Some dailies from the Windy City

By Mir
July 23, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m not sure how much deal-scoping I’ll have time to do today, but I will come back later with our contest winner and possibly some more finds.

In the meantime, we’ll always have the dailies, sweetheart….

Amazon’s Gold Box Deal today is discounts on a variety of children’s name-brand clothing. No, it’s not going to be dirt cheap, but if you have a kid who simply “must” have that one special hoodie or pair of jeans or whatever, this may be a good way to pick it up.

Today has Oakley sunglasses for just $40, Diesel clothing over half off, and Reef sandals for under $35. That’s all in addition to the weekly deals that are still running.

And today’s daily deals at Target include a stock pot, cute purse, and some gladiator sandals. Because it’s important to have the right accessories when you make soup.

Stay out of trouble today while I’m wandering around trying to figure out where I’m supposed to be, mmkay?


  1. I got an e-mail from Amazon. They won’t honor the deal on the Flip camera. I think they should since it was there mistake but I was taking advantage of it knowing it was a mistake.

  2. Is target really trying to say the Pirates of the Caribbean Journal with Heart Tattoo was $50? I think it’s way overpriced at $19; I must totally be out of touch with reality!

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