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By Mir
July 18, 2009
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You remember me telling you about Global Wonders, right? It’s all about introducing kids to cross-cultural music and broadening their horizons. Did you know that they have their very own Global Wonders iTunes Store? It’s true! You can download tunes whenever you want ’em, and keep the little ones happy with a variety of musical delights.

I love the idea of kids listening to something beyond “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” And I can think of no better way to get them digging music from Ireland, Africa, India, Argentina, and beyond.

So here’s the deal—two lucky Want Not readers are going to win some Global Wonder musical goodness. The grand prize winner will receive both the Around the World Music CD and the Around the World DVD for their listening and viewing pleasure. A second winner will receive just the CD. That’s two chances to win, and two chances to get your kid to listen to something beyond that one CD they want to hear over and over and over again. Sound good?

For a chance to win, first go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, July 19th, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random drawing and ability to yodel. (Just kidding. Pretty sure there’s no yodeling on the CD.)

Ready? Go!


  1. yodel ay ee oooo!

  2. Oh, G would be so into this.

    And so would my non-existent budget…

  3. Sounds great! Thanks for another great contest!

  4. WOW – pick me!

  5. This would be perfect for little kids whose parents are open to different kinds of music, too. Thanks, Mir!


  6. My very musical son would love this! Pick me please!!

  7. Pick me, please!

  8. Ohhh my goodness.. this is perfect. I would love this.

  9. Cool! I have three kids of my own, plus I teach preschool, this year I will have 2-year-olds. How awesome to be able to expose them to a variety of music! I would love to win this.

  10. Sounds like fun! I’m going to be teaching all grades (k-8) in the fall, and this would be a great addition to my bag of tricks.

  11. Mi Mi Mi MI!!! (i’m singing that, even if you can’t hear me….)

  12. My daughter would love these!

  13. I know JUST THE KID to give this to…

  14. Great! *I* would love to have new kid music to listen to! 🙂

  15. Cool, dude.

  16. Sounds perfect!

  17. Sounds Juicy!

  18. Me, Me, Me!

  19. Ooh, I was just thinking about buying such a cd for my girls!

  20. yo-de-lay-hee, yo-de-lay-hee, yo-de-lay-hee-HO! (pick me! in yodel-eze)

  21. These sound great!

  22. My little guy would totally rock out to some new tunes! Thanks, Mir.

  23. Music mommy coud listen to also? BONUS!

  24. My six month old would love this!

  25. Oh, I have a music-obsessed one year old who would bounce up and down on his toes in perfect rhythm for you if we win this! I’ll even send you a video.

  26. We would love this at our house!!!

  27. ohh, my baby would love this!

  28. Love music! Great for school and home!

  29. Cool!

  30. pick me please

  31. My kiddo just started dancing and would love this.

  32. This would be awesome for the sensry room I’m putting together for special needs kids.

  33. Oooh. Great for my kiddo or for my 3rd grade classroom! Thanks!

  34. Would love to share it with my class.

  35. Great Idea. I’m so sick of the standards!!

  36. My kids LOVE music! These would be great for them! Thanks!

  37. Yoo Hoo! Pick me!

  38. Cool!

  39. Sweeeet.

  40. Thanks!

  41. that would be great to have!

  42. My son would love this

  43. Sign me up

  44. Oh yes… i want to win this one! My son LOVES music..

  45. pick comment #46!!!

  46. Oh, pick me pick me…

  47. pick us, pick us!!!

  48. I have 3 children who love music! Please pick us!

  49. Anything to expand the baby’s horizons.

  50. Oh wow!! My kids are really bored this summer and this would be perfect!

  51. I’m in. My 5 year old needs to hear something new. Or perhaps her mother needs to listen to something new. Whatever. I’m in. As long as there really is no yodeling on those CDs.

  52. New music is always good!

  53. he’s hooked on ‘smooth criminal’ right now…help!

