It’s Friday, right?

By Mir
July 24, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Oh, hey! Sorry about yesterday. I meant to come back—really, I did—but then this conference swallowed me whole. The next thing I knew, it was midnight and I was drooling on my pillow, surrounded by business cards. (Wait. That sounds a lot more lascivious than it actually was.)

Anyway. Not even tote bags of swag can keep me away from the Amazon Friday Sale. Obviously.

Huh. This is kind of cool—it’s a set of three outlets that can all be controlled by one remote. I’m not entirely sure why I would want such a thing, but if I did, $19 seems like about the right price for it.

I’ve heard great things about these Lock & Lock containers, and this set is both marked down and part of the 4-for-3 promotion.

Wasn’t someone looking for cookware that wasn’t nonstick last week? There you go, and it’s only $109 for the entire set.

It’s a Magic Bullet! Except it’s a different brand. But it gets great reviews.

I’m sorry, but now I have to go find some coffee. I think it’s across the room from me, but requires getting out of bed. Woe is me. (I know, it’s a tough life.)

Sit tight on the contest results; I will get to them today or tomorrow, pinky swear.


  1. I like the outlet thing…good for turning on the 3 lamps in my living room, all at the same time! Because when you’re mostly asleep after taking a “sleeping pill” (that’s what we call our couch…it’s a horrible, uncomfortable thing, but it induces sleep almost instantaneously!) and waking up disoriented, the last thing I want to do is turn of 3 separate lamps in a big room. Think I’m snagging that one!

  2. my sister has the remote/plug set and LOVES it…it’s especially good if you are the last one heading upstairs and don’t want to have to go to each lamp to turn them off and stumble around over toys in the dark. (ahem.) hers were actually marketed for christmas lights, though, which is another good use.

    and i want a set so i can turn a light or two ON before i trip over the dog in the middle of the night, who is black and always lying on the floor directly in front of the lamp.

    i hope amazon is going to give me commission for hawking these things ;).

  3. Rubbermaid makes a version of the Lock and Lock containers that I really love. So much easier for (old) hands to get the lid off and on. And they stick together. Handy! CALL RIGHT NOW and we’ll include not one but TWO!

  4. See, this is what too little sleep and too much caffiene does for you….

    I read Magic Bullet and thought of a WHOLE DIFFERENT ITEM. My jaw dropped and I said out loud “since when does Amazon sell bedroom toys?” Ok, I didn’t say bedroom toys, I said the big V word. I’m blushing in shame now. Mir will never let me leave a comment on her blogs again.

  5. Amazon really does sell “bedroom toys.” 🙂

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