Get your groove on with Donald and Mickey

By Mir
May 18, 2009
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Remember when Dance Dance Revolution was, like, the newest and hottest thing, and they only had it in arcades and clubs? And then there were various home versions, too, but still really nothing meant for kids?

This sounds like a situation ripe for Disneyfication! And indeed, last month brought us the debut of Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves for the Wii. Surprisingly, the reviews are really good, and suggest that even adults will enjoy dancing to various Disney faves. If you had seen the rapt attention with which my kids clustered around the box when it arrived, you’d wonder if actually playing it might give a person hours of sibling harmony and entertainment.

Do you have a Wii? Do you like to dance with Donald and Mickey? Do your kids need a way to burn off excess energy? Let me help you out! One lucky Want Not reader is going to receive this very large box, here, that contains the game and two dance mats.

Want to win it? First go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 to be entered. The winner will be determined by random number generation and ability to impersonate Scrooge McDuck. Okay, well, maybe not that last one, technically.

Ready? Go!


  1. These would be great!!!

  2. Fun! By the by, my Scrooge McDuck is fierce! 🙂

  3. Pick me please

  4. Can I be the winner

  5. My girls would flip for this!

  6. Yes please!

  7. Sounds great!

  8. Scrooge McDuck? You could’ve picked a mainstream character, but I applaud the depth of your Disney knowledge.

  9. Whoa – my 5 year old would freak out over this! She’s been earning stars for her chart to get a Wii and she’s just a couple of stars away!

  10. I’m in for hours of sibling harmony and entertainment.

  11. pick me! summer is coming and it gets too hot for outside, but we need to play!

  12. Pretty please, pretty Mir? 🙂

  13. I was going to get this!

  14. I love all things Disney!

  15. Dancing w/Donald… how divine. I NEED this

  16. Pick me please!!!

  17. I have a daughter with a birthday coming up and this would be perfect.

  18. the answers would be yes, yes, and YES!! Thanks!!!

  19. This sounds awesome!

  20. This sounds like fun!!

  21. My kids would love this!!!

  22. Count me in.

  23. Wii rules!

  24. Ooh! Please please please? Just ordered my Wii this morning!

  25. Pick me, pretty please!

  26. Oh. My. Duck. My daughter would flip her lid if we won this. Awesome contest.

  27. YES- I want to be the BEST Nana in town !!!!

  28. This would be awesome!

  29. Oh please!!! This game looks super!!

  30. I bet my kids (and who am I kidding me too!) would love this!

  31. Both my kids really really want this. It would be awesome to win it!

  32. Looks like fun, for adults or kids. please pick me!

  33. Sounds like fun to me!!

  34. Oh, too windy to play outside here lately, and cold predicted too, we’d love more Wii time!

  35. My kids (and probably my husband and I too!) would love this!

  36. My kids would love you forever!!!! Thanks Mir!

  37. Sounds like a bunch of fun!

  38. Disney fanatics here! I WANT IT! 🙂

  39. Sounds like fun!

  40. I would be the coolest Mimi ever if I won this!

  41. Thanks Mir, sounds neat!

  42. Sibling harmony? I’m in!

  43. Pick me, pretty ,pretty please!!!

  44. Count us in please. 🙂

  45. ya know, this was down to like 50something at amamzon and then went right back up

    i kicked myself

    would love to enter…. my kids el oh vee ee wii cheer so would enjoy this too… i think

  46. Sounds like fun.

  47. what fun!! thanks, mir!

  48. pick me!

  49. FUN!!!

  50. please, me!! I love DDR… ahem, my kids love DDR!

  51. Yes, my kids would love this.

  52. How fun!

  53. This would be fun AND exercise!

  54. This has my 4 year old twins name ALL over it.

  55. I *do* have a Wii, and my kids would love to bust a move with Donald and Mickey!

  56. Wow, we would love this! I might even let my kids play!

  57. Tossing ye olde hat in again 🙂

  58. OH!!! MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME! PLEEEEEASE!!! We would love this and play it EVERY day!!
    Thanks Mir!

  59. C’mon. I’m your faithful tech guy. Pick me, PLEASE?

  60. Awesome! DDR is an awesome fitness plan!

  61. Ooh, sign me up. I can pretty much guarantee my husband would not trade in guitar hero for this, but the kids and I would totally have a blast

  62. My kids love DISNEY. Please pick me!

  63. What a great thing, just in time for summer.

  64. This would ROCK! On so many levels! Thanks for the chance!

  65. My daughter would say that I am “the best mom of everest” if I won this. 😉

  66. This sounds great – my girls would love it! They would love it even more cuz it would mean that mom would actually let them turn the TV on in the summer 🙂

  67. would love it!!!!

