Home again for the Friday Sale

By Mir
July 10, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m so happy to be back home after our couple weeks of traveling, I did all of my favorite things: Puttered in my garden, rolled around on our nice comfy bed, and—today—checked out the Amazon Friday Sale with a cup of coffee in hand. Ahhhhhh.

Okay, so, even knowing full well that the supposed original price of $130 is ridiculous, $21 for a set of six towels is a decent price, especially considering they have largely favorable reviews.

Looking to upgrade your silverware? How about this Reed and Barton service for 12 for $65? Includes serving pieces and steak knives, too.

No, I don’t really advocate buying a $400 blender (even if it is on sale for $360), but I can never resist a chance to point out the Blendtec site for folks who haven’t seen it yet. You’re welcome!

Um… wow. That was extremely unfulfilling. Perhaps the folks at Amazon are on vacation, too? I’ll see if I can find some other deals and come back with those in a bit, because there’s no way this is enough bargain goodness to last us the entire day….


  1. The Laguna “bansaw” (“band saw” in English) sure looks sweet!

  2. i think they heard you – now that blender is advertised as a $600 original price. it just makes that $360 sale tag look that much more…. no, it still looks ridiculously expensive!!

  3. I’m starting to wonder whether Amazon is scaling back the Friday sale. It’s been weeks since there has been a really good one.

  4. i put a few copies of a childcare reference book in my cart at amazon a couple of days ago. at that time, they cost a little more than $7. yesterday they went up to nearly $9. today they are $6.39. sheesh. this is weird.

  5. omygosh! Will It Blend? is awesome!

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