Only haters and kitten-kickers don’t like cookies

By Mir
June 25, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I love cookies (I’m sure that comes as an enormous shock). And I love making my own cookies, but sometimes there just isn’t time.

If you’re in need of a “thanks for letting us stay with you” or a “sorry we can’t be there” food gift, look no further than David’s Cookies. They’re fun, they’re yummy, and in addition to shipping quickly and cheaply (shipping is never more than $4.95, and some items ship for free), you have a few more days to use code 15JULY for 15% off your order.

So while I suppose one could argue that the most appropriate food offering for this upcoming 4th of July holiday might be apple pie, or—failing that—some sort of red, white and blue jello concoction—I say this: Who doesn’t love cookies? And is there anything more American than happy glutttony? Exactly.

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  1. I actually did once buy a Jell-o mold in the shape of the United States of America to make a layered tribute to our country, but the cookies are a way wicked easier way to go.

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