  68. Sounds like fun.

  69. Oh I really really would love this – the toddler is ADDICTED to Mickey Mouse clubhouse and she loves to dance, what a great combo for this!

  70. WAY KEWL!!! Thanks for the fun contest!

  71. This sounds wonderful~

  72. My grandkids would love this and this would be good exercise during the summer.

  73. Zip a dee doo dah, Zip a dee yay…
    Want Not has such great stuff to give away!
    Mickey and Donald won’t you come over and play?
    Winning this game would just make my day!

    (The kids and I would love it… thanks!)

  74. I am so working on my Scrooge McDuck, right here at my desk, right now.

  75. Super deluxe…. this looks cool. The Wii is in hiding until the birthday a few weeks away.

  76. DDR is totally addictive – I’ve played the Disney version and would love to get my daughter into it, too! PLEASE, MIR!?

  77. How perfect for the summer!

  78. Great giveaway…the little ones, oh, okay and I, would love this!

  79. Ooh…my dance-loving kindergartener would love this one!

  80. I would love to surprise my kids with this!!

  81. Sounds like fun for the whole family!

  82. Are we ever too old for Mickey? Fun contest!

  83. Not sure who would love it more – me or my son!

  84. seriously in need of energy burning activities…if I could bottle it up and sell it (I promise I would make sure it was a good deal!)…

  85. Oh yea, my daughters would love this.

  86. This sounds really cool! And it’s MY turn to win!!

  87. Oh, PLEASE pick me. I need to see my husband try to do this. (And also, exercise for me and the kids- but mostly, for Husband Hilarity.)

  88. My girls would love this!

  89. Oohhh – I may not have a Wii (i know i know) but I know lots of people who do and my girlie would love this game!!

  90. We love to dance 🙂

  91. Looks like fun!

  92. I’ve wanted this since I heard about it. And now the Random Number Googler Thingamajiggy is going to pick me, because my oldest son’s last day of school was last Friday and if the Random Number Googler Thingamjiggy wants us to all still be friends when school starts up again on August 19th, it will do the right thing. 😉

  93. My kids would love this!!

  94. This sounds fun!!!

  95. I have been trying to find something that the whole family will enjoy on rainy days. Pick me pick me!

  96. Awesome!!

  97. ooo…random number generator pick me please!

  98. No cash for a Disney trip in the forseeable future, this would calm my family’s Disney hunger!

  99. my kids definitely need to burn off some energy !

  100. How much fun would THAT be?!? Please be good to me, Random Number Generator!

  101. OH, I could use this–my daughter practically bounces off the walls.

  102. Quack. Quack. QUACK! I want one! And you’re pretty. 🙂

  103. Disney is my all time favorite, nothing new or old can beat Mickey and my personal favorite Pluto!!!

  104. Sounds like fun!!! For me and my children!!

  105. can my husband and I play or do we have to give it to the kids? 🙂

  106. How fun!

  107. OMG. I want this for my daughter and I have been waiting to find it for less than about $70. Free would be awesome!

  108. I can do Daffy, but not Scrooge McDuck-I’d like to win anyway!

  109. I can’t dance worth a lick, so my kid would LOVE to laugh at me attempting to. Crossing my fingers.

  110. Fingers toes and duck feet crossed for good luck.

  111. I have a toddler with a serious amount of energy to burn, so I’m in

  112. pick me

  113. Mir… seriously. I have never wanted to win something SO BADLY! Hook me up, girl!

  114. my son would absolutely love this. he is such a mickey fanatic!

  115. I’m an adult but pretty sure I would love it!

  116. We would so love this! Pick 117!!!

  117. Pick me! My kids would love it.

  118. I am shivery all over at the very possibility of “hours of sibling harmony and entertainment.”

  119. This sounds like a great way to get through some of the 101 degree afternoons that are already here!

  120. This sounds like a lot of fun for the whole family!

  121. You have no idea how perfect this would be for our household!!! Seriously. I really, really need to win this contest.

  122. zip-a-dee-doo-dah!

  123. Oh yeah!!

  124. ZOMG! I totally need this!

  125. This would make my daughter flip her lid!

  126. pick me for the wii!

  127. please oh please oh please!!!

  128. Would looove to get picked 😉

  129. me me please

  130. Well, following the advice from your earlier post, we finally purchased a Wii system…..guess it would be good to have a game to play on it!

