Get testy

By Mir
July 13, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Have you ever wondered how people get picked to be taste testers and/or product testers? Sometimes, they sign up online. Signing up could be your gateway to trying some new McCormick products for free, and what’s better than free?



  1. Thanks, Mir!

  2. Thanks! I just signed up for the home testing. What fun!

    I’m reading Anne LaMott’s Bird by Bird and thinking of you. Her voice is very similar to yours. Or vice versa.

  3. Sweet! I’m all about the free stuff, AND it says you get monetary compensation also. That means MONEY! 😉 Probly not much, but I really signed up to try free stuff, and any money will be a bonus.
    Thanks Mir! Might I say how pretty you look in that bathing suit!

  4. This is a nice way to start a Monday morning.

  5. sweet! i’m local too.

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