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By Mir
May 18, 2009
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Personally, I’m rather fond of my high-tech heating pad—it’s a sock filled with rice that I heat in the microwave. I know; I’m so fancy! But I suppose there might be a time when you don’t have access to a microwave, or maybe don’t want to be dealing with a tube sock filled with rice.

So I’ve always been a little curious about those instant-heat peel-and-stick patches, though not curious enough to buy them. Now I can try one for free, or at least snag the sample to put in the first aid kit.


  1. Ah, but the rice bags can also double as cold-pack bags, as hubby can attest after his hernia surgery!

  2. The peel and stick patches are some of my favorite things because you can put a patch on under your clothing and go on with your day. The rice bags, while great when you are sitting or in bed are bulky and fall off when you move.

  3. I have a big “wheat bag” that I use for a heating pad. It’s the greatest!

  4. I used something like this when I was manning the polls and had a very sore back – it was a huge help at a time when I couldn’t use a heating pad or rice bag.

  5. Oh, and the peel-and-stick cold packs are the BEST for migraines – I stick one on the back of my neck, my hair hides it, and it’s like wearing an ice pack, lets me get one with what I need to do.

  6. we use deer corn

  7. The Therma-care stick on patches are the best. They stay hot for hours, especially the Arthritis Strength kind. I. too, prefer to use them when I need to go out, as they run a couple bucks apiece. I have found them at Costco several times.

  8. I may have been skimming, but the first time I read this I saw “ice” instead of “rice”. I was wondering why you would put ice in a sock in a microwave…

    I’ve never tired the rice either, but it does make more sense!

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