probably go swimming more if I had a great swimsuit.

  333. I’d love to try one of those swimsuits…

  334. oh please, please, please, please, please????

  335. ooh! i SO need a new suit. and to be held UP and IN!

  336. “Slendersuit” is also fun to say. Oh, Mir, how fun it would be to win!

  337. Please, please?

  338. I really NEEEEEEED this. We are going on our first ever vacation to Myrtle Beach next month and I can’t find a suit I like. They are expensive nowadays to. I haven’t had a swimsuit since high school. Please random number generator pick me. I too could use a slendersuit after having kids.

  339. Lands End rocks!

  340. Even before I read this was a contest I was going to chime in to say that Lands’ End suits are THE BEST. And you’d better pick one you like, because they hold up forever!

    After last summer I decided I’d treat myself to a new suit this summer. This is a maternity suit summer for me, so I could get a clearance LE suit in the fall for next summer! Woot!

  341. Oh my goodness – this sounds fantastic. I hope you pick me!

  342. If ever someone needed a giftcard…it is me! Momma needs a new swimsuit…please!

  343. love Lands’ End!

  344. So cool! And I love that blackberry purple. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  345. I love Land’s End…and could use a new swimsuit!

  346. I have wanted one of these but have been skeptical as to how great they REALLY are…but now with a glowing endorsement from Mir, I gotta have one! A FREE one is even better!

  347. pick me please! i really need a new swimsuit!

  348. I’ve been “making do” for years, and was HORRIFIED to find that my black suit had lost a lot of it’s coverability in some key spots. It sure would be nice to have a new one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  349. A swim suit for the weekend at the outerbanks….that’s just what I need.
    and thank you

  350. I’d love this to hide the baby weight (if you can call it baby weight when your “baby” is 2 years old)

  351. I have one suit from lands end that I love. I would love a gift card.

  352. yay for gift cards!

  353. I just went swimsuit shopping and I about left in tears. I wouldn’t mind a swimsuit that doesn’t make me look like a stuffed sausage.

  354. Oh yeah!! This is for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  355. Pick me!!

  356. Wow! A new swim suit—haven’t had one of those in years! I would love to win one.

  357. I love Lands’ End!

  358. Lands End stuff rocks. And I could spend $100 in about 3 clicks there. I’d love that chance!

  359. I Love Love love Lands End, unfortunately with two kids in college my budget doesn’t stretch far enough to shop anymore.

  360. I need a bathing suit! Please. ๐Ÿ™‚

  361. Since I just discovered that my swimsuit is starting to become see-through (not fun for anyone, I assure you!) I really need a new one. Here’s hoping random number generator picks me, please, please!

  362. oh this would be great

  363. I could sure use this!

  364. Fingers crossed…

  365. Yay — pick me!

  366. I hate wearing a swimsuit, but maybe this one from Land’s End would make me hate it less.

  367. Please enter me! I love anything from Lands” End!

  368. Just got a gym membership and have only a terrible non LE suit. Would love to get a Lands End one!!!

  369. I would love to win a new swimsuit! I have been wearing an old pair of shorts with an old swimsuit top for two years because I can’t bring myself to go out and buy a new one and have to try them on. Thanks!

  370. Sweet! Go go gadget number generator!

  371. I would love to try one of these swim suits. I bought one last year and really wasn’t happy with it so I need a new one!

  372. Oh….is 374 my lucky number? I sure hope so.

  373. Love Lands End. Sign me up!

  374. I’d love this! I need another suit for my water aerobics class.

  375. Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขve never had a swimsuit that Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขve loved, I so hope I win!

  376. I’m sold. ๐Ÿ™‚

  377. I would love this! Thanks Mir!

  378. While watching the rain pour, and recovering from an emergency appendectomy, I think I really, really need a new swimsuit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  379. It is simply astounding how badly I need swimsuit plastic surgery ๐Ÿ˜‰

  380. I would love to win a swimsuit that would help me, um, defy gravity a bit!

  381. I haven’t had a swimsuit that fits for almost 30 years, so this would be great.

    Thanks, Mir!

