School will start again, eventually

By Mir
June 23, 2009

I know that for many of you, summer vacation has only just begun. But school always comes back around again eventually—usually sooner than you’d think.

Guess what I just found out. Go on, guess! That’s right—my kids’ school has decided to go to uniforms. Oh joy, oh rapture. A little niggle in the back of my brain whispered, “Hey, don’t they carry uniforms at Lands’ End, that place where they guarantee everything forever…?” And not only do they carry uniforms, they have tons of ’em in the Overstocks right now. Even slim pants and shorts for the undernourished amongst us (ahem). And the best part is that Lands’ End—unlike many other uniform purveyors—actually make most of this stuff out of cotton. The folks making the all-polyester uniforms clearly never went to school in Georgia in August.

Use coupon code SALE and PIN 6179 for free shipping, and take care of back-to-school now before the mad rush in August. You’ll thank me later, I promise.


  1. I loved it when our oldest when to a school that required a “uniform” of a polo shirt in blue, gray or white and either khaki or denim bottoms. Easiest getting ready for school ever!

  2. Mir, I really think in the long run you will like having a uniform for the kiddos. We have it here, and it is awesome never having to fight over what to put on in the morning. I wish the high school had the same policy!

  3. I’ve been stocking up every time you put out a free shipping coupon. It’s a good way to build the uniform inventory slowly and inexpensively.

  4. thanks so much for posting this. This is our first year for uniforms and it’s nice to find so many items in one place. There is also a place on there where you can find your school and it tells which products are acceptable for their dress code. plus the school gets a percentage of the money you spend. win win all around. Thanks again Mir!

  5. Thans for the kind words, Mir. We try to make building a uniform for your kids as economical as possible. And you are correct – everything is Guaranteed. Period. because we know how hard kids can be on clothes. Feel free to drop me a note with questions you or your readers might have about uniforms – we’re happy to help!

  6. School uniforms are a thing of beauty.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with Sheila.

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