Frostys for your posse

By Mir
May 21, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Mmmmm… Frosty.

The Frosty at Wendy’s is one of fast food weaknesses. I know it’s not really ice cream. I love it anyway. And now they have new flavors, like the Frosty-cino or the coffee-toffee twisted Frosty (coffeelicious!) for those of us who can always use a little more coffee.

Mmmmm… coffee.

What? Oh! Right! The deal. Well, rev up your printer, and then go click to print out a buy one, get one coupon for your next Frosty purchase. Because the only thing better than a Frosty is a free Frosty.


  1. Oh Mir. You have my pregnant, Frosty-craving bad self’s undying gratitude!

    Melissa… who once bounced over a median on Piedmont and did a u-turn for a Frosty during her last pregnancy

  2. Shoot, I hate it when they say you have to install their coupon software to print a coupon. I always feel like they’re going to put adware on my computer. Googling the issue doesn’t clear it up any at all, there are plenty of other paranoid folks out there. Usually I’ll just email the company and say I’m not happy that I need to install the software to get a coupon for a product of theirs that I love (feel the love, company!) and they’ll stick one in snail mail, though. Sometimes with a bunch of other coupons included. Score.

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