Wet Ones wants to clean up your school

By Mir
May 7, 2009
Category Contests

Here’s a quickie little contest for today, because I think this is so awesome.

About a week ago, Wet Ones announced they would donate half a million packages of wipes to schools, to help combat the spread of the H1N1 virus. I think that by now we’re seeing that the virus isn’t nearly so scary as the media had originally led us to believe, but still—500,000 packages of free antibacterial wipes. Teachers everywhere are rejoicing!

I was contacted by a Wet Ones rep and given two excellent pieces of news: First, that I could have them donate 2 packages of antibacterial wipes to every classroom at my children’s school, and second, that they would do the same for one of my readers. Just because. Is that awesome? That is awesome.

Want your kids’ school to win? Please read the contest rules and regulations (I guess not a whole lot of that is relevant to this contest, except the parts about only entering once and having a valid email address), then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 5:00 p.m. Eastern time (that’s 2:00 p.m. Pacific) today, May 7th, 2009 to be entered. I’ll choose the winner via random number generator, so no need to tell me how great your school is or anything. I’m sure it’s fabulous.

In addition, you can go print out a $1 off Wet Ones coupon and buy your own.

I’m curious to see how many entries we can get in this short of a time period (under 7 hours). It’s not a shiny prize for you to take home, but need I remind you that it’s Nation Teacher Appreciation Week…?

Ready? Go!


  1. I think that offer is awesome! I’m constantly sending wipes to school for my daughter’s classroom!

  2. Our daycare is always looking for donations. This is great!

  3. This is really cool.


  4. Sure…our school loves free things!

  5. This would be great!

  6. School would definitely be all over this one.

  7. Oh – our daycare could use this I’m sure… pick me! 🙂

  8. I have a preschooler, so these wipes would be great at her school! I just bought some wet ones for the house, too!

  9. I would like to win

  10. My daughters school would love this!

  11. Could I use it for our church? (Kids aren’t in school yet, but I know our church goes thorugh those like crazy)

  12. Oh cool! What a treat this would be for any school!

  13. I don’t have a kid, but I am a teacher. Our school would love them!

  14. This would be neat!

  15. that is a cool promotion. they get used a ton at our school.

  16. That would be awesome – and wipes, boy they go so quickly that what the kiddos bring in never keeps up. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Brookland School will LOVE you!

  18. This contest wiping good!

  19. Really good idea!

  20. How awesome of Wet Ones!!! My son’s school sure would appreciate these!!

  21. Please?

  22. Small Catholic Elementary school= not much money. Pick me!

  23. This would be an awesome prize to win!

  24. This is awesome. I’m not a mom yet but my mother and sister are both teachers and they are constantly spending their own funds to buy wipes and cleaning supplies for their classroom. This would be an awesome boost!

  25. This is great! Thanks for the contest!

  26. Sure, we’ll take ’em.

  27. Can I use them for *my* school (I’m a teacher)? If not, I’ll certainly donate them to my daughter’s school.

  28. How awesome would that be!!

  29. I’m not a mom yet either, but a very good friend is and I’d love to give this to her school!

  30. Oh, wow! These would be great! Our school is always wiping things down for the allergic kids.

  31. My school pick is an inner city school in a very urban area. They could really use this to help their 500 kids. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  32. Hooray for Wet Ones!

  33. Wheeeeee! Germ Free!

  34. Ok, cool. I have kids. They go to school. We have germs. Great idea! I promise I won’t use this for my kid that goes to Penn State, they have 20,000 kids on campus and I don’t know how many classrooms!

  35. Yes, this is truly the most awesomest (yes, it’s a word) giveaway, ever. Thank you Mir, for the chance. Wet Ones, you are AWESOME!

  36. please, anything that helps the kids stay healthy would be appreciated!

  37. yes please!

  38. Clean hands everywhere!!! Thanks!!!

  39. I love clean.

  40. very cool of Wet Ones. the little one’s daycare would love this.

  41. Awesome giveaway!

  42. I would love my daughter’s school to win these!

  43. I’m working on making mini loaves of banana bread & wrapping picture frames for teacher appreciation gifts. Thanks for the link to the coupon & the great contest!

  44. Middle schoolers are so messy! Thanks!

  45. yay!

  46. Teachers will love you! Thanks.

  47. Count me in!

  48. Having just come home from the doctor with a diagnosis of pneumonia for my little guy, this is one of the best contests I could ask for! Well, unless it involved shoes…

  49. up to 49 already!

  50. Oh that would be wonderful. I know their supplies are running low this late in the year!!!

  51. Pick me, pick me. Budget cuts abound and I don’t want to buy wipes for school again.

  52. Sounds excellent, especially since there is a suspected case of H1N1 at my son’s school (wait a minute – why are you backing away from me?)

    Can I just clothe my kid in Wet Ones and send him to school that way?

  53. awesome contest!

  54. oooh daycare will LOVE this! Pick meeee 🙂

  55. I would LOVE to send a mountain of wipes to my daughter’s elementary school!

  56. My kids are too young for school, but I know my husband’s poor tiny private school would love these!

  57. my daughter’s school will love it.

