I remember when times were simpler

By Mir
May 13, 2009

Back when I was a kid—you know, when dinosaurs roamed the earth—the cool kids who played tennis wore Tretorns. And the choices were… well, there was just one kind of Tretorns. Your choice was what color swoopy thing you wanted on the side, pretty much.

Now Tretorns come in a billion styles and they’re sneakers and skimmers and boots and all kinds of things! And today they’re all just $14.95 apiece at 6pm.com, though I can’t link you directly to them because I’m having some sort of linking malfunction. But go there and search on Tretorn and reap the savings. (Edited to add: Note that the splash page says they’re $19.95 apiece, but when you click through, they’re actually lower. For now, anyway. Possibly a price mistake. Shop quickly.)

You don’t even have to play tennis.


  1. I think Tretorns were AFTER my time. I must have been hanging with the trilobites and single-celled organisms.

  2. I <3 Tretorns! I had several different pairs with different color swoops to match my outfits! Too cool.

  3. tretorns were THE shoe for the cheerleaders as I recall . . . (of which I was only for one year so don’t label me! lol) although my memory tends to get foggy back in the messezoic era

  4. I never heard of them. I’m not sure if it was before or after my time. I remember the PF Flyers. Run faster and Jump Higher!

  5. I loved-loved-loved the white leather with the white swoop.

  6. Oh man! This takes me back to my Catholic School days, where the only thing you could wear that wasn’t part of your uniform was a cool pair of shoes. All the rich girls had tretorns. I may have to order a pair just to feel like part of the cool group for once!

  7. I loved my Tretorns. I had the yellow swoop, btw.

  8. I loved tretorns! I am definitely going to have to order a pair…or 2! Thanks.

  9. oh i had white leather w/ a plaid swoop, LOVED THEM!

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