  382. Swim suits are so hard to find!

  383. Just moved to Florida – would love a new suit!!!

  384. I’d love this.

  385. I have two kids and am definitely in need of a new swimsuit – I’d love to give the Carmela a try! =)

  386. I would adore this. Thank you!

  387. Help me, Mir. You’re my only hope.

  388. Would love to win! I buy from Lands End all the time! Pick me!!!!!

  389. How fun! I love Lands’ End.

  390. I *so* need this!

  391. Oh boy do I need a new swimsuit. Kid #2 killed what little figure I had left. Thanks Mir!

  392. SVP!!

  393. I big pink puffy heart Lands End because they hem the pants before sending them to me!!

  394. Wow, nice prize–Lands End is looking very pretty today, too!

  395. what are the chances of picking 397? ๐Ÿ™

  396. Ooooh, good prize!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  397. I hate to beg but…..pleeeeaase pick me!

  398. I can’t tell you how badly I need a new swimsuit.

  399. totally need this to get ready for my first summer post baby!

  400. 400 is my lucky number?

  401. OOH, I hope I win- fingers crossed!

  402. With 402 ahead of me, I know it won’t be me, but I’d love to try anyway!

  403. Been looking at those suits also…just didn’t want to spend that much. A gift card would by awesome!

  404. Love Lands’ End. Love their swimsuits.

  405. Land’s End? Sweet….

  406. ohhh will this be my time!

  407. Ohhhhhhh my, Can you please ask your friends why it doesnt come in long torso and DD???

    It would be worth a try if I won it…… ๐Ÿ™‚

  408. ^I imagine better than picking 398 :o) But it’s still worth a shot! I see some cute stuff!

  409. I need a new suit.

  410. PLEASE pick me… I am in desperate need of a new swimsuit. I had a baby in January and will be going to the beach in June… Last year’s suits don’t fit me anymore!

  411. Me, me, me! I have several swimsuits but none that fit well. I’ve been wanting to try a Land’s End suit!

  412. Please oh, pretty please pick me! I would love a suit that holds in and/or up the parts that need such services. I would also love a suit that claps a hand over my mouth to prevent further need of holding in and/or up, but I think that might be too much to ask… ๐Ÿ™‚

  413. I think I need to win this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  414. Oooh, thank you! Pick me.

  415. I know you can’t lose with LE swimsuits! I’d love to win!!

  416. Sounds like one awesome suit! Come on, number generator…

  417. I could use a swimsuit. I got my last one in high school …

  418. oooh a could definitely use a new swimsuit. it’s soo hard to find ones that fit right!

  419. Ohhhh, yes please! I’d looooove to get a cute new swinsuit this year!

  420. never tried it…. need to!

  421. We just got a pool! Bring on the swimsuits!

  422. Who couldn’t use a new suit? I feel like the kid in class, waving their hands, screaming “Pick me!” but, hey “pick me, random number generator!”

  423. Ooh, evil random number generator, you have never picked me yet…

  424. Been dieting, daughter moved to Florida, desperately need a new swimsuit from LandsEnd

  425. Oooh It’s been years since I got a new swim suit. And we have a boat, where it’s sort of expected that you wear one. Hmm.

  426. Yes, yes, yes, me!
    Gravity has hit my … well, never mind, just pick me.


  427. only 10 weeks till vacation! Pick me pick me!

  428. Oooh, pick me, pick me!! Pretty please?!?=)

  429. Yeah, I keep meaning to start exercising, but this could do the trick, too!

  430. This would be the best prize ever! Just put on my suit from last year and it looks just as bad as it did last year on me (and too small)! Depressing!

  431. Awesome!

  432. Yes. Best prize ever. Agreed. Please let it be me.

  433. That looks awesome!

  434. I could totally use a new suit. And a *free* reason to actually get one.

  435. All hail the Slendersuit!

  436. Count me in!

  437. Yes, please! Oh, and thank you!

  438. I so need a new swimsuit… It’s really time to retire the one I’ve been wearing for 8 years now! PLEASE pick me!!

  439. Lands End is so wonderful

  440. ooh, ooh! I will only wear Lands End suits, but because I’m, um, frugal, I only buy the ones that are on deep discount at their Overstocks section. I’d love to try one of the new ones!

