Gimme a D! E! A! L!

By Mir
June 7, 2009

It’s been a while since we did a brag post; what’s the best deal you’ve gotten lately?

Yesterday I was surfing through the Saturday deals and decided that as much as I pink puffy heart my Lands’ End swimsuit, I should probably snap up a second one to get through the summer. And I wanted a cover-up for the pool, too. So I went looking and found some tankini separates I liked (on sale) as well as a simple cover-up (on clearance). The total was $71 plus another $10 or so for shipping, which isn’t bad for what I was getting, but do you think I was going to pay that?

I had the free shipping code, so that took care of that.

Then I went and redeemed $40 of my Discover Cashback Rewards (what I usually refer to as “play money”) for a $50 Lands’ End gift certificate. Total out-of-pocket cost for me for $106 worth of merchandise (from a store that guarantees it forever), delivered: $21.

It was a very good Saturday.


  1. I got an awesome swimsuit deal too. I live near an LLBean outlet and I happened to be in there just after they put up the extra 50% off swimwear sale. I got a tankini and matching swim skirt for $20. I was SHOCKED that they had matching pieces in my mismatched sizes. Originally the three pieces were well over $100. I also got $8 Tevas for me, $6 sandals for my daughter, and $5 cords for my husband. I don’t like spending money, and I’m really not much of a consumer, but I was pretty giddy with my deals that day!

  2. My “buy one, get two free” deal on geraniums at Home Depot this morning pales in comparison to your swimsuit bargain.

  3. Not sure if this is a good deal to everyone else, but I recently got an awesome $26,000+ car for $19,300, then also had Bluetooth added for free because the salesmen had told us it had it, but when we got it home it wasn’t actually there. We think we got a great deal!

  4. If the last one doesn’t count, I just stocked up on some good winter kids’ gloves for the upcoming Colorado move at 5prs for $1 at the Children’s Place outlet.

  5. A couple weeks ago I took advantage of the Lands’ End deal on a junior backpack for $6, shipped. FABULOUS backpack for my kid entering kindergarten – she’s been wearing it off and on for 2 days now. My only regret is that I didn’t buy two of them…

  6. I must say I also had a super Saturday. Only recently did I realize that my 7 month old only has 1 pair of pants for the fall. I fretted that I would be shopping regular prices for his fall wardrobe (NEVER!). I went into Gymboree yesterday, where they are having the extra 30% off everything and asked them if they still had fall/winter clearance for 12-18 months. To my delight I purchased 2 overalls, 7 pants, 3 l/s shirts, a sweater, and a vest jacket all for 58.00 after tax. Scored my 25.00 gymbucks too! I heart Gymboree.

  7. Oh yeah and I must add that the retail value for my fab finds was a grand total of 332.00 before tax. I have to give thanks to the wonderful customer service I received from the sales associate at Gymboree.

  8. All I can say is “Mir, you are so studly!” I aspire to your greatness!

  9. I got a Britax Marathon for $179 shipped! Normally they retail from $279 on up plus shipping. I love, love, love it.

  10. I got free hotdogs! With my coupon. That I heard about here. But still. The kids were happy for about fifteen minutes during lunch, and really, who can put a price on that?

  11. I’ve been wanting a bag from the Lands’ End clearance section(the butterfly print with bamboo handles), but didn’t want to pay the $20. Thanks for mentioning the Discover Cash Back Rewards- I had forgotten about that option! Now I’ll get the gift certificate, get the purse, and have no out of pocket expense. Thanks Mir!

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