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By Mir
June 30, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Those of you who’ve won prizes from Want Not know that I have goofy business cards, because I include one whenever I ship stuff out. One of the perks of working for myself is that I don’t have to have a stuffy, boring template for my cards. And my kids have business cards, too—no, they’re not in business (unless they can make a business out of driving me crazy) (thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week!), but they love having their own cards with their phone number and email addresses to give out to their friends.

Want to get some premium business cards for work, fun, or just because you’re too lazy write down your number for folks? Right now you can get 500 full-color premium business cards from Vistaprint for just $1.99 plus shipping. (There’s a ton of offers on the page that takes you to. Look for “Premium Business Cards” in the left column.) For under $10 you’ll have all the cards you could possibly need, at a price that leaves you plenty of money for the more important things in life.

Like ice cream. And shoes.


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