  58. Wow! This would be so great!

  59. Oh sure, why not look like a hero for free? 🙂

  60. I’m down

  61. You’re playing to my germophobe tendencies.

  62. I don’t have a child but there are some very germy schools here that could use some help. 🙂

  63. My daughter’s school is often asking parents to bring these!

  64. perfect!

  65. Very good giveaway since the whole country is getting serious about being clean and being aware of being clean.

  66. My son’s school would love this! We live in the hot bed of N1H1 and people are still scared here. You know those pictures of a high school in USA today last week? The ones that were half a page tall? That was 1/2 mile from my house.

  67. This would be awesome for my kids’ daycare!

  68. My girls’ school is very big on what the kids lovingly call “germ busting.” The kids are all required to wash their hands as soon as they arrive to help combat the spread of germs. They are sick much less since we switched schools so it definitely works!

  69. I think this is a great prize! Thanks Mir.

  70. My son has the best teacher… would love to give him this as a gesture of thanks!

  71. Wet Ones!!! We couldn’t live without them…I’m sure my kids school would like them as well.

  72. Great prize! My sons will be going to a new school this year, this will really help.

  73. This would be great for our school. My daughter has come home with more statistics about Swine flu than anything else I can remember this year. They would love to get this.

  74. Another welcomed gift for our teachers! Thanks for the contest!

  75. Considering my daughter’s lacrosse team has a kid with the possible N1H1 at the hospital – I would love to get these out in my kids school!

  76. me please!

  77. I’d love to send these to my daughter’s daycare! What a great little contest.

    Thanks, Mir.

  78. Awesome prize! Thank you.

  79. What a great contest! Thanks.

  80. Hi Mir!

  81. Please give them to me.

  82. I would love to send these to my kid’s school!

  83. Would be a wonderful way to help.

  84. Our school please, we are mostly military families ans need to keep our kids healthy so their moms and dads can protect and serve our country!

  85. Awesome! Thank you so much!

  86. This is great!

  87. Great offer! Thanks Wet Ones and Mir.

  88. What a great thing! I’m sure my daughter’s school would love it.

  89. Wipes like these at our pre-school? Sounds great to me!

  90. This is especially awesome since I work at my kids’ school. It benefits us all!

    Boogers are gross!

  91. What an awesome thing for Wet Ones to do!!

  92. Yes!!

  93. Please count me in!

  94. I’m in! We have the largest elementary school in Brooklyn — 1300 students!!! — so Wet Ones better be ready to roll out the wipes big time!

  95. Our school cold use this

  96. sweet! I love germ annihilation!

  97. we’d love these!

  98. Grimy kid hands! Our school would love these

  99. we love free

  100. I’m sure all the students in Little Ferry (960 or so prek-8) and the 19 in my son’s kindergarten class would appreciate a donation of wet wipes! thanks Mir.

  101. My daughter’s classroom is always in need of donations. This would be great!!!

  102. Aaaaahhhhhcccchoooooooo! Oh, sorry, that was just my Zyrtec-ignoring allergies! 🙂 Thanks for the contest Mir and Wet Ones!

  103. My daughter would be so excited to give this to her Kindergarten class.

  104. This would be awesome –

  105. Yes, please! What a great contest!

  106. What a a great contest!

  107. It’s a shiny enough prize for me – especially as it would be for the kids school. Thanks, Mir and Wet Ones!

  108. My school would love them!

  109. Oh yes, my son’s school would LOVE those wipes!

  110. Not very glamorous but good for the school.

  111. This would be great! My first-grader’s teacher has the kids cleaning their desk TWICE a day. She just put out a “we need more wipes” beg.

  112. I just bought a bunch of these for my classroom, but there’s always room for more!

  113. Fantastic! Thanks!

  114. Thanks for the opp!

  115. down with germs!

  116. Would love this for our school!

  117. Here’s to cleanliness/healthiness!

  118. Thank you wet ones for supporting our schools!!!

  119. Can never have too many wet ones!!

  120. ooo…I’m a teacher and our kids need those wipes! Pick me oh random generator!

  121. Bye Bye Germies!

  122. Great contest!

  123. My husband is a teacher and I would love to win these for him. Thanks!

  124. Great give away!

  125. I AM a teacher. I could definitely use these.

  126. This sounds great!

  127. Sign me up!

  128. I would love to win this for my girls’ school! 🙂

  129. But my school IS fabulous!

  130. I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about pulling my son out of the local school so he can go to Awesome Public Gifted School next year, so perhaps a bunch of wipes would ease my conscience.

  131. Awesome!

  132. This would be so great for our school!

  133. This is awesome to do for one lucky school!

  134. Wow, what a great prize. I love that it’s so helpful to everyone, it’s like there’s not just one winner…even though technically I guess there is only one winner. 😉

  135. great contest!

  136. I love free stuff.

  137. Add my name to the hat.

  138. I used to be a teacher and know how important having these on hand is!!! My daughter’s school would be thrilled to be chosen!

  139. I would love to get this for my son’s classroom.

  140. Would be totally cool if our elementary school won these! What a great idea!!!!

  141. first graders sure do get dirty… and often miss the nuances of hand-washing. this would be awesome!

