I find myself feeling oddly bereft

By Mir
May 15, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

So I sat down this morning and clicked through to the Amazon Friday Sale only to discover that… it isn’t there. I mean, it says The Friday Sale, and there’s a link to the current 50 MP3 albums for just $5 each, but other than that…? And now I don’t know what to do.

Way to harsh out my Friday, Amazon!

I guess I’ll just click through the Outlet deals…. Huh. Oddly unfulfilling. Hmph.

Maybe I’ll just shop the Overstock weekend deals (take that, Amazon)—this weekend they’re offering 10% off sheets, 10% off Lawn & Garden tools, and 10% off duvets and covers. Plus shipping is just $1, all weekend long.

It’s time for the Memorial Day Clearance Sale at Scholastic! Save up to 75%, plus use coupon code SSMDS09 for free shipping on $39+.

And now I have to go wander around aimlessly, pining for the Friday Sale.


  1. Whaaaaaaaat? How could they??? =(

  2. First an elimination diet now a forced Amazon sale diet?!?

    Poor Mir!

  3. There still woot’n off over there Mir. You could always spend the morning refreshing refreshing refreshing. (where’s my bag-o-crap dangit?)

  4. Okay Mir your disappointed, my little will be excited. She will be 5 next month and your Children’s Place information just encouraged me to spend $82 on new clothes for her. Of course that was after shipping & taxes & 15%. Shoes for $5.99 who would have thought??? Better than the consignment shop. Go Mir…

  5. It’s like it’s not even Friday.

  6. What Swistle said!

  7. It’s up now!

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