Who you gonna call?

By Mir
July 6, 2009
Category Contests

Hey—I don’t know if you realize this, but there is kind of a lot of stuff to see and do in Gettysburg. I really meant to come back earlier than this, but, well, then I remembered that I was on vacation. And also that there were Civil War artifacts to be explored and ice cream to be licked. So.

To make it up to you, I’m here to tell you that… I ain’t afraid of no ghosts. And bustin’ makes me feel good. If you’re a fellow child of the 80s, by now you’re humming along, yes? Well, start up your nostalgia machine and then plug in your Wii, because today I’m giving away a copy of the brand spanking new Ghostbusters: The Video Game for play on the Nintendo Wii. I think it looks like a whole lot of fun, and not just because I saw the movie twenty-seven times. Ahem.

Want to win it? Of course you do! So here’s what you do: First, you go read the contest rules and regulations; then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and whether or not you’re the Gatekeeper. (And also if you both spot and appreciate the cheesy movie references in this post.)

And remember: Whatever you do, don’t cross the streams. Seriously.

Okay, I’m done. Go!


  1. My kids just recently went on a “cheesy movies from mom’s childhood” kick where they watched and (in spite of themselves) enjoyed Ghostbusters, the Goonies, ET, and the original Star Wars films. I know they will be hitting me up for this game as son as they realize it’s available! I would love to win it and tuck it away for a rainy day….

  2. OOoh, the Wii is hiding in the closet until dad’s birthday… this would be great.

  3. I’m so in for this one.

  4. Who you gonna call…MIR!

  5. Phil would love it.

  6. Pick me!

  7. me please

  8. Ray, I crossed the streams, Ray!

    Oh, count me in, please!

  9. I loved that movie!


  11. I would love to win this! 🙂

  12. OOh I have a 3 year old who has been asking for this one!

  13. My kids would love a new Wii game.

  14. I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts.

  15. Me and Wii would love to play. And, FTR, my daughter IS afraid of ghosts. Does that mean she won’t play with me?

  16. There is no Dana, only Zuul.

  17. Question: Where do these stairs go?
    Answer: They go up!

  18. OK, my birthday is this week and I’ve NEVER won anything on your site despite my million entries. Maybe this one is the one. {fingers crossed}

  19. so fun!

  20. This looks great!

  21. My three-year-old is a raging fan of “Ghostbusters” even though he’s only seen the thirty-second clip of Slimer gorging on hot dogs.

    What can I say? The boy has taste. 🙂

  22. Who you gonna call? I hope it’s me.

  23. There are such great ice cream parlors in Gettysburg. I be jealous.

  24. Oh goodness, I was just watching Knight Rider (yep, on that retro network), and some cheerleaders were dancing/aerobicizing/warming up to the Ghostbusters’ Theme Song (why? I don’t know. I even said aloud to my husband, “Why are they dancing to Ghostbusters?” It was very odd.)

    What weird timing you have, Mir.


  25. I just got the wii and am about tired of the sports package. I need a new game!

  26. Got a Wii for my DH’s upcoming 40th…we’d love a game to go with it:)

  27. Can you believe I am a child of the 80’s and I never saw that movie? I promise, if I win, to watch it. Pinky swear.

  28. Yay! Love your contests, Mir, even if I never win them!

  29. Too funny, this was just on the other night. I made my dh dvr it as I have NEVER seen that movie!! I’ve always wanted to…but just never did! My kids would love it!! My youngest has watched the movie a couple of times and loves it.

    Thank you for a chance.

  30. Slime me Mir, please?

  31. Who you gonna call, me please!

  32. PLEASE!!!

  33. This would be great since we just got a Wii! Thanks!

  34. When I taught daycare and potty trained the 3 year old boys, several would have to go at once – and did. I always told them not to cross the streams. Seriously.

  35. When I think Ghostbusters, I think marshmallows.

  36. Love this movie, I am sure we would love the game. Sounds like fun.
    “Listen…do you smell something?” quote from when they were in the library.

  37. Sounds great!

  38. This would be a great gift!

  39. busting makes me feel good! Thanks

  40. This would be so cool.

  41. This game is supposed to be awesome! I know it’s gonna end up in our house one way or another, so FREE is the price I’d like to pay!

