Replace your holey socks

By Mir
May 19, 2009

I generally try to hold out until the beginning of the school year to buy new socks and underwear for the kids, but sometimes—like this year—the holey socks start turning up in the dryer before this school year is even over. And I can hope they’ll just wear sandals for the next three months, or I can break down and buy new socks.


Right now (for a limited time), ship your entire order for $1.99 at, and replace those socks (and pick up whatever else you need) so that you can move on with your day and stop worrying about socks.

Not that I ever worry about socks. Much.


  1. And why does the Sock Eater not eat holey socks? That’s what I’ve never been able to figure out.

  2. I double-stocked up on socks last year in June. I’d better do inventory; these things escape whenever they can.

  3. Loved it! Thanks! I just wish they carried toddler sized socks. Poor kid will be wearing baby socks ’til he’s 3. Wait, he is!

  4. For May 20th, is selling about a zillion war documentary DVDs (I think, I fell asleep as soon as I saw the picture) for really cheap. Good Father’s Day gift for those so inclined?

  5. Awesome! Love those scooters for my girls!

  6. Sweet! Ordered two embriodered tops, 4 prs boxers for hubby and 4 scooters shipped for $48. FYI!! Use code 50off1 for 50% off one item!! 😉

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