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By Mir
May 26, 2009
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I guess it’s no secret that I’m an Apple fan (gee, you think?), but just because I’m a fan of their products doesn’t mean that you always have to buy them from the Apple Store. (Sorry, Apple.) If you’re in the market for an iPod, for example, you might be interested to know that all iPods are on sale at Best Buy this week. I’m just mentioning it.

Though how I ever got through a long plane ride without a pocket full of “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”s, I cannot imagine. My iPod has changed my life. (Well, it’s changed my plane trips, anyway!)


  1. My dear son who will be graduating from high school on Saturday, has ruined TWO iPods. His first green one he had in his pocket while he and his friend across the street went wakeboarding behind an ATV in the ditch. I gave him my blue one that I inherited from my daughter when she bought a Mac and got a free red one. I washed that one in the washing machine…

    The boy lived with an ear bud in his ear. I felt so bad for him, but vowed to never get him another one.
    Now he has gotten two Best Buy cards recently for graduation and I can’t WAIT to show him these deals! Thanks.

  2. I lurve “Wait, Wait”!

  3. Do you find yourself grinning like a fool and/or laughing out loud when you listen to “Wait Wait”? I do, and it keeps me from listening to them in public :)!

  4. Wait Wait has saved me from many a boring moment as well! Course I am usually walking down the street laughing out loud!

  5. I became a fan of itunes on facebook today and got a whole compilation of songs for free!

  6. I heart wait wait! I want Carl’s voice on MY answering machine!

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