  441. If I wear a slendersuit I can eat more cupcakes, RIGHT?

  442. No swimsuit for me. Just products.

  443. I think I snorted a little bit when I read that you’re not very picky. We’d make a good (or horrible if we disagreed) pair–just ask my husband about my pickiness.

    I love Lands’ End swimsuits. It’s the only place I’ve found that has mastectomy suits that don’t scream “old lady.”

  444. I definitely need the slenderizing/lifting help!

  445. I have some um… food baby fat I could stand to feel ok in with a cute suit. so um… pick me ๐Ÿ™‚

  446. The slender suits are great,
    could use a new one for the summer season !!

  447. Thanks, Mir! ๐Ÿ™‚

  448. I love Lands End!

  449. I’ve had the same swimsuit for 10+ years….is that reason enough?

  450. You absolutely crack me up!!Doesn’t matter what time of day I check your site–you leave me in tears. My kids are constantly asking “What, what Mommie, what is soooo funny?” I am hooked! BTW a new suit (one that would fit and cover up my hip surgery scars)would be lovely! Pick me–pick me!! PPPPlllleeeaaassseee!!!

  451. oh I’d love to get a decent swimsuit! Please pick me!

  452. Squee!! Pick me please!

  453. i love land’s end suits & could totally use a new one! their suits are totally forgiving. i will never buy another swimsuit unless it’s from land’s end! thanks!

  454. Gravity has not been kind, I need this suit

  455. Lands End suits are wonderful. I need a new one. . . MKW

  456. Pick me! I need a new swimsuit. But then apparently so do 456 other people…

  457. Land’s End rocks! And, since I never ever win, I’m not violating the rules. (Of course, with 457 other people…)

  458. I’m going to the beach next month, and my trusty Land’s End swimsuit bit the dust last year. I need a new one!

  459. If I had a $100 gift card, I would buy my mom this bathing suit because it’s perfect for her and in two months she and I are going on a real bonafide vacation to Los Angeles where we will spend a week laying around on a beach and drinking rum. However, she’s likely to sit around in long shorts and a big hat, because she is very self conscious about all that junk in her trunk and about everything else about her 50 year old body. She works about 70 hours a week, gets maybe 5 hours of sleep a night, doesn’t have time to ear right and has foot problems so she can’t exercise. And, like me, she has the metabolism of a dead person. She’d never actually spend more than $15 on a bathing suit, but she deserves a nice bathing suit and to pretty. Just so you know, that’s what I’d do if I won.

  460. Oh, please pick me. I haven’t felt pretty in a swimsuit in years.

  461. I am going to the beach in a couple of weeks and could definitely use a new swimsuit!

  462. OMG I need a swimsuit! Please pick me!

  463. I am in the hunt for a swimsuit myself. Looking forward to the shared love. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  464. Pretty please!

  465. I could use a little help from my friend, Lands End! Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  466. Holy cow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen your random number generator pick a number quite this high but let’s try it out…

  467. Let’s give it a try!


  468. I SO need a new bathing suit!!

  469. Fun contest!! Count me in!

    Thanks, Stacy

  470. Just bought one on sale at Lands End, could use another…

  471. I’d be torn if I won. I’d WANT the Slendersuit, but in my experience, nothing stands up to my mega-gut!

  472. Me and my saggy boobs are moving to Hawaii in 2 months. All three of us can use all the support we can get.

  473. I’ve refused to put a suit on this body for years. Would love to win one that would allow me back in a pool ๐Ÿ™‚

  474. I will check out this amazing swimsuit, I may even buy one gift card or not.


  475. Nearly 500 people responding. I guess there’s a lot of fear of swim suit season out there besides mine!

    I’d love to try one out! Thanks, Mir.

  476. Count me in!

  477. I sure hope your random number generator leave home after this contest! Does it count THIS high?

    Thanks for your pretty Santa-ness.

  478. Me, me, me!

  479. OMG! $100 to spend at Lands End? I’m drooling at the prospect. Wow. Please let me win!

    Thanks for another great contest, pretty one.

  480. I LOVE Lands’ End swimsuits – they are the only brand that I buy because they fit so well. Thanks Lands’ End and Mir!!!