  131. Too cool…we love Disney here and wii!!!

  132. maybe 132 is my lucky number, ’cause it sure isnt my weight!

  133. I can see the whole family loving this one! Thanks for the chance to win!

  134. What a way to enjoy the summer!

  135. i’d settle for minutes of sibling harmony. count me in!

  136. We would love this. Thanks.

  137. We would love this. Thanks so much.

  138. Sounds like great summer fun!

  139. With all this Georgia rain I’m due for a new Wii game!

  140. Sounds fun!

  141. My girls and I would love this!

  142. My kids would love it!

  143. We could use this on those hot summer days that are coming!!!

  144. My little dancer would love this!

  145. Sounds fun!

  146. My daughter would love this, and she has a birthday (as well as the birth of a new sibling) coming up!

  147. pick me, please!

  148. My niece would love this!

  149. Please please please!!! 🙂

  150. something to keep the kiddos busy, gotta love it!

  151. My daughter and nephew would get a huge kick out of that!

  152. That is so cool! My fam and I would love it!

  153. Oh random number generator . . . please pick me!!

  154. We need to get our groove on!

  155. This sounds great! …as long as no one is there with a video camera… Video of me and my hubby playing the dancing game in Raving Rabbids TV party has made it onto my hubbys’ FB page. Scareeee!

  156. My fam would love that!!! THANKS!!! 🙂

  157. TWO Dance Mats?? Wow, count me in! Thank you lovely Mir!

  158. THAT is awesome. My kids would love it. Thanks, Mir!

  159. yeah! cool!

  160. Oh please please!!

  161. I really hope I win this one! THanks for the chance

  162. Oh dear. That looks like entirely too much fun!

  163. Entering!

  164. I like winning… yea pick me!

  165. I actually do an excellent imitation of Donald Duck sneezing.

  166. We really could use this to get out of couch potato land. Thanks!

  167. Pick me!

  168. How perfect can this be? COUNT me in!
    Thank you
    Thank you!!

  169. I hope I win this one.

  170. That would be cool!

  171. Perfect!! Thanks for another great contest!

  172. Oh our house would go wild for this! Please count us in!

  173. Come on, number 174! 🙂

  174. Pick me!!!!!

  175. kids would love this!

  176. sounds so fun cant wait to try it out.

  177. Please enter me!

  178. My lil ones would LURV this!

  179. This would be awesome and both my son and me would love it 🙂

  180. i know eventually you’ll pick me!

  181. I seriously have no problem dancing with Donald Duck!!

  182. 🙂

  183. Oh, us! Please and thank you!

  184. Me, me, me.

  185. We would love this game in our household! I’ve been eyeing it for quite a while and my 5 yr old just can’t get the hang of the regular DDR. Thanks for the chance!

  186. My daughter has been begging for this game, thanks so much for giving us a chance Mir!

  187. We like the Wii!

  188. We wii all the time at our house!!! This would be so awesome to have!!!

  189. Oh, for FUN!!

  190. Big fun-my daughter and her friends would love this!

  191. I would love to have this! It would be so fun!

  192. Oh goodness! Please pick me!

  193. sounds like so much fun! Thanks!

  194. Grandkids would love this!

  195. Would love this with my daughter!

  196. Just bought a Wii today! This would be perfect.

  197. This would be perfect for my kiddos! Thanks for another great contest Mir!

  198. This has my name all over it!

  199. I’m feeling the groove.

  200. I had Disco Micky (or something like that) on vinyl..

  201. My grandkids would love to do this with me! What fun!

  202. Oh man, my kids (and I) would LOVE this!!!!!!

  203. Sounds like so much fun!

  204. Nobody puts mommy in a corner….let’s dance!

  205. Sounds like fun. Count me in

  206. My husband can do the imitation if that helps….

  207. My 6 year old twins would LOVE this……

  208. Oh, Great Random Number Generator, Please Pick My Number!!!

    (and Mir, did I mention that you are SOOO pretty today?!?!)

  209. Quack Quack that about does it for me and inpressions

  210. The kiddos have been clamoring for this game.

  211. We just got a Wii this week! Would love this!

  212. This would be great for the family!

  213. Me, Me! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  214. sounds fun a dance party for the wii.

  215. I could actually have tired kids for once. PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. My girls would totally love this…and I bet I would too!!!

  217. My kids would LOVE this!

  218. Fun stuff! Thanks – Jessica

  219. As long as no one can see me dancing!

  220. please!

