It’s raining, it’s pouring. . .

By Mir
June 5, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

… the old man is shopping the Amazon Friday Sale….

What? Is that not how it goes? I thought it was.

Last week’s sale was a little weak. I’m hoping for better, today. Let’s take a look.

[Well, I made it through both Shoes and Electronics (Dear Amazon, That word, I do not think it means what you think it means. Just call it “Office Supplies,” you’ll feel better. Love, Mir) without finding anything. It’s not looking good.]

A couple of weeks ago I would’ve scoffed at the idea of towels being extra-absorbent, but now I’m eying this 6-piece towel set for $24.99 (not a bad price per towel) and reading the reviews which swear they really are very absorbent. Why? Because the cheapo towels I bought for camping actually seem to be water-resistant. Yes. Moral of the story: Sometimes it’s cheap for a reason….

This looks like a decent price on a memory foam pad if you’ve been considering one. (Or maybe, like me, you know a bed really needs a new mattress, but you’re wondering if a hundred bucks might buy you a few more years before you have to replace it.)

Hey, my favorite Anolon set and favorite Cuisinart set are still on sale. It’s good to know that you could at least get a great deal on pots and pans from Amazon, even when the Friday Sale is kind of off.

The professional-grade KitchenAid stand mixer is down to $299 again. I purr just looking at that thing.

I wasn’t sure what a Sea Beam Lantern was, so I clicked. Waterproof flashlights that float! at 3 for $15, I might have to call it a camping expense.

It looks like Amazon is going to continue with 50 MP3 albums for just $5 each for the month, rather than just five albums every Friday. That’s good news for music lovers because, hey, ten times the music (and savings) goodness!

And don’t anyone let my husband see that today’s Gold Box Deal is a weed whacker thing. It’s a good price, mind you, but those things sort of freak me out. Don’t ask.

I’ll go round up some other daily deals for today after I’ve had another cup of coffee. Or after I have a nap. Depends on how far it turns out to be to get to the kitchen….


  1. So can you be on the lookout for good air mattresses? We are going to lose our guest room with baby #2 due this summer and need something the grandparents can sleep on – so it actually needs to be comfy – comfy & affordable would be even better!

  2. Still raining, eh? Hope the Cubs get to play tonight. If Zambrano doesn’t get to pitch soon he’s gonna tear the place down.

  3. I tried a memory foam topper on my needs-to-be-replaced mattress. I like the topper but it made the divots in the mattress feel that much deeper. I’ll put it on the new mattress if we ever get around to getting one but couldn’t keep it on the old one.

  4. Is it Friday? Thank goodness!

  5. There is a raised Aerobed on the Friday sale. I have the camping version in a double that was purchased from LL Bean a few years ago. DH and I love it. It is very comfortable and it is so nice to have a bed-height bed. It is handy to have a place to sit while pulling on socks, and it is so much easier to get out of bed (we are aging campers). I really like the rechargeable pump — one twist and I have a bed in under two minutes — much better than 20 minutes with the foot pump for a 4″ mattress.

  6. Yeah, what’s up with all those pens and stationery in Electronics? An electric stapler and mouse pads do not an Electronics section make. The regular woman must be on vacation and a new guy is filling in?

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