Who’s hungry?

By Mir
July 7, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Yep, it’s that time again—no, not lunchtime, silly! (Though I guess it’s nearly that, too.) Now through July 13th, 2009, you can take 70% off your purchase at Restaurant.com with coupon code SEVENTY. That means you’ll get $25 gift certificates for dining at your favorite restaurants for just $3 out of pocket. What could be better? (Well, a completely free meal and a maid would be better, I guess. But that would be getting greedy.)

Don’t forget that the eligible restaurants are constantly changing and being added, too. I check every month, and there’s usually one or two new choices each time.


  1. A maid. I’d like a maid for 200, Alex.

  2. Hey, are you psychic or something? Our anniversary is next week, we’ve been in New Jersey for three whole weeks, and I was just getting ready to email you today to see if you had any coupons for this! These coupons are the best for trying new places to eat, which hubs and I love to do together…

    Thanks, pretty Mir!

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