  54. Excellent! Thanks for another great contest!

  55. This would be awesome, thanks!

  56. oooo we love all kinds of music

  57. I have a little ‘great’ niece so into music, this would be too cool for her!!
    thanks for the contest, beautiful Mir

  58. Would love to win this!

  59. Anything that’s different from the everyday kid’s stuff sounds great!

  60. we love all types of music…this is an awesome giveaway! thanks!

  61. think this is the earliest I’ve gotten in on a contest. Low # = good luck, perhaps?

  62. Fantastic! Thanks pretty Mir.

  63. pick me.

  64. Im in, pick me!

  65. Please enter me!

  66. RNG, please please please pick me!

    Thanks for sharing:)

  67. pick me!!

  68. This would be great!

  69. Keeping our fingers crossed!

  70. we’d love this!

  71. I’m in.

  72. I would love this! You always have such great contests!

  73. I would love to win this!! Thanks!

  74. Oh please pick me, I am so sick of children’s movie soundtracks!

  75. Maybe I will get picked this time!! 🙂

  76. We love new music… plus it would be a nice change from The Lion King soundtrack!

  77. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  78. My almost-two-year old is very into music suddenly, this would be great!

  79. Sounds fun! Thanks Mir.

  80. Thank you for the chance to win!

  81. Sounds neat!!

  82. I’d like it even if there were yodeling….

  83. This sounds great… and there damn well better be some yodeling!

  84. That’s too bad. Yodeling is pretty cool!

  85. My students would love this!

  86. Looks like a great teaching tool. Thanks!

  87. Sounds awesome. We wold LOVE that!

  88. What a great way to start introducing kids to the world of music!

  89. Sounds great!

  90. Seeing as my kids are repeating Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” chorus over and over because it is always on the radio, I thin we could really use these cds.

  91. More music to dance to! Excellent!

  92. pick me!! The kids will love it and I will love listenig to some new music.

  93. Thanks for the chance.

  94. I’d love this for my girls! Thanks for the chance!

  95. Sounds Great!

  96. woo hoo!

  97. Thanks!

  98. My little guy loves music and his birthday is in 2 weeks. This would be a great gift!

  99. My Mr. Just-turned-three alternates between singing the ABC song, Jonah Was a Prophet, We Will Rock You, and Just Dance. A the top of his lungs. In public.

    We desperately need new music in this house.

  100. Thanks, Mir!

  101. Knock knock…
    who’s there?
    Little Old Lady.
    Little Old Lady who?

    I didn’t know you could yodel.

    courtesy of my five year old, who would love the music.

  102. Neato! Thanks – Jessica

  103. To poster 102, that was funny. To the random drawer, I am number 103. LOL

  104. This would be really cool for my Buryat Horde!

  105. This is pretty cool!

    Thanks Mir!

  106. My kids would love this! I think they’re tired of my yodeling…haha!

  107. My sons would love this!!!!:)
    Thanks Mir!

  108. me, me, me pleeeeeease!!!

  109. oooo…I’m a music teacher and would LOVE this resource! Pick me random generator!

  110. This would be nice for me. Pick me!

  111. This would be so wonderful. Thanks.

  112. these contests are wonderful!

  113. My son would love this! Please pick me!

  114. Love it! Sign me up…

  115. Awesome giveaway!

  116. me please

  117. This would be lovely for my sons

  118. Me please!! Kiddos would LOVE this (or at least I would make them love it).

  119. Sounds great. Thanks!

  120. this sounds super, count me in!

  121. Sounds like fun!

  122. Sounds lovely.

  123. count me in thank you

  124. This would be something nice for me. Hope my number is picked.

  125. I think I feel a song coming on….

  126. OOh! Sign me up! 🙂

  127. Sounds like fun!

  128. Oh, we’ve been searching for new music. Got my fingers crossed!!!

  129. I would love to expose my kids to some new music! Thanks!

  130. Save me from “Kids Sing Songs”

  131. another great contest. Thanks!

  132. I hope I win this!

  133. We’d love this!

  134. Thanks for the contest. I am barely squeaking in by the deadline, aye? 🙂

    FTR…I can yodel a little bit. 🙂

  135. anything to stop the Kidzbop horribleness!

  136. keeping my fingers crossed

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