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By Mir
June 8, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Do you want to keep up on the music scene? Or do you—like me—mostly want to tell those kids to keep off your lawn, but you know a (ahem) young person who’s very interested in music? Then go ahead and sign up for a free two-year subscription to Spin magazine.

This way, when you tell ’em to get off your lawn, at least they’ll have some good reading material….


  1. Well, when I entered our “info” I got a message saying they couldn’t find any free magazines to offer me. Bummer.

    Maybe next time.

  2. I filled out all my information and was taken to a page that said they’re all out of SPIN subscriptions, but maybe I’d be interested in something else? No thanks. And now they just sent me an email to remind me to do this. Ick.

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