Hey Friday–I’m home!

By Mir
June 19, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Good morning! I’m back! I am still on Mountain Time. Which means it’s currently Entirely Too Early. But I couldn’t possibly continue sleeping when there was an Amazon Friday Sale to be had. Obviously.

The good news is that after, what, a month now, they’re finally calling the office products “Office Products” rather than electronics. The bad news is that the most comfortable pen in the world is freaky-looking.

I’m trying to decide if a hundred bucks is too much to spend on a foam memory topper if what I really want it for is camping. (What? I’m old!)

If you’re serious about your smoker, this Weber model is apparently the one to buy (and the current $245 price is the lowest I’ve seen it go).

I would totally put something like this lazy Susan on my table if I didn’t think my kids would just spin it around and around until it broke. Ahem.

Need a gift? The Numi’s Bouquet flowering tea sets are back for just $12.50 apiece!

This Panasonic Vortex razor gets rave reviews, and is down to around $76, which is… what… maybe what a dozen blade refills on those fancy multi-blade disposables will cost you. Heh.

I also like how today’s Gold Box Deal is a 7″ LCD television for under a hundred bucks. Remember when LCD TVs were all futuristic and cost thousands of dollars? (See? I told you I was old.)

Enjoy the Friday Sale, people. I know I owe you a contest winner and possibly a couple of other things, but right now, I’m going back to bed.


  1. The most comfortable PEN in the world takes HB lead?

    is it too early for snark?

  2. Welcome back!

  3. Morning Mir! I live in mountain time and it’s still too early. Come back soon, baby whisperer! I dig that lazy susan…who knew they came in pretty wood? Mine are ancient plastic ones. It reminds me of my grandparents, who kept all their medications on a lazy susan on the table. And maybe the salt. No bamboo, though!

  4. Hi Mir! I wanted to tell you that we use memory foam in our pop-up camper, when we camp. The little bit of extra padding it gives us makes a huge difference in how my back feels the following day. Really. I only have the 2-inch foam, as it is quite expensive and that’s all that would fit comfortably in the bed space that we have. I do think that using memory foam may mean I am getting older. However, I’m ok with that thought when I feel well-rested after a night in the camper! 😉

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