  481. Oooh. Want!

  482. Wow, this is one of your best giveaways! Thanks!

  483. Wow! look at all the comments! I think you might be on to something with this contest thing you pretty lady you! I just bought a house, so a Land’s End coupon for all their cool home stuff would be grand. Or a swimsuit so I can lock the door and leave the new house when things get crazy with the painting and the carpets and go look glam on a beach somewhere would be good too!

  484. Boy could I use something to slenderize my tired old stomach muscles.

  485. Pick me, pick me!! A new bathing suit would be awesome!

  486. Randomizer, please pick me!

  487. Wow! Is this your biggest contest yet? Count me in.

  488. I have not bought a new swimsuit in 4 years. I just keep rotating through the old ones. I most definitely would use the $100 gift card on a new swimsuit!

  489. Help! I was attacked this winter by an extra ten pounds! This suit sounds like what I need to face swimming with my toddler.

  490. I love everything Lands End sells! They have such good quality clothing. I’m sure the swim suits must be the best!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  491. Oh, Lands End, how I love thee! And Mir, you too!

  492. Oooh pick me random generator, I would like to share the love of a bathing suit…and of course all other things Lands End!

  493. I need a new swimsuit!!

  494. Oh yes, I am in need of a little more “help” now than I used to be!!

  495. Oh, I love their swimsuits. Pick me, random number generator!

  496. Oh my. I don’t remember the last time the random number generator picked close to 500, but you see, I’ve got my brother’s wedding in Hawaii this year and I really need this! So please (this time I mean it) pick ME!

  497. I don’t even want to admit how badly I need a lovely flattering swimsuit like that this year!

  498. A new swimming suit sounds awesome! Please pick me! I love Lands End!

  499. I need a new suit….pick me!

  500. I adore lands end, pick me!

  501. This summer-maternity suits…next year, yeah some body shaping would be great!

  502. Whoa! A Land’s End swimsuit? I’m so there!

  503. Pick me, pick me!

  504. Pick me please! I need a new swimsuit desperately!

  505. For me, last summer was maternity suit, this summer a slim-suit would be super! Thanks.

  506. oh…i need holding up and in. pick me!

  507. If I put it on, will it give me a new pair of smooth, thin thighs? No? Enter me anyway! And thank you.

  508. Oh…. Pick Me!!!!


  509. I love Lands End! And if I win the suit, I’ll instantly look like the model on their website, right?!

  510. I so need a new swim suit that holds me in at all the right places. Please, please and thank you.

  511. Pretty suit!

  512. oh my god, please please please please!

  513. Oh, I so hear you about the two-kids-later version of my body. Lands End, please put my curves back where they’re supposed to be!

  514. Great contest! Thank you so much!

  515. I could definitely use a new swimsuit!

  516. That suit sounds amazing!

  517. I’d just LOVE this, and you’ve talked it up so much that I would definitely spend it on their swimwear!

  518. I NEED this! I need a new suit so bad but can’t seem to convince my husband that it’s okay to buy a new bathing suit every summer.

  519. I hate shopping for a swimsuit; I think if it was free, I would feel better about the whole process!

  520. Wow! What a great contest.

  521. You are hysterical-I read every day but would also love to win!

  522. I’d love a chance

  523. this would be so much fun – thanks!

  524. oh wow, lot’s of competition on this one. we are going to the beach very soon for the first time in years and i am having serious panick attacks about getting back in a swimsuit after having my daughter. this would be a lovely prize!

  525. Wow, that’s a lot of comments. Thanks, Land’s End and Mir for the chance!

  526. I would love this one! I sometimes enter for my boys, etc. but this one would be all for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  527. This would be AWESOME!!!

  528. I love Lands End swimsuits ๐Ÿ™‚

  529. I have had the Lands End swimsuit in my online shopping bag for weeks now, just haven’t actually pushed the button to purchase. I think I was waiting for this contest! ๐Ÿ™‚

  530. Wow – what a great giveaway, Mir. My fingers are CROSSED. As are my legs, my toes and eyes. Does that help me win? ๐Ÿ™‚

  531. I desperately need a new swimsuit, and my pickiness has thus far entirely prevented me from acquiring one. Sigh…

  532. You rock, pretty Mir! And I lurve me some Land’s End!

  533. Good grief – I’m feeling not a chance here, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  534. 1in534chance , that’s not bad!

