Lava lamps! (Yes. Lava lamps.)

By Mir
June 10, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Check out today’s Graveyard Mall Deal of the Day—it’s an assortment of lava lamps so vast, you could totally get one to match every room in the house. Then you could nickname the place Casa Lava and the neighbors would look at you funny, but it would be totally worth it.

No? Oh, fine. How about just one? I’ve yet to meet a kid who doesn’t think these things are the coolest invention ever. (Got tweens? I’m thinking gift closet….)


  1. Do you know if there are any codes for free shipping? I found a bunch of stuff I would love to get but the shipping is coming up at 8.99 – a little steep for me.


  2. What fun! We’ve had our fun with our lava lamp, though, thanks. It’s lost its appeal. 🙂

  3. A guy in my office has a lava lamp and it totally makes our day! I need to get one for the kids. 🙂

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