Swedish kids are the cutest

By Mir
July 7, 2009

My kids are getting bigger, now, but there was a time when I liked nothing better than dressing them in that one special outfit I’d scrimped and saved for, that one, perfect cheerful masterpiece from Hanna Andersson.

I know.. It’s a sickness, having that addiction to Swedish cotton and bright stripes and children who look like they should be building snowmen or eating pancakes.

Nevertheless, when I saw that Hanna Andersson is having a School Deals Sale, my heart may have begun to beat just a little bit faster. (And then when I saw the Sale section is also well-stocked, well, I had to sit down.) (Okay, that part is a lie. I’m in the car; I’m already sitting down.)

If you’re already a Hanna fan, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re new to Hanna, I’ll just say that yes, the prices are a bit higher, but we’ve had several Hanna pieces that have gone through three or more children and still looked brand new. I would never do an entire wardrobe at this price, but a few select pieces, well, I promise you’ll get your money’s worth.


  1. Hanna clothes ARE well worth the price. The way they’re cut, not only does the fabric & color hold up, but they will in fact be able to wear them for years, too–I don’t know how they do it, but it really works without looking too rediculous. Which is great vs. I find that my daughter will blast out of Old Navy clothes in two weeks. HOWEVER–I have never, ever paid full price for a Hanna. They do have a handful of outlets (there is one in Washington, where I live) and if you’re LUCKY. . .you can call an outlet (anywhere in the country) and they will ship it to you. If you know you’re kids size and what you might want (i.e. a coat, etc.), and are flexible to color, etc., and are super-duper nice to them–you can what they have in stock–a Hanna coat for $10 is well worth $5 in shipping. If you sign up for the e-newsletter you learn of the super Fall & Spring sale, which is mayham, but Oh! The Deals! $5, $10, $15 Hanna clothes!! Crazy good deals!

  2. oh I heart you Mir. Hanna clothes are FABULOUS! my mom gets my very lucky girls one outfit for birthdays and one for christmas. the last birthday outfit (the summery one) was the “dress” and bike short look . . . they are on year THREE of wearing it since it kind of grows with them. then the youngest will wear the oldest’s outfit a few more years, then my very good friend with a younger daughter gets a few more years, THEN I sell them for $10 an outfit. That, my friends, is value.

  3. Hannas are the BEST. I am lucky to live in a town where there are lots of rich moms who sell their Hannas (still in mint condition!) to the local snooty kids’ consignment shop. There I pick them up for less than $7/item. But I can’t resist looking at the current sale! I need fall clothes!

  4. My oldest son actually DOES have a full wardrobe of Hannas (and believe me…we are far from wealthy…plus the fact that I’m a huge Mir-fan shows I only buy bargains.) He has severe eczema and they are the only clothes that he finds comfortable. Luckily Hannas really do fit for years (for example my son has worn size 140 from age 7 to 9), and wash better than any other clothes. I have no patience for the shrinkage,etc in other brands. I just wait for the sales and buy online… paying $18 for t-shirt that my son can wear every week for 3 years is definitely worth it~!

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