  535. Pick me! Lands’ End is one of my very favorite outerwear brands and I hear great things about their swimsuits. I need a new one too!

  536. I’d love one of these, pretty pretty Mir… oh and pretty, pretty random number generator ๐Ÿ™‚

  537. Oh this would be great!

  538. Oh my, going to the University pool with most of the parents and even the principal of our school…it’s a nightmare! I’d love a suit that holds it all in!

  539. I’d love one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  540. This would be great since my pre-baby bathing suits no longer look quite right on my post-baby body. Thanks for hosting!

  541. Thanks for the opportunity. It would be lovely to win a bathing suit that fits.


  543. Wow – I need a suit that will pull everything in and push the grils up. Hope I win!

  544. I need one!!!!

  545. Swim suit season already??? I need a new one!

  546. After three kids, and right now really low self image, I could use a new swim suit.

  547. What a great contest! I’d love a suck-me-up-and-put-everything-back-where-it-SHOULD-go swimsuit!

  548. I have wanted one of these suits for years, but I always fear it will not work as great as I think it will, then I will have spent alot of money on myself, which is something I generally do not do. This would be fantastic!

  549. What could be better than a new swimsuit? Sandals to match?

  550. OK, I actually read the contest rules this time. And you know what? They were funny. (I mean, the rules themselves weren’t, but the way you wrote about them was.) I should’ve read ’em a long time ago. Thanks for a great contest!

  551. I have been lusting for one of those suits. Pick me!

  552. Love Lands’ End swimsuits!

  553. Two kids later and saggy as well.

  554. I would love a new Lands’ End swim suit. Hold in and lift up- gotta love it!

  555. I would love this swimsuit. After the baby I need all the help I can get:)

  556. I’d love to win this. Thanks for the contest!

  557. Oh I so need this!!! :o)

  558. Please pick me!

  559. Comment, comment, comment! I love Land’s End for my kids’ clothes!

  560. OMG I want this!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  561. I have my fingers crossed. Thanks for the contest.

  562. I need all the help I can get! Especially in the swimsuit department…

  563. Please oh please

  564. Thanks Mir!

  565. I haven’t shopped for a suit in 8 years. Just pull one off the rack, hope it fits, and wear shorts over it if it’s not quite right. I’d love to have a suit that makes my two-kid body feel good! Thanks, Mir, for giving us the chance at winning and shooting us in the right direction to look for a suit if we don’t!

  566. Lands End is the ONLY place I can buy a swim suit!

  567. I love Lands End’s stuff. I would love a new swimsuit, too. Mine are embarrassingly old.

  568. Best prize ever!!!!

  569. I agree – best prize ever! I totally need a new swimsuit – post baby, but not post wanting to look cute!

  570. I really need a new suit!

  571. Wow! I could really use one of these – let’s go swimming!

  572. I was going to buy a new suit..I need one that I feel good in when I am out in public. Thanks!

  573. Well, I’m still waiting for my back ordered suit from Land’s End, but if I win I could upgrade to the one you recommend. I could use all the support I can get, in every sense.

  574. OH PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!

  575. Hey! Pick me ๐Ÿ™‚

  576. That sounds great!

  577. We went to the beach last week and I had to keep my shorts on because.. lets just say my suit doesn’t fit anymore. I looked at Landsend and decided to save up for one of those. BUT since summer will come much sooner than I can save, how awesome would winning one be? Wicked awesome, thats how awesome! So, yeah, um, consider me entered ๐Ÿ˜‰

  578. Thanks so much for the chance!

  579. I could ALWAYS use something that has slenderize in it.

  580. ooooh I love the contest!

  581. That’s a heckuva prize, esp. since I keep going to Lands End and looking and not buying, but really need a new suit. Thanks, and you still look skinny to me!

  582. i’d love a new suit!!!

  583. This would be ROCK ON AWESOME MIR!!! Thanks Lands End for the opportunity! I hope I win!!

  584. Would love one!

  585. I used to have a Land’s End swimsuit that I wore for high school swimming class, and while the class itself was a torturous experience, I did like the suit. It would be great to have one in my grown up years!

