All aboard for cheap Thomas trains

By Mir
May 12, 2009

Lord, how I miss the days when an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine and a little wooden train car to clutch in each chubby fist was all it took to make my son happy. If you have a small boy, I demand that you go smooch his cheeks right this instant.

Okay, now that you’re back, you might be interested to know that Amazon has a whole mess of Thomas DVDs marked way down right now, and there’s a bunch of them that also come with a train or two!

Races, Rescues, and Runaways and James Learns a Lesson are both just $6.49 and each come with two trains. There are plenty of others at $6.49 with a single train, and then a slew of choices at $7.99 with two trains, as well.

I’m thinking gift closet, people. Time to stock up, unless you have the misfortune of having a kid old enough that he requires an encyclopedia and a robot to keep him that enthralled.


  1. Squee!

    You just made my son’s friends with upcoming birthdays very happy Mir!

    Now to keep my boy from spotting them first…

  2. My two kids now will be getting an engine as a stocking stuffer. I just have to decided which one will be getting the DVD…

  3. great deal, will go kiss my boy’s cheeks once i do the preschool run.

  4. Can’t tell–are they the wood ones or the plastic ones? Big difference… 🙂

  5. They are wooden ones. We got some (through a different site, but also on sale 😉 around Easter, the boys got them in their baskets. They haven’t watched the DVDs yet, but love the trains.

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