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By Mir
June 29, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’ve been cracking jokes about needing Guitar Hero ever since we first got our Wii, but in the end I’ve always abstained on the basis that it was 1) expensive and 2) not a great family game, with only one guitar.

Then this morning I see that the Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit for Wii is down to just under $90, and I feel like I may be out of excuses. That’s enough instruments for everyone to play together, and that’s family bonding time, right? Right?? Maybe for Christmas….

(Other platforms are on sale, too, if you’re the Xbox or Playstation sort. Rationalization isn’t limited to Wii owners!)


  1. If this is anything like Rock Band, you will seriously LOVE IT! We hook it up for my toddlers to pretend play with (son is Crazy for guitars, daughter love to sing into the mic) and then my husband and I play after the kids go to bed. It is SO fun!

  2. Oh man, my husband’s birthday is tomorrow. The only gift idea I have for him is too practical and boring to even put in print. I got him a Wii last year for his 30th birthday, and I think we’d really have fun with this!

  3. No question this is family bonding! SO-MUCH-FUN!! Go for it!

  4. AAAH! I totally got this and I don’t have a Wii, lol! I am getting one in a month for my birthday, as I’ve been telling my DH all year it’s what I wanted, and this was on my list to go with it. SO excited to find it for a great price!

  5. Do it! We love Rock Band and this is very similar – great for 3 at a time to play, 1 to kibitz and then rotate in.

  6. Can’t believe it’s this cheap, I put ours together piece by random internet seller piece. Latest drum addition broke way too easily, so be very gentle with the wires. This is my boys (including the boy husband) absolute favorite game, they even added aerosmith and GHIII to the mix.

  7. I hate when you do this to me! Not even two weeks since I finally broke down and got the only-one-guitar version for my daughter’s 6th grade graduation present…for pretty much that same price. Dangit.

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