Every now and then you get a do-over

By Mir
May 4, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Sometimes there’s something awesome in the Amazon Friday Sale that I’m waffling about buying, and then I decide not to, and on Saturday I feel deep remorse. It’s true! And sometimes I just have to live with that, but then sometimes on Monday I discover they’re having a 48-hour Kitchen & Home Sale, which is sort of like an expanded Friday Sale but on just home stuff, and then I’m happy again!

As soon as I’m awake enough to open the other eye, I’m going to go figure out what I missed on Friday and can get today, instead. (But first: Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.)


  1. hey – i got the sewing machine that you highlighted on friday. THANKS!

  2. Phew… I bought a Hoover Steamvac from Amazon last week (through your link, and you’re welcome!) and thankfully it did not appear in this list for less than I paid for it. I bought the one that retails for $249 for a hair under $160, which I figure is a lot less expensive than replacing four rooms of off-white carpet.

    But what I really need now is a discount code for Home Decorators Outlet. (I have my eye on a pretty filing cabinet.) Can you make a coupon appear out of thin air? Pretty please?

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