  586. This would be great, sounds like an amazing swimsuit.

  587. I just love Land’s End. It would be great to have a swimsuit from them!

  588. How cool is this contest?!

  589. I would love a new swimsuit!

  590. My daughter would be so happy if I’d stop wearing my be-skirted grandma bathing suit. My husband would be even happier.

  591. Oh man! me me me!

  592. I NEED a swimsuit that holds me in!!!Please pick me!

  593. oh please, oh please, oh please.

    pick me.

  594. me please

  595. The odds are totally against me, but what the heck!

  596. what a fun drawing!
    someone is going to be very very happy!

  597. New swimsuit = good.

  598. i can finally show myself at the pool/beach
    hooooooope i geeeeetttt itttt!!!!

  599. I would love this. Thank you.

  600. me me me!

  601. I desperately need a pretty but comfortable swim suit that is looks good while allowing me to run with my kids on the beach and sit on the sand (in a not-so-flattering positions) while building sand castles with them!

  602. LOVE Land’s end swim suits!!! They last and stay put.

  603. And it comes in long torso!

  604. My son loves Lands End shirts! I’ve never tried their swimsuits. I would love this…

  605. would love this!

  606. I want it. Please??!!

  607. I and my children all need Lands’ End suits and my shopping bag currently totals $333. Ack!!! A $100 gift card would save me from a severe case of sticker shock!!!

  608. oh I’d love a new swimsuit.

  609. What a great contest! My daughter and I both need new suits so this would be awesome– thanks!!

  610. Fingers crossed!

  611. Good stuff! Thanks – Jessica

  612. Oh- I live at the beach and NEEEED this suit since, I too, have had 2 children….

  613. swimsuit!

  614. I love my Lands End swimsuits – and I could really use a new one in a smaller (yay!) size.

  615. I SO need a new suit.

  616. Would love a new and flattering (!) swimsuit!

  617. I could totally use a new swimsuit, I last bought one 4 years and 15 lbs ago.

  618. I could sooooo use a new swimsuit!!

  619. I am totally due for a new swimsuit. *crossing my fingers*

  620. I desperately need a new suit!

  621. I need a new suit too, so here’s hoping to be the ONE out of 622 so far!

  622. Pick me, please!

  623. I would love to finally win something on wantnot!

    Pick me!

  624. Random generator…please pick me!

  625. Definitely need one of these! Pick me!

  626. ME ME ME!!!

  627. Oooh, this would be lovely! Pick me please!

  628. What a great way to start the summer!!!!

  629. This might make me dread summer a bit less :). Please?

  630. Yeah, I could use some holding up unfortunately.

  631. I need one of those slendersuits since it looks like hubby won’t take no for an answer when it comes to the boat.

  632. Oh please, oh please, oh please pick me!!

  633. I LOVE Lands End Swimsuits and have about 10 of them…I could always use 1 more though…

  634. pick me!

  635. OOOOO, I don’t want to be self-conscious anymore!

  636. Three cheers for our Contest Queen!

  637. Holding up? Holding in? Sounds like just what I need.

  638. Does it push your butt up to your boobs? Probably not but I can dream. Thanks, Mir!

  639. A new swim suit sounds great. please pick me!

  640. I LOVE lands end! thanks

  641. Oh, Please save my summer swimsuit angst!

  642. Land’s End is my favorite. If anyone can provide me with a great suit, they can. So I hope they do. Thanks.

  643. Some holding-in badly needed. Thanks.

  644. Oh, I need a new suit so badly! My current Lands End suit is 4 years old. It has held up great, but I’ve lost 50 pounds since I bought it. Please, oh dear random number generator…please pick me???? :p

  645. Please pick me:)

  646. I could use a one-piece! thanks for the opportunity.

  647. Ooh.. I was eying their swimsuits… but don’t have the money. I am crossing my fingers!

  648. I’ve never had one from Land’s End and would like to try it out!

  649. I love Lands End, I love their swimsuits, esp the swim minis b/c they cover up the upper thighs & still look cute. I esp love free money that I can spend at Lands End!

  650. I would looooove a new swim suit! I like the swim shorts they have too!

  651. Swimsuits have got to be the thing most women absolutely HATE to spend money on! It’s like a double insult. Buy something you don’t really want to be seen in AND pay lots of money for a decent one. So who wouldn’t want a freebie?