  42. Only 27 times? It was the only movie that was on TBS for what – 3 or 4 years? I’m in!

  43. Hubs’s favorite line: shh-shh! Do you smell that?

  44. I’m in!

  45. How totally cool! Thanks!

  46. we love this move. No doubt the game would be a huge hit for us!

  47. Not only would my kids love it, but I betcha mom & dad would too!

  48. Hope you are having a great vacation! Ghosts Busters…plasmic!

  49. i would love this one!

  50. I have degrees in both psychology and para-psycholgy – pick me!

  51. Thanks SOO much for getting that song stuck in my head 🙂

  52. We like ghosts! Pick me!

  53. I love it!

  54. My daughter’s competition team did their dance to Ghostbusters this year, so she’s now a rabid fan. This would make me a hero 🙂


  55. ZUUUUL! Me please. Still haven’t gotten BugMan to sit through the entire movie but he seems to like what he has seen. And I need a new wii game I might be able to play like a grown-up. It is very sad when a six year old beats you at EVERYTHING!

  56. yeehaw! 🙂

  57. Count me in!

  58. Would love this game to go along with the new Wii!

  59. I don’t think I got all the references… Guess I should watch the movie again! Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. Dogs and cats–LIVING TOGETHER!!!

    I love that movie!
    Great prize, Mir!

  61. Yes, please, I would like to win!

  62. This sounds fun. Thanks Mir

  63. My husband and son would LOVE this game!!

  64. Yes please!
    (My fav part of the movie: the stay-puft marshmallow man.)

  65. I love that movie, bill murray, geekyness and science, and the marshmallow puff guy. Count me in.

  66. 🙂

  67. If I won I’d puff up with pride just like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

  68. Yay!!!

  69. Oh, yes! We would love to win!

  70. OMG, Ghostbusters is one of the most quotable movies of all time. Perhaps, in fact, THE most quotable movie of all time!

    “If someone asks if you’re a god, you say ‘Yes’!!!”

    If someone asks if you want to win the Ghostbusters game? I say Yes!!

  71. Very cool. I love Ghostbusters!

  72. I’m humming and now I want a marshmallow.

  73. I am pretty sure I will be singing that song all day now. It will be made better, however, if I also win the game.

  74. please pick me!!! i want it as much as my kids:)

  75. Cool contest!

  76. I definitely have that song stuck in my head, Thanks :0 I loved the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man – great!!!

  77. See you on the other side Ray!

  78. I aint afraid of no ghosts!

  79. My nephew would love this.

  80. and don’t forget the great cartoon version (the REAL ghostbusters of course) … I was a bit young for the original movie, but I’ve seen it since!
    (and would love to try the game)


  81. ghostbusters! yeah!

  82. Gotta love the wii!

  83. Um… I’m a guy… so that would make me the Keymaster, right??? 😉

    And no-one has mentioned a Rick Moranis line yet?? Lewis Tully absolutely kills me…

    And the line that best dates that movie for us working stiffs?
    “This job definitely aint worth Eleven – Five a year…”
    – Winston Zedemore

  84. I caught the last hour of Ghostbusters II a few weeks ago. I was channel-surfing and then I just could NOT turn away. So here’s hoping my random number generator luck is better this time!

  85. Huge Ghostbusters fans! Would be great summer fun!

  86. Cool!

  87. My kids just watched Ghostbusters for the first time this weekend!

  88. I’m not afraid of no ghosts… choose me!

  89. We just got our Wii and my husband would LOVE this!

  90. Yes please!

  91. Oh, man! I’m dying to get this. Alas, I just splurged on Mario Kart so I thought I’d have to wait a while before buying Ghostbusters. Please pick me so I can have both now!

  92. Well, crap, I’m the Keymaster, not the Gatekeeper. Do I still get a chance? I even cleaned out my fridge yesterday. 😉

  93. Sweet! My husband would love to play this…and since it’s for the Wii, I could join him (unlike our PS3…)

  94. Yes! Please pick me!

  95. I’d love this!

  96. just got my hubby a Wii for Father’s Day–this would be great!