  221. HOW FUN!!

  222. Please pick me! My kiddo would love you forever…

  223. Oh my gosh I want to win this so much!

  224. cool, thanks

  225. yes, please!

  226. i hate myself for even entering this contest because if another disney item enters our house, i might have to bury myself in the backyard, BUT. . . oh, well, all 5 of mine would love me forever (or at least all week) if i presented them with this!

  227. My turn, LOL! Thanks!

  228. This sounds awesome! Thanks, Mir

  229. Super giveaway. Thanks.

  230. meeeeeeee!!! please please please! I know a 5 year old (and his parents) who would love this.

  231. Ooh, fun!

  232. very cool!. Thhanks Mir.


  234. ohhhh pick me pick me!

  235. Enter me, it sounds like a perfect game for my family and I’d love to win too!

  236. Pick me! 🙂

  237. Sounds like fun!

  238. Oh yeah, baby! We love to dance like goofs around here! (Pun intended.)

    Thanks, Mir.

  239. Sounds fun!

  240. This sounds like so much fun! We used to listen to disco Mickey Mouse on 8 track……this could bring back such memories!

  241. Wii and Disney? Sounds like my four-year old will be in heaven!

  242. Fun!! I want in! C’mon #243!

  243. My son’s birthday is Thursday, he’d love this!

  244. we’ve been waiting for this! c’mon, 245… 🙂

  245. Sounds like an awesome game!

  246. OH YA! Lucky number 247!!! Woohoo!

  247. My kid would luuuurve it, and I might not completely hate it either. 😉

  248. My kids would love it!!

  249. My daughter will not stop singing “It’s a Small World” – this would be a great way to break that. 🙂

  250. Even with a Tween in the house, we still love All Things Disney 🙂 Can we play too?

  251. Me! Me! Me! I have a pre-schooler that’s bursting at every seam with energy and who ALSO has a major Disney fixation at the moment. She would die!

  252. pick me!

  253. I do a pretty fair Scrooge McDuck. Really. So I deserve the prize. Really.


    Thanks for the contest!

  254. Add my name to the list, please.

  255. This would be perfect for rainy summer afternoons. Thank you for all the great contests!

  256. How could anyone NOT enter this contest? Who doesn’t like dancing with Mickey and Donald? Satan! That’s who! 😉

  257. My kids would love this!

  258. Yay!

  259. Very cool, Mir!

  260. OMG my kids would loooveeee this!

  261. This sounds fun! thanks

  262. Thanks, Mir!

  263. We’d love it!

  264. Pick me!

  265. =) sounds like too much fun – but I think we could handle it.

  266. Just let me grab my dancin’ shoes!


  267. Winner

  268. we just got back from disney! my son would love this!!

  269. Thanks Mir!

  270. school’s out in 2 days!!!!

  271. My 6 and 2 yr old girls would have a blast with these! Thanks!

  272. Sounds awesome. Grandma would love it.

  273. Fun!!!!

  274. OOOOHHH we love Mickey!

  275. Random Number Generator, please pick me!

  276. my niece and nephew would love this!

  277. What awesome fun! My kids will flip for this one!

  278. Oh, my boys would have a great time with this! Thanks for the contest!

  279. My 6 and 8 year old would LOVE this!!!

  280. WE would love this!!

  281. We need a reason to get off our rumps and MOOOOVE, pick us!! Cool contest.

  282. We like to move it, moove it! That’s not from a Disney movie, but we do love Disney, Wii, pretty Mir and awesome random number generator thingy!

  283. You have NO idea how much easier my life would be if we had this. Packing to move with a bored 3-year old around? SO (not) FUN! She needs to get her groove on.

  284. How much fun is that. Thanks, Mir!

  285. Come on random number generator! Thanks for the contest.

  286. would love to win this one.

  287. i can just see my kids dancing. pick me!!

  288. Woo hoo! Sounds like fun!

  289. Dance all night!

  290. Wii could really bust a move (and possibly an ankle, but hey! Still awesome!) with this one.

  291. feel free to pick me!!!

  292. oooh– i love disney & i triple love my wii!

  293. this would be fun 🙂

  294. M-I-C…See you real soon! K-E-Y…Why? Because we like you. M-O-U-S-E! Also, I’d like to dance.

  295. Because I’m already kicking butt on Star Wars: The Clone Wars – I need a new Wii fix. Please pick me!!!

  296. My kids would LOVE this!

  297. My son would love this!!!

  298. Yes Please!!!

  299. Looks fun! Thanks for the contest!

  300. We would be so happy to add this to our Wii

  301. I’ve gotta a wii & a 5 yr old with WAY too much energy!
    I’d love it!
    Please (to be polite you know….)

  302. maybe i could learn some new moves?