  142. Sign me up!

  143. My kid is in preschool, but goodness knows they’d love to have this too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. Free stuff for schools! Hooray!

  145. Heck, the one dollar off coupon was good for me, but the contest made it even better!

  146. My school would love this!

  147. I think this is a wonderful idea as schools are always needing this to help combat various germs.

  148. This would be a nice way to suck up to my son’s new teacher! heh… Awesome contest!

  149. I don’t want the HIN1 virus to be shared with my daughter, I would love to see those wipes donated to her school.

  150. My daughters’ school would be so appreciative! Thanks for the chance to win.

  151. Thanks!

  152. That is wonderful!!

  153. Our school rules!

  154. My son’s daycare would love these!

  155. Just got an email request from my son’s teacher for this very item. Sure would be great to say, “here take a BUNCH!!”

  156. Can ALWAYS use these!!

  157. We definitely need these. Lots of germy, stinky, sticky, happy hands at our school!

  158. Who couldn’t use more wipes?!?

  159. Let’s kill some germs!!

  160. SuhWEET! 🙂

  161. cool, my school could use any giveaways!! thanks Mir.

  162. Very cool – my kid’s school would be ecstatic!!

  163. Awesome!

  164. OOOH! They would love this!

  165. Sydney’s school has been asking for donations of wipes, regularly. They are a poor charter school…please, oh, please, oh random number generator…take pity on them. 🙂

  166. I got a note home yesterday that a student in my kids’ school was confirmed as having the H1N1 virus last week. 🙁 So they could definitely use this prize!

  167. I do not actually have children, but I do have a ‘favorite school’ in my area that gets all of my donations and I would love to win this for them!

  168. The teachers here would rejoice!!! Thanks for this offer.

  169. Love this one! I am sure all the teachers at my child’s school will too! 🙂

  170. Our school loves free stuff.

  171. This would be great!

  172. Our school loves to get freebies

  173. If I win this time I hope it doesn’t mean I won’t win something else just for me. OK, I will be a martyr. Pick Me!

  174. Great idea! THanks – Jessica

  175. Just one little one but I’m related to tons of teachers!

  176. woohooooo!

  177. WOW! What an awesome opportunity!!! This would be great! 🙂

  178. Great offer! Our school would really like this.


  179. I think I would be the best parent ever to win this for my kids’ school!

  180. Wonderful!

  181. Awesome!

  182. wow, to get rid of the funk……

  183. Great idea!

  184. bye bye germy daycare rooms!

  185. Thanks Mir!

  186. 2 Lexi’s in a row? Wow, maybe this is good luck!!

  187. awesome!

  188. My daughter’s school could really use these! Our county had the first few confirmed cases and it’s still spreading here. Most of the schools in the area were shut down for almost 2 weeks, but her school stayed opened through it all. I know they are going through tons of wipes!

  189. How nice of them!

  190. Would love to see these go to my son’s school. Germs and worms… don’t want to get my hands on either!

  191. My youngest is in kindergarten and I am sure the teacher would really appreciate this prize. Kindergartners are not big on cleanliness!

  192. My kiddos’ teachers sure would appreciate this! Thanks! 🙂

  193. This would be awesome for my child’s school!

  194. My twins kindergarten teachers are always asking for wet ones for the classrooms!

  195. Yes, please!

  196. Cool idea!

  197. I would love to win this for my son’s school!

  198. Neat contest! Thanks!

  199. this is a great giveaway!!!

  200. What school can’t use something useful for FREE?!?

  201. Lots of germs at our school!

  202. Raises (clean, bacteria-free) hand to shout, “Pick me, please!”

  203. Can I enter for my long-ago elementary school? (Not having any munchkins of my own)

  204. Awesome!

    Thank you!

  205. Ooh, thanks, my first-grader’s school would totally appreciate this.

  206. Schools can be germy places! We’d love some!

  207. Thank you!

  208. Thanks! What a great idea. I hope we win!

  209. DD’s preschool could soo use these!

  210. Great! Thanks! 🙂

  211. My kids’ preschool would love these!

  212. Great prize!

  213. WOW! that is just amazing. My DD’s school would be in heaven.

  214. The teachers would be thrilled! thanks

  215. Sliding in under the wire 🙂

  216. The preschool can always use wipes! Thank you!

  217. Anytime I can give them something that isn’t MY MONEY, I’m all for it.

  218. Please, my school is germy!

  219. Sneaking in under the wire!

  220. I’m a teacher at a preschool, and we go through wet wipes SO fast! I’d love to win this one.

  221. my son’s preschool would love this!

  222. Our daycare could surely use them. Pick me pick me.

  223. I confess, I am never without a pack of Wet Ones…it’s the one thing I refuse to give up even though I no longer carry a diaper bag. They’re just so darn handy!

  224. I would love to be able to help give this gift to my son’s school.


  225. Who DOESN’T love Wet Ones? hmmmm?

  226. i love this product.everyone needs them now with the flu scare.

  227. Our school would love them!! Thanks

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