Hoping for some Friday Sale nostalgia

By Mir
July 17, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Remember back when the Amazon Friday Sale was still really good? Yeah, back in the old days. I’m hoping this week brings us back to those halcyon days. Let’s see….

These Chaco sneakers are as low as $38 shipped, depending on the size/color combo. I’ve never owned Chacos—haven’t found the right deal, yet—but everyone I know who wears them (the sandals are very popular ’round here) swears they’re the greatest thing ever. Apparently they have better arch support than just about anything else.

Need a heavy-duty tool bag? There’s two great choices from Ridgid; get the 17″x9″x9″ for $15 shipped or the 22″x12″x11″ for $17 shipped.

We have a set of these sticker frames, and (sadly!) I paid a lot more than $17 bucks for them. They’re wallies; they work via static cling and are infinitely reconfigurable and reusable. They’re particularly awesome for a tween or teen, because they can redecorate at will!

I would probably take a chance on this chair and ottoman for $350 and free shipping, if I was in the market for such a thing. I have something that looks very similar, and no, I am not going to tell you how much I paid for it. Heh.

It’s a hammock for your dog! To keep pet hair off the car seats! Brilliant. I would totally go out and get a dog just so that I would have a use for this. (Okay, maybe we’ve been thinking about getting a dog, anyway, but still….)

Need a spare bed for under $100?

Who needs cookware? Choose from this 12-piece Cuisinart nonstick Chef’s Classic set for $138, this sexy red KitchenAid Reserved 12-piece set for $137, or keep it basic with this Farberware set for $91 (which also has an available $20 rebate).

Amazon is finishing out their movie week with a Gold Box Deal on 5-disc collector’s edition of Blade Runner on DVD, or just the movie itself on Blu-ray. (5 entire discs about Blade Runner?? That’s dedication.)

And if it’s tunes you’re after, don’t forget that there’s 50 MP3 albums available for just $5 each, ready for download.

This is a start, Friday Sale. Better than it’s been. Let’s keep improving, shall we? I want to see cheap sheets! Bargain-basement groceries! And—of course—quesadilla makers!


  1. Oddly, the DVD Bladerunner set is more than double the price of the Blu-ray set.

  2. Ooh, I was planning to buy a new set of pots and pans in the next few weeks, and I definitely want to take advantage of these deals. Anyone have any thoughts/advice about which set I should choose?

  3. I love the kitchenaid pots, but ewww, nonstick. Why are they still making this stuff when they know it flakes off and gets into your food??

  4. i. hate. non. stick.

    had a set of calphalon, used all the right cleaning pads, no dishwasher, etc., and within 3 years had to send one pot back once and another pot back TWICE for replacement. if i were buying again today, i would get a regular hard anodized set or a stainless set. (actually, when i replaced mine, i got stainless with an aluminum core.)

    so, annie, if i were you, i would wait until they have something without a nonstick surface available. i see the lovely mir often mentions such sets on friday sales. if i were you and if there’s any way you can hold out for a while, i would wait for one of those.

  5. I love my kitchenaid stainless steel set. I’ve noticed Blu-rays are often on sale for cheaper than DVDs (Planet Earth comes to mind). It’s probably a tactic to get people to take the leap and buy a blu ray player.

  6. Blade Runner is TOTALLY worth it. Best. movie. ever. 😉

  7. About two minutes after I bought a big, fancy non-stick set, I decided I’d rather NOT have it. Unfortunately, I’m never allowed to spend that kind of money on cookware ever again.

    Mir, YOU are starting to crumble around the edges on the dog issue!?

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