  652. I think I am commenter like 654! But it’s worth a shot, right? Who doesn’t need help and a little love in the swimsuit department?

  653. My kids need a new pair of everything!! $100 would sure help ๐Ÿ™‚

  654. Whoa! 656? I probably don’t stand a chance, but throw my name in the hat. Thanks!

  655. I will take it , I so need a new swin suot as my friends make fun of the one I have now and call it my tutu ! But I am a 38 yr old mother of 4 who is now raising her grand baby so I need a little tutu cover going on !


  657. Yay for summer and the chance to wear swimsuits ๐Ÿ™‚

  658. Sure could use a new swim suit. Thanks

  659. sounds great to me!

  660. Sounds awesome. Need a swim suit for a cruise.

  661. Oh yes – can definitely use a new swimsuit!


  662. Cute stuff at Land’s End!

  663. What a great giveaway–I’d love to win!

  664. Yes, please! Count me in!

  665. I already ordered my suite from Lands’ End this year, but I can always use another!

  666. Me me me I want the gift card.

  667. oh, it would be fabulous to win this…

    thanks Mir!

  668. Over 600 entries means I don’t really stand much of a chance…but here’s hoping. I need a new swimsuit, badly.

  669. Maybe me, probably one of the last entrants ๐Ÿ™‚

  670. Me!

  671. Mmmmm, gift card. This would cover new winter coats for all of us, in the overstock section! Whee. So Mir-like, shopping for winter coats in May.

  672. Okay, I am in.


  673. My family insists on waterparks in the summer. What a great thing this would be for me!!

  674. I hate swimsuits! Maybe this could make me hate them less.




  677. I would LOVE a new suit…esp this one! I looked on every possible website to find a “control” suit last year and couldn’t find a one (that didn’t look like one)! Hope I win!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  678. Please pick me, random number generator!

  679. Their bathing suits are so cute!

  680. Please pick me, nice random number generator!

  681. I love Lands End. And after baby #3 this summer I will need a new suit for hanging out at the pool in August. Right?

  682. Wow, I think you’ve set a new record for # of comments!

  683. I think after the punishment of Michigans winter a perfect ending would be a new swimsuit. I love Lands End with all my heart! Last week I finally bought the Mary Jane trekkers and have been in love since (plus contemplating what other color I need ๐Ÿ™‚

  684. Oh, we love lands’ end here at our house! I’d love to win!

  685. Gosh this would be a nice one to finally win!

  686. Count me in!

  687. cool

  688. ooh this would be good for when I need to buy some flannel-lined jeans for the arctic tundra that I live in!

  689. Truthfully, I need this gift certificate. I have looked in all the local stores and tried on many suits, and still no luck. It is depressing

  690. I absolutely need this gift card. I haven’t bought a new swimsuit in 10 years!

  691. I could use this $ to spruce up my Spring/Summer wardrobe.

  692. I wanna win this!

  693. Me! Me! Random Generator, pick me! I’ll give you algorithms and bits and bytes and lovely coconuts!

    I know you’re skinny. I also know you’re picky. Heck, Monkey got it from somewhere.

  694. I sooooo need a new swimsuit. Or a tummy tuck. A new suit would be a lot faster, tho.

  695. I got two swimsuits from the Overstocks section a few weeks ago that I love, but that won’t stop me from a way to spend $100. I love Land’s End!!!

  696. Pick me please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  697. I bought a Land’s End swimsuit last year. It was the best money I ever spent on a swimsuit. It is comfortable and looks nice on my slightly heavier body frame. I recommend everyone get one from there! If I win, I will probably buy another one!

  698. I love Land’s End! I bought a swimsuit from them last year and have never had any swimsuit be so nicely fitting and of good quality. I would love to score some clothes from them too!

  699. I love lands end

  700. I don’t think I’ve entered this one yet ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I’m set.

  701. Come on baby, mommy needs a new swimsuit (and a pair of shoes wouldn’t hurt either)!

  702. Please…..

  703. wonderful!
    Pick ME~~~~~~

  704. This would be so amazing. Thanks Mir!

  705. please, random number generator…

  706. I love Lands’ End!

  707. Oh I love Lands’ End! I have some pink sandals coming to me from them! If I won, I might have to buy them in orange and green, too.

