Calling all XBox fanatics

By Mir
May 27, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Today’s Amazon Gold Box deal is the Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition for just under $47, and the current Lightning Deal is Call of Duty: World At War for just under $40.

I think I just figured out why we don’t have an Xbox. Are all the games war- and apocalypse-themed?


  1. No, not ALL. But the best ones are. Or so my snarky teenaged boys tell me. We got a Wii 2 christmases ago, and they still complained that they needed an xbox 360 so they could play Halo 3, and now they are complaigning that they need Halo Wars. Grrrr. And of course they want me to play, but the only thing I kill is bugs, and I can’t take Master Seargent yelling at me.

  2. yes, they all seem to be adult or teen boy oriented games (much to my husband’s late night gaming delight). I have two elementary children, and they don’t get to use it much unless we download a kids’ demo like Pixar Cars. But I cannot bring myself to purchase another $300 gaming device. I guess they will just continue to feel wii-deprived…

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