Play house (or fort, or tent)

By Mir
July 6, 2009

Look, I know how much fun I had as a kid with just a blanket and a pile of couch cushions, but if you want to outfit your kids’ imaginary digs in style, here’s a couple of options for rainy-day fun, both from Overstock.

First, check out this set of Airblox—blow ’em up, tie ’em together in the configuration of your choosing, and away they go.

Second, how about this play tent set—it reminds me of the Playhut structures my kids used to have, two tents connected by a tunnel.

Both options are under $30, with $2.99 shipping. And I’m sure Santa would find it very helpful if you thought ahead this way. While I would always rather toss children outside to play, there are some days that are simply too rainy or cold to do so. Just saying.


  1. Mir, I just promised my husband that I would slow down on online shopping. Now you’ve made a liar out of me LOL! I think my son would love both items but since he’s a little on the rough side, the Airblox will probably work better for him.

  2. Oh, that Airblox thing, so perfect for our five-year-old grandnephew who has everything– and I do mean EVERYTHING. Well, now he really does! Thanks, Mir!

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