Free eats at Starbucks tomorrow

By Mir
July 20, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Thanks to everyone who sent this one in, because I am not a regular Starbucks person and would’ve totally missed it: Tomorrow (July 21st, 2009) you can get a free pastry item at Starbucks with your drink purchase.

You do have to print out the coupon, there, or show the barista the coupon on your phone. (I do like that option. It’s going to be a sea of iPhones at Starbucks tomorrow, I bet.) And then, of course, you have to buy your overpriced drink. But still. Free pastry!

My bitter, wheat-free self will be here at home. But you go. Enjoy. Don’t mind me.


  1. i just pulled that up to print it…look again, because included in the “free pastry” list is GLUTEN-FREE ORANGE VALENCIA CAKE! hooray! (no, really, hold the applause…)

  2. I don’t know that many locations carry it, but the coupon specifically mentions a “Gluten Free Orange Valencia Cake.” Not that I’ve ever seen one in the stores, but I suppose it’s possible.

  3. Wow – gluten-free simu-posting!

  4. Definately ask about the Gluten Free option because there is a petition for them to keep it as they have decided to pull it from the stores. The more people that ask, the more likely they will keep it hopefully.

  5. Figures; we just got home from Seattle, where there are more Starbucks per capita than….well, anyway, we stayed a block away from the First Starbucks Ever. There were more tourists in the place than regulars; and I was a tourist, too!

  6. …trying to figure out if it’s worth the 4 hour round trip to the states for a free pastry….

    No, I guess not.

    Is it sad that I was tempted and actually thought about it?

  7. Free food is good and all, but it’s not worth the trip just for that IMO.

  8. Am enjoying my free apple-bran muffin with my Vanilla Skinny Latte, thanks! (and I still felt guilty for spending $3.80 for both- yikes!)

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