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By Mir
June 22, 2009
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Y’all do realize that the contest for a GoodNites swag tote is running all the way through the end of the month, right? And that you can enter once per day? There should be thousands of entries on that post! Upping your odds of winning couldn’t be easier!

Remember, too, that I’m trying to garner entries because the blogger with the most entries at the end of the contest period (that’s a few months away; remember I’ll be giving away three swag totes over the summer, here) wins $1,000 worth of books. I want to be able to donate those books to my local library’s outreach for disadvantaged kids. If you can’t be bothered to enter daily for the swag tote, maybe do it for the children, man.

Why, no, I’m not above guilting you into entering. Why do you ask?


  1. ty ty

  2. Question: If we have already entered and posted our nighttime rituals with our kiddos, do we have to repeat those stories on each entry? Come up with a new one every time we enter? Or can we just say “enter me!” after the first initial entry? My apologies if this was answered somewhere in the fine print and I didn’t understand :).

  3. Claire: You can enter on the main GoodNites site once a day, and there doesn’t seem to be any stipulation that it be a new story, so I’d say go ahead and paste the same anecdote each time you want to enter, here, as you’d do on their site. Make sense? (And I’m not sure I clarified that, earlier, so thank you for asking!)

  4. My husband works as a copy editor in the evenings, so our bedtime is usually full of rushing and pushing and shushing with five year old twins and an eight year old. Add into this that of the twins is mildly autistic and he is lovely, sweet, funny, and affectionate, but he is, well, a boy of few words. I would often think of all the things I would give up to hear him say “I love you” or “good night,” but that’s just not how it works. So every night we snuggle together for a brief bit–first one gets kisses and I love yous and good nights and then the other. And every night the fuzzy headed boy kisses me and says good night and I love you and every night the red headed boy snuggles and giggles, and every night it’s only in my head that I hear him join in–little baby words, but still.

    And this is our ritual. Was our ritual. Because last week even though I did my part and Fuzzy did his part, the red headed boy changed it all. He rolled over and he put his cheek up to mine and he whispered, “Night-night. Love you.”

    So now we have a new ritual. It’s a ritual in which everybody talks and kisses,and sometimes Mommy tears up a tiny bit because now everybody talks and kisses. Maybe that last part will go away and the ritual will just be that everybody talks and kisses and that’s just what we do every night when we go to bed.

    Maybe. But I doubt it.

  5. Sounds wonderful. thanks

  6. My ritual wasn’t that touching, but I tried to sign onto their site anyway. They keep telling me I’ve already registered and they’re emailing me my forgotten password, but it never shows in in my email (the address I’ve had for over 15 years). Phooey. I didn’t want their stinky prize anyway. (sulk)

  7. Just to let you know, when I try to cut and paste my entry into your original post, wordpress won’t let me. So it has to be a new entry.

  8. sounds good

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