  708. Please! Please!! Please!!!

  709. SWEEEET!

  710. Love Land’s End. Even had a swimsuit from there before. I got it on clearance. One of my faves of all time.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  711. Ooooh! I really need a new swimsuit!

  712. I could use that swimsuit, especially after I have my first baby girl!

  713. Yes please!

  714. I’d like to win, yey!

  715. I’d love to win this. I would probably spend it on a suit too.

  716. Sweet

  717. I would love it!

  718. Pretty please!

  719. Ohhh!

  720. This would be great ๐Ÿ™‚

  721. I want!

  722. Fingers crossed. Please, please, please!

  723. Pick me! Pick me! I could really use some new clothes.

  724. I’ll take it.

  725. Me, please.

  726. Oooh, me please!

  727. This would be great…we could use a couple new girl’s sun dresses!

  728. I love Land’s End!!

  729. Count me in – sounds great! Thanks, Mir!

  730. Me! Me! Me! I just LOVE Land’s End

  731. ::raises hands:: Pick me, pick me!!

  732. A longshot, but I’ll try too!

  733. Hope that random number generator randomly goes to the bottom of the list ๐Ÿ™‚

  734. already have 2 LE swimsuits but I’ve discovered their fit 1 tees are fabulous! Thanks!

  735. Pick me, pick me! Wow, I think this is the most entries I’ve ever seen for a giveaway .

  736. me, me, pick me. Thanks Mir.

  737. I would love the dilemma of what to spend $100 on at Land’s End! Thanks.

  738. I <3 Lands End. Most of the clothes in my closet are Lands end. My husband is a poster boy for their Khaki!

    I would LOVE to win this. Thanks for a great giveaway

  739. Pretty Please, pick me!!!! Thanks!

  740. Yes, please! I love Lands End…

  741. Is today my lucky day?

  742. Heck, I’ll throw my name into the pot.

  743. That suit looks great! Maybe I’ll win it!

  744. Pick me! Pick me!

  745. me! me! me!

    (marcia, marcia, marcia)

  746. Does the random number generator go this high? Oh well, maybe I can be a part of the guinness world record for most comments on a post.

  747. Pick me!! Pick Me! I live in Japan and Land’s End is responsible for 99.999% of my wardrobe since my pink toe would be too big for Japanese womens clothing sizes! That gift card could help with my summer clothing purchases!!

  748. I would love a new swimsuit ๐Ÿ™‚

  749. Pretty Please

  750. Number 751!!!!

  751. Oooh pick me, pick me!

  752. Enter me, please. ๐Ÿ™‚

  753. lucky #755!

  754. I really need a new swimsuit!

  755. I love lands’s end swimsuits!

  756. my daughter in laws birthday is in a week and she loves land’s end. this would be great to give her thanks

  757. I’d love to win this!

  758. I love Land’s End!! Thank you for the chance to win ๐Ÿ™‚

  759. Aw, heck…can’t hurt to try again!

  760. I need a new suit….Hope I win.

  761. I want a new suit!!!!!! Thanks!

  762. If I am the very last entry do my chances go up?

  763. I can use a new swimsuit!

  764. Oh, what the heck, I’m in!

  765. The suits are good too, but I really love the Lands End tie dye t-shirts!

  766. okay, me please~

  767. I just tried one of these on at Sears last weekend (they carry Lands End) and I loved it…but it was just a little too much $. I am going to FL next month and desparately need a new suit. The last suit I bought was a maternity suit. My son is now 2.5!!!!

  768. Me!

  769. Pick me please. Love Lands End suits!

  770. I would be thrilled to win this one!

  771. I sooo need the perfect swimsuit. Thanks for the contest.

  772. I would love to buy a new swimsuit with the giftcard

  773. I would love a swimsuit from Land’s End! Thanks for the opportunity!

  774. What an awesome contest! Thanks Mir!

  775. i need a new swimsuit, my only swimsuit is maternity, and my son is almost 2!!! i think i may be entering just under the wire. fingers crossed!

  776. I love Land’s End!

  777. If I wear the swimsuit it would make other beach-goeers’ eyes bleed. With that said, yay for Phraklet’s school uniforms next year!

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