Good things happen on Fridays

By Mir
June 12, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m feeling rather perky, this Friday. My new chiropractor has been a huge help with my neck. I’m getting the first of my new Frigidaire appliances this afternoon. And—of course—there’s the Amazon Friday Sale!

I have been teasing my husband for a couple of years now that I’m going to buy him one of these slide-under-the-car things (apparently they’re called creepers; I had no idea) because I’m tired of listening to him complain when he’s wiggling beneath whichever car he’s fixing. I honestly have no idea if $39.99 is a good price for that, but I do know that although it appears to have an associated shipping charge, the “special offer” is free shipping. So there’s that. (The same goes for this one. They come in different sizes? Now I’m totally confused.)

Have I sung the praises of my anti-gravity recliners lately? No? Lurve them.

Once upon a time I believed that things like serrated-tip grapefruit spoons were superfluous and silly. And then I had children. Children whom I hope will not end up with rickets. And now I love my grapefruit spoons. The end.

It’s still too rich for my blood, but I do long for one of these stainless compost buckets. I know; aim high, right? Heh.

I’m a Cuisinart girl, myself, but this KitchenAid food processor is pretty sweet looking.

Everybody’s favorite Breadman is back! Homemade bread with little effort, mmmmm.

Do you think this watch was really $625, originally? For that kind of money, I want them to put the whole face on the thing, you know?

If you’re placing an order and need a little filler item to get you up to $25 for Free Super Saver Shipping, consider these Miniz Ball Point pens—at just $1.75 for the pair, I’m betting there’s a stocking or two you can stick ’em in come December.

Today’s Gold Box Deal is a great pick for Dad, too; it’s the Blu-ray Superhero collection, including the Spider-Man trilogy and five other movies. (Be sure to note that the lukewarm rating appears to be due to a previous price snafu; it’s available today at under $80, which is well under the price some of the reviewers are claiming they missed out on.)

Once again, instead of the Friday Five, Amazon is offering 50 MP3 albums for $5 each for the entire month of June. Woo! It’s a great time to load up your iPod before any summer travel.

Go have a wonderful Friday, everyone!


  1. Ohhhhhhh that bread machine looks amazing! I am seriously getting hungry just reading the reviews. I think it’s time to start my Christmas list! (Though if I get this for Christmas, I might also need to get a personal trainer to make me burn off all the bread calories…)

  2. “Do you think this watch was really $625, originally?”
    No, and I had to look. Even on the company website it is listed at $360. About the only store that carries their stuff is a chain called Precision Time where you can get it for $160. This is why I can’t stand expensive watches… since the advent of quartz timing, the price is all about brand and appearance. I mean, it was always about that, but there was a time when mechanical workmanship in watches was really something. Gah, starting to sound like my dad.

    When I was a kid I think the only reason I wanted to eat grapefruit was because of the spoons. They were the best! Hmm, maybe if I get some I’ll start eating grapefruit again.

  3. I just got my Breadman and I love it! I paid $99, not $95, but it was worth it. Folks, if you’ve been waiting, listen to Mir; go for it!

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