Crazy 8 crazy prices (again)

By Mir
June 2, 2009

Surely your children didn’t outgrow their clothes again while you were looking the other way, right? That never happens!

Well, there’s another big sale on at Crazy 8, just on the off chance that one of your kids came downstairs in a belly shirt this morning that fit just fine last week. Ahem.

Use coupon code C8SUMMER for $10 off your $30 order, and shipping is always a flat $5.

(I do love me some Crazy 8 for the kids.)


  1. Yay! My son is running around *right now* looking ADORABLE in a Crazy 8 tank and he just told me, “I like dis kind shirt Mama.”

    So now he has a couple to choose from, at a great price.

    You’re so very pretty today Mir!

  2. Love Crazy 8! Love Mir!

  3. thanks! had never heard of crazy 8 – now, i am in love! cool, cheap and perfect for those wild animals that i call my sons.

  4. I love Crazy 8 but I am wondering… they are obviously using the same design platform as their sister site Gymboree, but WHY have they not included the filter by kid size??? (I did get some cute tees and dresses for my girls, though…)

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