  97. Wiiii would love to Wiiin!

  98. It’s my birthday, and I watched it about 50 times!

  99. Pretty please, Random Number Generator?!! 🙂

  100. My son was 5 when the movie came out. We saw it several times in the theater, and one of those visits tied in with meeting and dating my husband. When I got my son the video he was disappointed to hear that it could wear out after 100 viewings… “Only 100 times?!”

  101. I bet it is a fun game.

  102. I have bad associations with the movie, having sat through it while in labor (7 years ago, not when it originally came out), but I’m sure my husband would love it!

  103. Cats and dogs living together!

  104. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts either!

  105. My nephew would love it!

  106. It won’t slime my Wii, will it?

  107. The 12-year-old is currently in a Ghostbusters frenzy. What a surprise when he gets home from camp!

  108. My nephew would love this…tie it in with the DVD and I’ve got a gift to wrap!


  109. Ahhhh! I want it. I’m totally going to buy that anyway so you might as well give it to me for free.

  110. “That’s the bedroom, but nothing ever happened in there.”

    “What a crime.”


  111. My husband has been talking about buying this one, I’d love to win it for him. <3

  112. This 50+ yr old would like it too!

  113. I love Ghostbusters!

  114. Now the theme song is in my head – awesome!

  115. Count me in on this one!
    Thanks so much!

  116. My 3 kiddos would have a great time with this!

  117. She sleeps above her covers… 4 FEET above her covers ~ me please looks like much fun ~ =)

  118. Sounds like a great game I love Ghostbusters! Please pick me!

  119. This looks like fun!

  120. I think my husband might squeal with joy if we were picked!

  121. pick me! 🙂

  122. The twins would just luv this!!!:) 🙂

  123. My kids will have to kick ME off the wii!!!

  124. Husband loves Ghostbusters, kids love Wii. This would be great for us… thanks for offering it!

  125. Cats and dogs living together… MASS HYSTERIA!

  126. Pick me please!

  127. Mir, I was going to ask you to be my gatekeeper… but, um, no sorry – too creepy.

  128. I love that movie

  129. SOunds like lots of fun !

  130. Ha – we just watched this movie with the kids. Love reliving my childhood, and they would think this was the bomb!

  131. We would love this game!

  132. We just bought this movie for our almost-5-year-old daughter. And for us too of course. 🙂 We’d love the game!

  133. We would love this game for our Wii. Thanks.

  134. oh boy, Ghostbusters…my kid would LOVE this. Thanks!

  135. Sounds like a fun game! Thanks!

  136. WHOOOOOO DO you Call —- Ghostbusters–
    NO —- Me !
    I’d be the BEST Mom — for my 20 + son
    We still have the original toys packed away

  137. just got a wii for the kids birthday the past weekend – haven’t bought any games except what it came it – so this would be a greeeat game to have – and of course, I would so loove to play with it

  138. My 10 year old son wants this!

  139. but what if I am merely the KeyMaster?

  140. ghostbusters. love it. thanks!

  141. My kids love Ghostbusters!

  142. My nephew would love this! And, “the next time someone asks you if you are a god, say YES!” 🙂

  143. Slimer!!! I loved Slimer! I even had him on my very first car, a ’73 AMC Hornet that was the same color.

  144. My boys would love this game!

  145. I am the Keymaster! Are you the Gatekeeper?

    Though my favorite line was, “She sleeps above the covers. FOUR FEET above the covers.”

  146. BEST MOVIE!

  147. I’m feeling verrrrrrry lucky.

  148. I LOVE Ghostbusters! I promise NOT to cross the streams, if I win!

    Thanks for the contest, Mir.

  149. hahaha… my fiance just added this to our wedding registry. As I’m sure we won’t get it… this would be the perfect addition.

  150. We just bought a Wii, this would be a great contest for me to win! C’mon random number generator!

  151. This has my name written all over it!

  152. Great! Now the song is stuck in my head for the day.

  153. My husband quoted this movie in a sermon last week.

  154. That was your whole plan? “Get her”?

  155. this post brings up fond memories of watching the movie and then playing ghostbusters with my younger brother when we kids. I think the game on the Wii would only help us make more memories 🙂

  156. Oh, it would be lovely to have something to do on the Wii beside bowling…

  157. Everytime I ask my husband who he is calling he tells me Ghostbusters. I think he needs this game!

  158. Pick me, please!

  159. me please

  160. Who doesn’t love Ghostbusters?

  161. Now that we are among the Wii, we would love a new game! Who ya gonna call?

  162. call me! call me!