  303. This would make me the Best. Mom. Evah!

  304. Oh pretty please, pretty Mir! This will help expend some of my 5 yo’s endless energy!!

  305. ANYTHING to entertain my kids, as long as it doesn’t have ‘it’s a small world after all!’


  306. My 3 1/2 yr old neeeeeds this & his mommy too.

  307. My two littles would get a kick out of this…they’ve been bouncing around the living room for a half an hour now and it would be nice to “harness” that energy (or bottle it for myself)…

  308. This sounds fun. My kids would love it.

  309. ohhh My Goodness !!! wow weeee my twins would absolutley positively incredibly love this!!

  310. i would LOVE to win this!!!

  311. Oh my…we would love this!!!!

  312. Oooh! Sounds like lots of fun!

  313. please count me in!

  314. YES!

  315. This sounds great hope I win………..

  316. Wii would love to win! 😉

  317. oh, my girl would LOVE this!

  318. Please Please Please!

  319. This would be awesome! Please pick me.

  320. I would love to win! My kids would have so much fun with this. Thank you!

  321. We now love all things wii. Thanks for an awesome contest!

  322. pleasepleaseplease!

  323. I love DDR even though I stink at it. Disney music? That’d be awesome to DDR to. 🙂

  324. Woo Hoo!! I am so ready to jam out with Disney. Oh, and my kids would like it too.. .

    Thanks Mir!!

  325. Lucky number 327!!!

  326. I would be ‘dabomb at my house if I won this! Thanks for hosting 🙂

  327. Sign me up!

  328. I’d love to win this for all the kids at my library- think of how many people could enjoy it then!

  329. I know my daughter would love it. Oh, the sacrifices we make.

  330. my kids would love to dance the summer away with this game…wow!

  331. I promise if I win this, I will play with the kids, too!

  332. My daughter loved this on the xbox. I bet she’d love it on the wii.

  333. With this, my kids can have fun AND I can lose some weight! Pick me!

  334. That would be awesome! Thanks!

  335. um WHOA we need this. and by we i don’t mean me and my two year old. i mean me and my husband. we would love this – and the two year old would get such a kick out it as a bonus!

    p.s. you’re lovely and fabulous!!!

  336. My daughter would love it!

  337. Forget the kids! I would love this! Thanks!

  338. This would be sooooo fun!

  339. Sounds like fun!!

  340. my kids would love that… and would definitely keep them entertained while i get to sit on the couch being really pregnant and hot.

  341. Thanks, Mir!!!

  342. Thanks! Might be a fun one!

  343. because we love Mickey AND the Wii!

  344. Four kids under the age of 8. Me. A LOOOOOONNNNGGGG summer ahead. Have pity!

  345. Would love this!

  346. Would love this!

  347. My grandkids would love this!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  348. This would be so fun for our 4 kids!

  349. Would love to win this!

  350. Yo. Me.

  351. Oh! we have been wanting this one for a long time! thanks for the chance!

  352. I would love to get groovy with my kids!

  353. The kids would love this.

  354. thanks.

  355. My grandchildren would absolutely love this!!!

  356. MICKEY MOUSE! Yay!

  357. Count me in!

  358. Wow, how did I miss this one. Good thing you reminded us.

  359. My sister has a Wii. And winning this might justify our getting a Wii.

  360. Thanks for the reminder… 🙂

  361. never mind the kids, i would love this!

  362. I would love this!

  363. Disco Duck is calling my name — maybe your random number generator will call my number???

  364. I’m in!

  365. Another awesome contest prize, Mir!

  366. Love it!

  367. Oh my! My daughter would love this.

  368. Wow Wii!

  369. This looks like fun!

  370. We would so enjoy this!

  371. Please me! I need summer entertainment!

  372. we love Wii.

  373. Pick us! 🙂

  374. How we need a new game for Wii!

  375. My girls would love this. They love the Wii and DDR, what a great combination.

  376. Oh I hope, I hope we win!!! My kids would be SOooooo excited!!

  377. Perfect for a rainy afternoon!

  378. Please pick me!

  379. My kids so need to burn off some energy this summer! Thanks for the chance to win!

  380. Oh! Pick me!

  381. Me please!! This would be a great birthday gift for my awesome nephew!

  382. My DD would love this! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  383. I’d love to win this! Thanks for all you do!

  384. OOOHHH! This would be perfect!!! And my kids wouldn’t have to move out this summer!

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