  163. would love it!

  164. Thank you! Pick me.

  165. I need it!

  166. GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!

  167. Do I have to share with my kids?

  168. Sounds like fun!

  169. We would love this at our house!

  170. My sons would love this game.

  171. Thanks, Mir!

  172. I wanna roast the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

  173. AAAHH!! Oh Mir please please please!!! We’re HUGE fans of the movies and only just discovered that the game is actually supposed to be GOOD, and that it was written by the two geniuses who created the story in the first place!

    I’m dying to hear Egon and Ray and Janine and, of course, Venkman once again!!

  174. I love Ghostbusters!

  175. GHOSTBUSTERS! AND WII!!! Perfect.

  176. sounds like fun!!

  177. I’m giving this whole thing as a promotional expense, that’s why I invited clients instead of friends! Thanks for the contest, would love this game!

  178. We must prepare for the coming of Gozer!

  179. Love it. Thanks

  180. I’d love this!

  181. This would make a great gift for my S-I-L. THANKS!

  182. Sounds fun!

  183. I’m in>>>>

  184. Fun times! Perfect for fun times after the kids are in bed.

  185. Me, please! Thanks!

  186. call me!

  187. Sounds like fun!

  188. call…number 187? please? 😉 Thanks for the chance to win.

  189. Pick me! Number 188!

  190. Wow, my husband would love this!

  191. I would love this! Pretty please pick me!!!!!

  192. Is this my lucky entry?

  193. I can’t help watching the movie when I run across it on cable!

  194. Love Ghostbusters! Would so very much love to win this game

  195. yes plz.. i want a free wii game!

  196. Oh that would be so fun!

  197. Cool! Would like to try this out!

  198. Thanks Mir!

  199. Heard about how cool this game is today from a friend at work. Would love to try it! 🙂

  200. Who ya gonna thank? The random number generator! (but Mir is still prettier!)

  201. we only have a few wii games! Pick me!

  202. Looks like lots of family fun!

  203. Wiiiiiiiiii! 🙂

  204. Thanks for the lovely gift of the Ghostbuster song in my brain. At least there’s a consolation prize!

  205. Sounds fun!

  206. “I’ll tell you what the effect is, it’s pissing me off!”

  207. I ain’t ‘fraida no ghosts.

  208. ME ME ME! PICK ME!

  209. Awesome! My husband would love me forever!

  210. Awesome giveaway!

  211. oh my gosh – my husband would spazzzzzzz.

  212. Woohoo! I’d be Keymaster to the kids’ Gatekeeper for sure then. It’d be even more awesome than the hypothetical Twinkie!

  213. Awesome! Would love to win this! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  214. Yippee!! The Giant Marshmallow Man is going to win! Or maybe I will instead! 🙂

  215. if someone asks you if you are a God, you say YES! 🙂 thanks mir!

  216. I’m the stay-puft marshmallow man!

  217. one of my favorite movies!

  218. My lil girl LOVES Ghostbusters so this is awesome!

  219. This would be awesome! Thanks!

  220. This game makes me want to swipe my son’s Wii.

  221. It sounds so fun!

  222. I would love, love, love this! Thank you!

  223. This has to be so bad it swings back to good.

  224. This looks great, thank you!

  225. Me Me Me, please!

  226. Good, good times. Love it!

  227. Don’t tell anyone but my husband actually wants this game!

  228. Just played Wii for the first time this week. What a hoot! Sure, we could use another game! Thanks for the offer!

  229. Ooh, my kids would love this!

  230. Ghostbusters is a CLASSIC… I am beyond curious to play the game!

  231. Pretty, pretty Mir, my kid is now old enough to watch the movie and loved it. She and her teenage friends would love the game too!

  232. Here’s hoping! My family looooooves playing the Wii, and this game would make an excellent addition! 😛

  233. My 5 year old really wants to see the original movie, which I find.. weird, but we’re also buying a Wii next week, so this would be a great game to check out!

  234. i really want to win this.

  235. Enter me. I have never won anything, but I keep trying.

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